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Belle goes home where Shawn startles her in a Halloween mask. Belle jokes that she’ll make him pay for that. Belle brings up that they are going to dinner with Ciara and Ben. Shawn adds that it sounds like Ciara has some news for them.

Ben visits his sister Jordan’s grave and says he often thinks about how good of a sister she was when they were kids and now he’s thinking about having kids of his own, so he really wants to give them a better life than they had, so they don’t end up how they did. Ciara joins Ben and asks if he’s okay.

Johnny and Allie question the Ouija board saying the Devil is in the DiMera Crypt. Johnny then asks the spirits if the Devil is at the DiMera Crypt and the board goes to Yes.

The Devil thought it would be fitting to bring John to the DiMera Crypt as his last resting place. The Devil says Marlena stopped him from killing John at the chapel but now he’s back to finish what he started. John says he can’t. The Devil responds that he can and will. The Devil adds that John may have banished him three decades ago but he’s back now and John is no match for him as he then chokes John.

Ciara tells Ben that she got his text so she knew he would be here and adds that he could’ve asked her to come with him. Ben says that Jordan terrorized her so he wouldn’t ask her to come pay her respects. Ciara understands Jordan was sick. Ben says he was too and credits Marlena and Ciara for him still being here. Ciara asks if Ben really came just to visit Jordan or if he’s still afraid that their baby might end up here.

Shawn tells Belle that he told Ciara that they would meet them at the Pub after Belle was done visiting her parents. Shawn asks how they are doing. Belle responds that she only saw her mom, who said John left town on a mysterious mission. Belle adds that Marlena seemed okay but remarks that she’s taking kind of a “devil may care” attitude since she was literally dressed as the Devil. Shawn calls that an odd choice for a Halloween costume, given her history. Belle then reveals to Shawn that Johnny’s movie project is now “Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story”. Shawn can’t believe it and wonders how John feels about that. Belle guesses John can’t be happy about it but Marlena seems totally into it. Belle suggests maybe Marlena is really happy to exorcise those demons once and for all.

Allie tells Johnny that the game is stupid and she thinks he’s just trying to freak her out. Johnny assures he wouldn’t do that. Allie calls the Ouija board fake. Johnny says the only way to find out is for them go to the Crypt and look for the Devil.

John tells the Devil that he’ll never get away with this because his family will never stop looking for him. The Devil argues that John is underestimating him because he’s gone to great lengths to make sure he doesn’t trip her up this time. The Devil adds that Belle is back in town and wanted to reunite with John, but he had Marlena explain that he’s on an extended business trip and soon, Marlena will be notified that John died in a terrible mishap overseas. The Devil declares that no one will have any idea that he was the one who ended John’s life.

Tony goes in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion where he startles Anna, who is reading Johnny’s movie script. Anna asks if he’s read it and says it’s incredible. Anna insists that they really need to be involved in the movie. Tony reminds her that they can’t because EJ wants Johnny to work at DiMera, not making movies. Anna reveals that’s old news as EJ is not only investing in the movie now, he is playing the role of John Black. Anna declares that if EJ can be in the movie, she thinks Tony should be too. Anna wants to call Johnny now but Tony stops her.

Allie refuses to go to the DiMera Crypt. Johnny asks if she is scared of coming face to face with the Devil. Allie says she already has plans with Tripp and asks if he’s scared to go alone. Johnny says he’s not scared but inspired, as there’s no better way to research his film than to come face to face with the Devil himself and he intends on getting it all on film. Allie feels he’s wasting his time. Johnny asks why the spirits would tell them that the Devil is at the Crypt if he’s not. Allie argues that there are no spirits and there’s nothing in the Crypt. Johnny says they will see about that.

John tries to get through to Marlena. The Devil says Marlena tried fighting him yesterday and it was a valiant effort, but she fell short. John knows she’s still in there fighting and urges her to keep fighting for their love.

Ben tells Ciara that he can’t pretend he’s completely over his worries about having a kid and thinking about how Jordan turned up but he has to trust that Ciara’s goodness will shine through. Ciara encourages that their baby will have a house full of love unlike Ben and Jordan had. Ciara calls the place kind of creepy as Ben acknowledges that they are in a cemetery on Halloween night. Ciara mentions Shawn and Belle wanted to have dinner at the Pub but she understands if he’s not up to it. Ben tells her that he wants to see them and he’s sure. Ben decides he’s said what he needed to say to Jordan and he feels a lot better. Ben and Ciara then walk away from the grave.

