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oh, hey. Hey. Welcome back. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Still no sign of peter? No. I mean, I-I just was — I was just talking with the agents on the ground in crete, and there’s still nothing — not yet, anyway. Yeah. Well, as much as I wish that you had peter in custody or… in another freezer… oh. …I’m really just glad you’re okay. I wish we all were.

[ Monitor beeping ] Well, I gotta say — you’re doing remarkably well for a man with a gunshot wound who was basically shipped halfway around the world. How are you feeling? Like I could wrestle a bear. For that, you’d need a note from a doctor. Dr. Gatlin-holt.Something I can do for you? Uh, sure. But right now your tact and discretion are gift enough. But you don’t need to worry. I’m not here in a medical capacity. I have business with the patient. Come

on, charlotte! Eat yourcereal so we can get going. I can’T. Papa doesn’t allow me to eat sugary cereals. Just this once won’t kill you. Now, hurry up so we can go to the hospital and see your dad.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Lucy, hi. This isn’t really such a great time. Yeah, I had gladys working on that. I told her I’d finish it, but, um, I forgot. No, I have no idea where she keeps that calendar. Well, have you tried calling her phone? Oh. Of course she’s not answering. Unfortunately, I think I know exactly where to find her. Sasha: Mmm! That smells so good. It has real caffeine in it, doesn’t it? Mm-hmm! You miss it, don’t you? So much! I don’t dream of fitting back in my clothes or of riding a roller coaster. I dream of morning coffee! A double-shot latte with extra foam. Hi! Hi. Sorry I’m late. No worries. Yeah, no, I enjoy the extra time with sasha. Yeah? Enjoy it while you can. You won’t have a free minute once the baby’s born.

[ Exhales deeply ] Excuse me. What kind of spa doesn’t have alcohol? I need a bottle of dom. And, um, are strawberries in season? Wait. Never mind. If they’re covered with chocolate, doesn’t matter. I’ll take half a dozen. Mom? Hey. Uh, what are you doing here? Oh, the works — eyebrow threading, mani/pedi, and some kind of treatment with gold leaf the spa claims is gonna take 10 years off of me.

[ Laughs ] Okay. Well, I mean, like, w-why are you taking a spa day? Aren’t you supposed to be at work? Maxie: That’s what

i would like to know. Thank you. Spencer… could you top off my coffee one more time? Ava, you’ve already had four cups. A fifth one might kill you.

[ Clicks tongue ] Coming right up. Is that any way to talk to a customer? Father, perhaps you could spare your wife by taking her somewhere more suitable. Hm. Such as? Somewhere else.

[ Chuckles ] Spencer, you seem to have forgotten you have no moral high ground here. You stalked ava for months. You terrorized her, me, and avery. I know what I did. And I won’t allow you to be rude to ava on top of all of that. That’s rich. The man who let me think he was dead for three years is lecturing me on my tone. I am still your father. Yeah, that can’t be helped. Hey, next time you climb on your high horse, just remember — you’re no innocent yourself. Hey, uh, I didn’t order any pizza.Jake from state farm… after you saved me so much dough on insurance with that “parker promo” I devised a promo for you. Here’s the deal parker, state farm offers everyone surprisingly great rates. Yeh, right. Pepperoni pocketz, atomic brownie, cuckoo crustiez… there’s no promo. Just great rates. And a side of ranch. You’re the man, man. When you want the real deal…like a good neighbor, state farm is there. We’re here for the heavy flow-ers and the wedgie-pickers with a pad made like no other up to zero leaks because it locks blood in up to zero bunching because it flexes no worries just always flexfoam

(eerie music) every halloween, millions of reese’s cups just…disappear. Don’t worry. They’re in a better place now. (Chuckles mischievously) much better place.

[ Sighs heavily ] I gave bailey a kiss goodbye from both of us, I told her I’d tell papa she loves him, and I made sure the nanny has bailey’s the top three favorite toys in case she won’t stop fussing. So we can go now? Thank you, charlotte. You’re so good with bailey. Of course I am. She’s my sister. Mm-hmm. Okay, then. Off we go. Charlotte: Are you sure we shouldn’t bring bailey with us to see papa? The nanny can get her ready in ten minutes, five if I help. You know what? I-I wish we could. I think it’s gonna be too much commotion for your dad. I suppose you’re right. Besides, she might be scared by all the machines. Sweetie, are you nervous about today? ‘Cause your papa’s gonna be fine. And I know he’s so looking forward to seeing you. You’re really brave, charlotte. And I hope you know you don’t only have valentin. You have me, too. I know. Okay, so, bailey is with the nanny — check. Spoonful of sugar — check. Are we forgetting anything? Yuri. That is one giant oversight. Let’s get yuri, and let’s go see your dad. I have the day off. Is brook lynn aware you’re not at your desk?