Ciara and Ben meet Shawn and Belle at the Brady Pub. Shawn mentions that Abe is doing a lot better. Ciara brings up Jake being brought in for the shooting and says it’s so crazy because they were with Gabi and Jake right before the shooting as they were going to have breakfast. Shawn asks if Jake was acting strangely or if seemed agitated at all. Ben explains that Ciara was inside with Gabi and he was with Jake right before he left. Shawn asks if Jake said anything that he could use in the investigation.

Anna questions Tony not wanting to be in Johnny’s movie. Tony reminds her that Abigail is playing Marlena. Anna suggests he can rewrite his character and he’d be in a pivotal role. Tony disagrees but Anna insists and goes over the story of how Tony was married to Kristen while Kristen was secretly in love with John.

The Devil continues to choke John as John pleads for help. The Devil tells him that no one is coming for him and he can feel the life draining out of his body. Johnny arrives at the Crypt and tries to enter but it’s locked. Johnny finds that weird as there always used to be a key in the lock. The Devil demands John let go. John says never. Johnny then knocks on the door, asking if Lucifer is in there. John tries yelling for help so the Devil backhands John. Johnny introduces himself and says he’d love to meet the Devil if he’s in there. Johnny is about to give up when suddenly the door opens and Marlena walks out dressed as the Devil, confusing Johnny.

Shawn asks Ben what Jake said to him outside. Ben responds that Jake told him he had something to take care of and then he took off. Shawn asks if Ben suspected something was wrong. Ben says he’s just telling him everything Jake told him. Shawn tells him to let him know if he thinks of anything else. Ciara questions Shawn coming to give the third degree or to enjoy the food and hear about their honeymoon. Belle agrees with Ciara. Ciara praises New Orleans for their honeymoon. Shawn hopes they went to all the places Bo and Hope went to, which Ciara confirms including Oak Alley. Shawn asks what else they did. Ben jokes that they did the usual honeymoon stuff as they helped the ISA recover a stolen gemstone. Ciara calls that a really long story that she’ll tell them about later but right now they have some really special news to share. They ask what it is. Ciara says as wonderful as the trip ended up being, it helped them come to a pretty big life changing decision about their future. Ciara then announces they are trying to have a baby which excites Belle and Shawn.

Johnny questions what Marlena is doing here and dressed like that. Marlena says she finished his script and wanted him to know she liked it. Johnny thanks her but says that still doesn’t explain what she’s doing in the DiMera Family Crypt. Marlena claims that he wasn’t home so she decided to take a stroll and then found the key in the lock here so she decided to take a moment to pay respects to his grandfather. Johnny questions her being dressed as the Devil. Marlena claims it’s just a Halloween costume that she did for him. Marlena talks about finding his script powerful and accurate. Johnny notes that the Crypt could be a really cool location for his movie. Johnny starts to head inside when Marlena forcefully grabs his arm, warning him not to go in there. Johnny questions the problem with him going inside. John remains tied up.

Tony tells Anna that a less confident man would feel threatened by her referring to John as sexy. Anna says she’s just being honest about how it was 30 years ago and how John was to Kristen according to the script. Anna says that Kristen was deeply conflicted. Tony thought the movie was about Marlena. Anna feels Kristen drives the action as she’s one of the first to recognize that evil has come to Salem. Tony wonders who Johnny will cast as Kristen. Anna feels there’s only one person perfect for the role and that’s her. Tony decides he needs a drink. Tony questions Anna wanting to play Kristen. Anna says if Tony is playing Tony, it just makes sense. Tony reminds her that Kristen left “Tony” for John. Anna points out that “Tony” was really Andre then. Anna doesn’t know why it matters and why Tony is being so resistent. Tony is not enthusiastic about revisiting a dark chapter in his family’s history. Anna suggests they can ask Johnny to rewrite their subplot to highlight their love story and in this version, they can end up living happily ever after just like them as they kiss.

Marlena tells Johnny that there is something in the Crypt that she doesn’t want him to see and claims there’s a big rat inside. Johnny says he’s not scared of a rat and is writing one in to his movie as some people call rats “the devil’s disciples.” Marlena thinks there are non rodent disciples and suggests Johnny stay away from there. Johnny asks if she’s sure she didn’t see anything else in there. Marlena says she doesn’t think so and locks the Crypt. She then questions what brought Johnny out here. Johnny says it will sound weird. Marlena says not much surprises her. Johnny then explains that he and Allie were using a Ouija board and they asked it if the Devil is in Salem and the board spelled out that he was here at this Crypt. Marlena jokes that the spirits are on to her because of her costume. Johnny asks if Marlena believes in it. Marlena guesses she should after what happened to her and says she’d be crazy not to believe in the supernatural being real. Johnny says that’s why he’s making his movie. Marlena knows he has skeptics but thinks it’s important that he carry out his vision. Marlena remarks that the movie will let people know there are forces out there that people can’t understand and that they have no idea of what the Devil is capable of doing.