[ Chuckles ] It was brook lynn who gave me the day off. Right. And I suppose brook lynn also told you you could use her corporate card? That is mine to use. This is a corporate credit card. I am part-owner of the corporation. This is not for frivolous spa treatments or strawberries and champagne. Brook lynn said it was okay. I’m sure this is a misunderstanding. Gladys, what did brook lynn say exactly? Brook lynn was clear. She told me to enjoy my well-deserved reward day for all the hard work I’ve done.

[ Laughs ] Hard work? Oh, are you talking about the bare minimum we practically have to beg you to do? Brando: Okay, ma, I think it’s best if we, uh, postpone your spa day, maybe reward yourself this weekend. Mnh-mnh. I’m gonna do what I was promised. I’m gonna do it today, and I’m gonna pay for it with that card, like I was promised. You’ve been preoccupied all morning. Is there anything you want to discuss? What’s to discuss? I mean, just by getting this job, my kid is still nowhere close to doing what’s right. And your aunt alexis? What about alexis? Well, y-you — you said before that her pardon may not work out. That’s got to be weighing on you. You’re right — I do have a lot of family business on my mind. “Family business”? You want to elaborate? Ah, there’s just been some trouble on some real estate the cassadines used to own in greece.

[ Breathes deeply ] I need to make some inquiries. Uh-huh. So how does this affect you if the cassadines no longer own the property? Maybe it doesn’T. But I’d like to head to G.H. To find out for sure. Valentin was shot on the property. I heard, um… peter shot valentin. Yeah, he did. You know, when I heard that, all I could think about was those two little girls, you know, valentin’s kids. Because of peter, they could’ve lost their father. It never should have come to this. Oh, I know where you’re going with this. I wish I would’ve killed him. I — no, you don’T. Now… I do. Mnh. That’s the thing, anna. I do. Because if peter would have died, this would’ve been over right there and then, right? And none of us would have to worry about peter going on this rampage. At what cost to you, though? You talking about my conscience? Hm, I think I would have slept just fine knowing peter was in the ground. You would’ve spent the rest of your life looking over your shoulder wondering when it was going to catch up with you. And if it had, what would’ve happened to violet? At least then I’d know that violet and everyone else was safe from peter. That day will come. I promise you, it will. Because he’s starting to get desperate. And along with desperation comes mistakes. So he will get caught. And when he does, it’ll be interesting to see if he tells the authorities about the whole stairwell freezer incident. Well, if he does, they’ll probably throw you a parade. You know? I know how much you love crowds and attention. I do love a good parade.

[ Chuckles ] But seriously… when you’re out there, you’re looking out for the world — who’s looking out for you? I haven’t forgotten our agreement, dr. Gatlin-holt — you win your suit against the quartermaines and support my bid to stay ceo of elq. And I pay you off in any way you see fit. Valentin, I’m only here to tell you that you’re gonna have to hold onto your job on your own. I’ve agreed to stop pursuing my claim against elq. Why on earth would you do that? The mother of your daughter. Brook lynn? What has she done now? She manipulated me into making a hipaa violation, and then she made me an offer — I could give up my rights as jimmy lee’s son or I could give up my medical license. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure that you are. Brook lynn can be a tenacious little minx when it comes to her family. She sure is.

[ Monitor beeping ] Valentin, I recognize that, as bailey’s father, that you don’t have a choice. But i do. I don’t want anything to do with the quartermaines. I’m out. Brook lynn: Works for me.

-Bonjour, ma petite!

-Bonjour, papa!

[ Groaning lightly ] It’s suddenly really crowded in here. I think I’ll split. Don’t let the door hit you when you’re leaving. Papa, you gonna be okay? Don’t worry about me. I’m tougher than I look. You’d have to be. You look terrible.

[ Chuckles ] You should see the other guy. What is this life? Number six or seven? At least eight.

[ Laughs ] Well, I’ve got some deception business to attend to, and you guys have some father/daughter time to make up for, so get on that.

[ Monitor beeping ] I’m gonna go make some calls. You stay here with charlotte. She is your number-one job.

[ Yuri speaks russian ] Austin: So, I still haven’t gotten the official word from the board to get back to work, so if you could just prod that along? Not now! Oh, yeah. I mean, take your time. I mean, it’s just my future and my career and the lives of my patients, so…no worries. You’re an assistant, gladys. Nobody owes you a spa day or anything else aside from your weekly salary, provided that you actually earn it. And I am confiscating this until further notice. I don’t think you want to do that. Ma, stop! You can’t talk to your boss that way.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. That’s brook lynn. Oh, good. You can ask her yourself. I have to meet her at G.H. Valentin’s in the icu.

[ Gasps ] The icu? That poor, wonderful man. We can reschedule. Okay. -Go. -And as for you… I expected you back at your desk 10 minutes ago. Before you say anything, I was telling the truth. We will get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, gladys, you need to remember that you report to brook lynn. How can I forget? And brook lynn reports to maxie. Okay. Maxie was just lording that over me. You don’t need to repeat it. Well, if they’re constantly reminding you who’s your boss, maybe you need to hear it! Well, I’m sick of it. Nobody talks down to me, least of all some fraud who’s barking out orders at me when she should be getting a paternity test! Hey, ma! You apologize to her right now! Brando is this baby’s father.

[ Sighs ] Without question. And I do not need a test to prove it. Yes. Got it? Yes. Of course. I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry. I’m overwhelmed. Which is why I need a spa day! This manhunt for peter has just been exhausting. Mentally and physically. Just… and — and the sheer carnage that he has left in his wake. And now there’s two little girls with their father in the icu. I took the liberty of looking at valentin’s chart. The exploratory surgery he’s having tomorrow isn’t without risk, but given his age and condition, um… yeah. …I hate to say it, but I think he’s gonna make it. Ohh. [ Chuckles ] Thanks for that. Mm. I’m really happy that, you know… we still want what’s best for each other. Mm-hmm. As far as peter’s concerned… …your peace of mind is more important than having him in custody. His death on your conscience? I would never have wanted that for you. Never. Or elizabeth. Valentin was shot? In greece? Well, I hope he was sent out a window and belly-flopped into the aegean. But you’re not one to hold a grudge.

[ Chuckles ] Come on. Just let me enjoy this. So who shot him? And why the hell would you care? I’ll explain to you on the way to the lodge. Oh, no. You’ll explain to me on the way to G.H. I’m going with you. Spencer: [ Sighs ] Why do they call it “serving” when you spend most of the time cleaning up? You’ll get the hang of it, maybe come to enjoy the work. Well, I’ll have to take your word on that. So what brings you back so soon? Did you leave something when you were here earlier? No. I came back to see you.

So, um, anna’s not gonna say anything about what we did to peter? No. I think she has our back. Oh. Okay. I should thank her. I guess I should cut her a little slack. I know she’s doing everything she can to catch peter, but I can’t help but think… how many people will he destroy before he gets stopped? Hey. Peter will never harm you or your family again. I’ll make sure of it. How? I just will. Sounds like a plan.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Thank you. Speaking of families… yes? I’m feeling kind of terrible for prying into yours. How are things at the quartermaines’ without me? Are you helping brook lynn with your baby sister? I changed her diaper. Twice. What?! Look at you!

[ Chuckles ] I’m so proud of you. I know it’s been an adjustment, having a sister all of a sudden. I want you to know how much I appreciate you making the effort. I enjoy taking care of my sister. It happens a lot when brook lynn’s friend comes to visit. Who? Maxie? No. Detective chase. They’re constantly playing games and watching movies together. Well, they’re friends. If you say so.

[ Chuckles ] Listen. I care very much about brook lynn… because she’s bailey’s mother.

[ Monitor beeping ] But I’m glad she has friends. Do you have friends?

[ Breathes deeply ] I get you, anna devane, right down to your socks. I’m not wearing any socks.

[ Exhales deeply ] It’s a good start. I have you and bailey, and that makes me the luckiest man in the world. Ooh. Um… I’m looking for a room. Who’s your friend? Valentin cassadine. No, I meant this guy. Hey, buddy. Ahh! I am terribly sorry, but only family are allowed to visit mr. Cassadine. Oh. I am family.

[ Chuckles ] Gladys corbin. And I come bearing gifts.

[ Whispering ] And intel.