Ciara and Ben assure Shawn and Belle that they put a lot of thought in to this decision. Ben talks about his mental illness history and how Marlena reassured him that the love they give their child will be what’s most important. Ben says Marlena told them to have a child and ever since then she’s been really making sure they are moving forward with the plan. Ciara comments that Marlena has been really invested in her having a baby. Belle notes that Marlena doesn’t usually tell people what to do or make it so personal. Shawn yawns so Ciara asks if all this baby talk is making him tired or boring him. Shawn says he’s got jet lag and suggests they go home and continue this another time. Ben tells him to go ahead and get some sleep as they hug. Belle wishes them luck with the baby making. Belle and Shawn then exit the Pub together. Ben questions Ciara barely touching her food. Ciara responds that she’s actually not that hungry and her stomach has been funky all day. Ben asks if she’s not feeling well. Ciara thinks it might be something else and reveals that she stopped by to get a pregnancy test before she came to find him.

Anna asks Tony if they should offer their services to Johnny and request a rewrite. Tony says if he takes out the conflict between Tony and Kristen, it waters down the story. Anna feels he is intrigued. Tony doesn’t think an audience would like to see a married couple drinking champagne and talking about how in love they are. Anna disagrees and thinks people love to watch other people in love. Tony jokes that Anna knows more about drama than he does. Anna suggests she find a good scene to rehearse together and then they will be prepared to pitch to Johnny. Tony questions if he will really want to cast them. Anna thinks he’ll be begging to have them on camera.

Johnny asks if he can take a picture of Marlena in her costume because Allie told him that the Ouija board was nonsense and that he wasn’t going to find anything out here, so he wants to show her that she was wrong. Marlena points out that he didn’t find the Devil. Johnny says she was here dressed like that so the Spirits didn’t lie. Johnny hears a noise from inside and asks if Marlena heard that. Inside, John tries to break free from being tied up. Marlena claims she didn’t hear anything but Johnny feels he heard chains. Marlena jokes that maybe it’s the spirits. Johnny doesn’t think ghosts rattle chains and questions her not hearing that. Marlena says it’s his imagination and tells him he will make a wonderful movie. Johnny suggests they get out of here. Marlena tells him to go ahead and she’ll catch up, so Johnny exits. The Devil then declares that he will deal with John another time.

Belle and Shawn return home. Shawn can’t believe Ciara is going to be a mom. Belle says she’s so happy for them. Shawn mentions that it sounds like Marlena really helped them out. Belle is glad Marlena was able to be there for them, but thinks it’s strange that Marlena keeps following up to make sure they are still trying to have a baby. Shawn thinks it makes sense since she’s always been really invested in Ben’s health and happiness. Belle feels Marlena seems a little overly invested in them having a child.

Ben asks if Ciara really thinks she could be pregnant now already. Ciara notes that she is a day late. Ben guesses they should take home so she can take the test. Ciara says she could take it right now and encourages Ben to breathe. Ciara tells him it will be okay as she kisses him. Ciara says she’ll be right back and heads to the restroom as Ben remains nervous.

Tony tells Anna that all this talk about the past reminds him of when he first came to Salem. They can’t believe that was 40 years ago. Anna remarks that a lot of crazy things have happened since then. Tony says the most wonderful thing of all was falling in love with her and that marrying her was the smartest thing he ever did as they flash back to their marriage. Tony repeats that coming to Salem was the best decision he ever made. Tony calls Anna the light of his life. Anna tells him to never forget it as they kiss.

Devil Marlena remarks that it was so nice to be back among the dead tonight, especially the really bad ones. The Devil comes across Jordan’s grave and says it looks like Ben came to visit his sister. The Devil declares that soon, Jordan won’t be the only bad seed in the family…

Ciara returns from the restroom and kisses Ben. Ben asks if it was just a stomach ache and suggests it was too soon anyways. Ciara then reveals the pregnancy test is positive and announces they are having a baby. They get excited as Ben tells her that he loves her and loves that they are about to have a baby together. Ben and Ciara then kiss.

Devil Marlena picks up the flowers Ben left at Jordan’s grave and tosses them aside. The Devil then declares that Ben’s child will be his and nothing can stop that, not Marlena and certainly not John.

John continues to struggle with being tied up in the crypt, saying he’s got to get out of here and save Marlena. John declares that he has to save all of Salem from pure evil.

Devil Marlena brings up Allie not believing in the supernatural and guesses he’ll just have to make her a believer. The Devil then stands over Charlie Dale’s grave and calls for Allie’s rapist, Charlie, to rise up and prove that his powers are real. A hand then emerges from Charlie’s grave.

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