[ Whispering ] Oh. Intel. This intel wouldn’t have anything to do with the quartermaines, would it? Oh, does it ever. You don’t say. Well, it is a crying shame that hospital policy prevents me from telling you that valentin is in icu 1. Well. Thanks for nothin’. Pawwws-itively my pleasure. Huh? “Paw.” Pawwws-it– damn. Thought that was gold. Maxie: What was gold? When I was here earlier, you made a crack about how your dad used to do anything for you. First of all, he’s my father, not my dad. Second of all, those days are long gone. My father has washed his hands of me. Oh, it may feel that way, but I’m sure that that’s not true.

[ Scoffs ] Care to put money on that? I could use it. I would. And I would win.

[ Scoffs ] You think that this is one of those “tough love” sorts of things. It’s not. I think the connection between you and your father is — you know, runs deeper than either of you two realize. I think the both of you are incredibly stubborn. Yeah. Can’t disagree with you on the “stubborn” part. And I think behind the stubbornness… you both are longing to reconnect. Longing? And I think that if there’s anyone in the world nikolas cassadine would come clean to… it’s his son. Come clean about what? Oh, nikolas! Hi. I actually wanted to talk to you. Hello, ava. Hi. What can I do for you, anna? You’ve saved me a trip to spoon island. I wanted to ask you a question about a cassadine property in crete. Any property in crete was sold years ago. I can provide you more information, but right now I’m here to see valentin. Really? That’s odd. I mean, it wasn’t so long ago that the pair of you nearly came to blows at the metro court, not to mention how he blasted you out the window and into the sea and sent you into hiding for three years. Well, recent events in my life have taught me to rely on my better angels.

[ Breathes sharply ] Can you tell me where I can find valentin? Icu. Visitation’s limited, though. Okay. Well, we’ll — we’ll come back another time. Okay. Uh, please let him know we were here. I’d be happy to. Actually, while I’m being messenger… is there anything that you’d like to say to your uncle victor? What about him? Oh, I thought you would have heard. Victor is alive.

So, have you seen scout? Yeah, she and danny were over while their mother was on a trip. Is she still interested in ballet? She is. I gave her a lesson on saturday. Yuri: Hey. No visitor! Oh! Oh, but I’m a friend. Ms. Corbin? Oh, now, now. Gladys. I told you. I’m a friend. Let me inside. Charlotte is visiting with her father. Papa. Who is this person? Well, aren’t you a delight? Pretty. I bet she knows it. Charlotte, this is ms. Corbin. Ms. Corbin, this is my daughter charlotte. Now that we’ve been introduced, can you let me in? Charlotte, will you do me a favor and take yuri down to the cafeteria? The cafeteria? Yeah, I think he could probably go for a cocoa or something.

[ Monitor beeping ] Come on, yuri. Gonna introduce you to the cafeteria. Oh, my god, valentin. It’s even worse than I thought. Don’t you worry. Your gladys is here now. I cannot believe my mother. I mean, I thought she dropped the whole paternity thing months ago. I — I am so sorry. Okay, first of all, it’s not your fault. Second… I am not excusing gladys, but she is dealing with a lot. In the past few months, her living situation and her employment status changed. Both for the better. And she got shot. Yeah, which is bad. Okay. But, I-I mean, she’s wearing it around like a badge of honor. And on top of everything, the first man that she showed interest in who also seemed interested in her literally got blown up on their first date.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, I got nothin’. Your mother may be, uh… all of the things that she is, but she has been through it.

[ Sighs ] Even so, I mean, she still has to respect you. I mean, not only as the mother of her grandchild, but as her boss. I wouldn’t blame you one bit if you fired her. You had to be there. I cracked an underappreciated pun.

[ Chuckling ] Oh. Okay. Well, I’m glad your sense of humor is back. Does that mean you’re okay with everything? I’ll never be okay with giving up my birthright. But in a weird way, I’m kind of grateful for brook lynn trying to ruin my career because it reminded me how much I enjoy being a doctor. Okay. I know what brook lynn did was wrong, but I doubt she would have gone through with it. Pretty sure she would have. Maxie, there’s this thing that I’m trying to figure out, that I don’t understand. You were engaged to an extremely bad dude, and you’re besties with a morally bankrupt woman. Am I the only one who thinks you deserve better?

[ Sighs ] Oh! Charlotte. Hi. I thought you’d still be with your father. He got another visitor. We’re on our way to get cocoa. Oh. That sounds great. I’d love to join you, but, um, I need to go find maxie.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Button clicks ] And ruin her day. Violet found that picture of you and your father. She was bound to have questions. She is a very curious little girl, especially where her family’s concerned.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, it’s understandable, all things considered. Even so… I should never have pushed you on the subject, comparing your relationship with your father and my struggles with gregory. I shouldn’t have done that. Every family’s different. I simply don’t have a close relationship with my dad. Hayden never knew him. And I’m sorry that he’s not an active grandparent to my boys or to violet, but… that’s just who he is. My great-uncle is alive? Alive, well, and in custody. Oh. Yeah, he’s been colluding with peter. And actually they were holed up in a compound in crete that you claim is no longer part of the family’s ownership. To the best of my knowledge, it isn’T. I-I can contact my lawyers. Could you? Oh, I-I-I would really appreciate that. Has victor said anything I should know about? Not much. So far. I mean, he’s intimated that there are secrets to share, but he’s angling for a deal, obviously. Yeah, that sounds like my unscrupulous uncle. What do you think’s gonna happen to him? Difficult to say. Victor didn’t survive and lay low for six years without someone’s help. Maybe it was peter. Maybe someone else. Anyway. I’ll be in touch. Nikolas. Tell me, my love… what is it you’re hiding? I know you know I went to, uh, prison for shooting your former stepmother, hayden barnes. But did you know I was falsely accused? Really? Really. Huh. Well, you’re out now, so I guess that means they must have found who shot hayden. The authorities didn’T. I did. And I need your help to bring that person to justice.

[ Chuckles ] Me? What can I… mr. Butler… what does any of this have to do with my father? Everything. Nikolas is responsible for hayden’s shooting.

Whatever do you mean, darling? It’s clear that you know more about your uncle victor than you’re letting on. If I could see that, then so could anna. So I — I must ask. Whatever this is, is it gonna come back to bite us? Nah, if victor had given me up, I’d be in custody undergoing f-formal questioning right now. If victor had given you up? For what?!

[ Sighs ] When valentin shot me and he almost killed me… yes, I remember very well. I was there. …Victor found me and he nursed me back to health. Why did he want in return, then, for saving your life? We struck a deal. I kept his anonymity. He kept mine. And I promised once I reclaimed the cassadine estate from valentin… that I would give him a home base and I would continue to keep his secret. And what does this have to do with peter? How deep are you in with him? I had no clue that victor was up to anything with peter. And can you trust that your uncle will keep you out of it? I think so. Yeah, my — my uncle’s an opportunist. He needs me where I am. Unless he’s found a way to leverage you for his own freedom. Because you know as well as I do… betrayal comes most often from those closest to us. When you say that my father was responsible for hayden’s shooting, what do you mean? Are you saying that he shot her? No. No. We believe he hired someone to do the job for him.

I can’t wait to see the look on your face

I can’t wait to see… who is “we”? Look. What matters is that nikolas is the one who hurt hayden, not me. If what you’re saying is true, then my father let you serve six years for something that he… what proof do you have? Right now? None. That’s where you come in.

[ Chuckles ] No. No, no, no. I want no part of this. Well, just ask him about hayden. That’s all. Why should I? For violet. Who? Hayden’s daughter. That little girl is without a mother, just like you. I mean, at the very least, don’t you want to know if hayden is staying away because of something your father did to her? I seriously doubt that my father is going to confess anything to me. Then he doesn’T. Okay, but what if he does? What am I supposed to do then? Turn him over to the police? No. You tell me…

i tell the police. I don’t want him to go to prison. Aren’t you facing prison right now? Nikolas is holding your feet to the fire for stalking ava while nikolas arranged for someone to kill hayden! Who committed the greater crime? I’m sorry, sir. I need to get back to work. Spencer. Follow your instincts. Do the right thing. Gladys was never gonna be a perfect fit at deception. I appreciate you hiring her. It gave her a sense of purpose. Don’t forget I also wanted her to earn an income so that she could move out.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. That, too. And look how she repaid you — insulting everybody, helping herself to the corporate card. Gladys honestly thought that she had brook lynn’s blessing somehow. How? I mean, I don’t know brook lynn that well, but, I mean, she doesn’t seem like the type that’s gonna treat my mother to a spa day. She isn’T. Which is why I need to get to the bottom of this. Or you could just fire her. I mean, obviously, it’s not working out. Let me talk to maxie and brook lynn and figure out what’s going on. As for gladys, she still has a job. For now. That charmaine of yours is a real beauty. Charlotte.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, right. Like the web. Like the web. Oh. Both of my daughters are rare beauties. I’m sure. And, um, where is that precious bundle of brook lynn’s? At home. Yeah. Why — why are you here? Well, you were so good to me. And I — I want to return the favor. You know, I took a bullet recently, too, you know? I heard. You seem to have made a remarkable recovery.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. And it’s not all bad. I’m a weather vane now, meaning I can tell when a storm is coming. Well, that must be useful. Hm! It is. Well, thank you for the visit and thank you for the, uh, gift. Yeah. Oh, remember — that is for you, not the rugrats. No matter how beautiful they are. I will.

[ Giggles, sighs ] I don’t want to be rude, but I really should rest now. Of course. You poor thing. You must be exhausted.

[ Breathes deeply ] So…did you know I work for brook lynn? I know brook lynn is not your favorite person right now, and I can sympathize. There was a time when she and I hated each other. What changed? ‘Cause she’s still superficial and caustic and entitled and opportunistic. All I can say is she and I have been through a lot together, and I can’t just forget the good things. Well, I can’t forget the promise that I made to my father.

[ Groans ] Have you at least been reinstated? I got an informal notice that brook lynn has issued a retraction, but I’m still waiting for them to make it official so that I can see my patients again. Okay. Well, that’s good. That means this whole thing is effectively over.

[ Chuckles ] No. It’s just not over.

[ Sighs ] Not by a long shot.

S a difficult subject,and I’m only asking for violet. She wants to see the picture again. She’s asked a couple times where the photo of her grandpa jeff is, and I looked, but I — I couldn’t find it. Do you maybe know what happened to it? I have no idea. I have an idea or two about how to reach gladys. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey. Are you — are you sure? I mean, ’cause my mother — you know how she is. The more someone tries to manage her, the more she doubles down on causing trouble. Brando, I’ve got this. You can leave gladys to me. I’ve been calling you and texting you since last night! Why haven’t you gotten back to me?! Something is wrong with my phone. I wasn’t receiving any texts or phone calls, and they suddenly just came in a few minutes ago. Okay. What is going on? We need to talk. You know, before you two have this little tte–tte, mrs. Quartermaine, I have done everything that you have asked me to do, and yet somehow, miraculously, I have not been officially cleared to see my patients. That sounds like a “you” problem. But the problem is for my patients because I don’t get to see them. I did my part. I’m sorry if the administrative wheels of this hospital grind slowly. Now, I am sorry, but I have bigger fish to fry. Like valentin?

[ Sighs ] Like my assistant. Something has to be done about gladys. Oh, I caught her using your corporate card and I had to order her to go back to work. Are you two talking about gladys corbin? How do you know gladys? Oh, well, I don’t know her well. I mean, we just met. But she was looking for valentin. Yeah, I’m brook lynn’s assistant, but I’m treated much more like an indentured servant. I mean, I don’t understand how a classy guy like you got mixed up with a bossy bridge-and-tunnel princess like that. Gladys, why are you here? I mean, you were so understanding the few times we kept each other company. You listened. You accepted me for who I am. And do you know what that is? A force of nature?

[ Chuckles ] Not what I was gonna say, but I like that even better. Now, let me tell you, val. It’s okay to call you “val,” right?

[ Brea thes sharply ] If knowledge is power… then anyone who crosses me better take cover. Ava: Oh, anna! Oh. Hi. I thought you two had left. Yeah. I-I’m on my way out. I, um — I just wanted to reiterate to you that if you need anything from me or from nikolas, just let us know, okay? Peter’s reign of terror has to end. Oh, yeah. I couldn’t agree more. It was nice to see you with nikolas, together. I’m so glad that whole stalker nightmare is over for you. Hm. [ Chuckles ] Spencer is facing the music, and nikolas and I are ready for our happily ever after. I certainly hope that’s the case.

[ Chuckling ] It sounds like — do you — do you have doubts or…? I-I just — I’m not sure if — if it’s even possible, a “happily ever after” with a cassadine. You picked up his tail? Great. I’m on my way.

[ Gate rattles, door closes ] Spencer. Aren’t you supposed to be finishing your shift at kelly’s? Something more important came up. Couldn’t wait. Okay. Let’s hear it. What have you done now?

[ Cellphone thumps lightly ] Oh, no, this isn’t about me, father. This is about you. What about me? Tell me about hayden.

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