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Recap written by Christine

Nick went to Phyllis’s suite and found the remnants of a romantic meal for two. One full plate of food was left, but both glasses of champagne were finished. He didn’t know she had something romantic planned last night. She thought his text yesterday was dismissive. She understood that Christian was sick and that he came first, but she felt blown off. He said that wasn’t his intention, and she said that was his instinct. He was ready to talk, but she was too busy and hungover for that. She left.

When Phyllis got downstairs, she ran into Jack. He was there for a breakfast appointment that got canceled. She told him she tried and failed to make progress with Nick. She felt like her relationship was crashing. She suggested she was blowing things out of proportion, so he offered to lend an ear and help her get some perspective. Jack went to the lounge while Phyllis got their coffee. Nick came downstairs and noted that Phyllis had time for coffee with Jack but she didn’t have time to talk with Nick. She said she was frustrated and angry, and she thought Jack could calm her down. He commented that she was angry at the text, and she clarified that it wasn’t just that, it was also the argument they had yesterday. She went through the trouble to arrange the romantic dinner which ended in her drinking a bunch of champagne alone. She knew overindulging was a mistake. He said he wasn’t judging. “That’s shocking because you usually would. That’s why I felt the need to criticize myself before you had a chance to,” she said. He was sorry he made her feel like that. She said she was just hurt and angry, and she felt like they were out of sync. He thought that not talking was making the problem worse. She said she just needed some space before she said the wrong thing. He understood. He guessed they both let their emotions get the better of them. He said she ad nothing to be scared of. He looked over at Jack, then he left.

Phyllis went to Jack and asked if they could get out of here. He took her to the park. She was sorry she kept dumping her stuff on him. He didn’t want her feeling bad about turning to a friend. She told him what happened last night. She wasn’t sure that Nick was telling the truth about Christian needing him. Jack asked if Phyllis thought Nick would use his son as an excuse not to talk to her. She didn’t know anymore. She just knew that the turmoil with Nick’s family seemed to be bringing out issues in his relationship with her. Jack asked if Phyllis could articulate those issues to Nick and to herself. “No. I don’t even know what they are,” she admitted. She knew that yesterday, Nick was just as frustrated with her as she was with him, then he showed up this morning like there was no problem and it was just a bump in the road. She said it wasn’t a bump in the road – she and Nick weren’t okay. She said she wasn’t okay, and she didn’t live in denial. She didn’t know what was happening with her and Nick, but none of it was okay.

Phyllis said Nick was going through so much with his family, and he didn’t want to hear the truth. Jack suggested that Phyllis’s truth wasn’t the same as Nick’s truth. He noted that when things got tough with her father, she cut ties with her whole family. She bristled at him bringing up her dad right now. She said she left the family because her father was a horrible man who stole from the elderly. He knew that, but he suggested that, deep down inside, she wanted Nick to make the same decision she made, even though she knew history had proven he couldn’t. Jack thought maybe Phyllis was holding Nick’s choice against him because he made a different one than she did. She was unhappy with the insinuation that she was responsible for this. He clarified that he wasn’t blaming her. He said there were complicated dynamics involved, where Nick, Phyllis and the Newmans were concerned. Jack was sure Nick would agree that he hadn’t been his best. Over the years, Jack had noticed that when Phyllis’s back was up and she was insecure about her ability to solve a problem, she tended to look for an exit strategy. She asked if he was saying she blew up her relationships instead of seeing if they could work out. She asked if he was saying she was her own worst enemy. He said he’d hate for her to fall victim to a self fulfilling prophecy. He added that she and Nick had been through so much, yet they were perpetually drawn back together. Jack thought there was a reason for that. Phyllis added that there was a reason things didn’t work out.

Victoria and Ashland were at her office. She’d called the oncologist, and he’d contacted one of his doctors from NY for a second opinion. She got another text from Billy, who wanted to meet, and she ignored it. Nate had been contacted. When he arrived, Ashland showed him the test results. The chemo wasn’t effective. Victoria said they weren’t giving up hope. Ashland’s oncologist wanted to continue the current protocol, but Ashland didn’t think it was worth it. He would endure the side effects if he was making progress, but since he wasn’t, he thought it was time to change tactics. Victoria said they were researching some experimental treatments, and they wanted Nate’s take on it. Ashland put his arm around Victoria and said he had something to fight for.

Nate was happy to look into the treatment and give his opinion, but he did think that the oncologist was the person they should be talking to about the next step. Victoria said they weren’t happy with the oncologist, because he was close-minded about the options, and he didn’t listen to Ashland’s concerns. Nate said that sometimes a doctor wasn’t a good fit, and it was a good idea to get another opinion. Ashland appreciated that, and he appreciated Nate’s friendship. Nate said to email him the information about the Peruvian treatment, and he’d get back to them ASAP. He left. In the hallway, Nate looked glum. Back inside, Victoria was glad that Nate was going to look into this for them. Ashland noticed that Nate didn’t seem enthusiastic about the study, but Victoria figured that was just because he hadn’t read about it yet. Ashland said that before he decided to seek treatment, he was at peace with his fate. Victoria noted that it took a lot of work on her part to convince him to get help. He was glad that he did get treatment, and he hated the chance of giving up not being with her. But what if this was a battle he couldn’t win?

For awhile, Ashland was focused on wedding plans and praying Victoria would forgive him. Now they were married, and the harsh reality of his condition was staring him in the face. None of his power, money or influence could get him out of this. Maybe nothing would work. Victoria refused to accept that. She said statistically, some people had bought themselves more time and even beaten the cancer. He was scared because the odds weren’t in his favor. She asked when he started caring about odds – he’d beaten odds his entire life. She told him he’d better damn well fight this, like he promised he would. He felt like no one ever had as much faith in him as she did. She knew he’d have vulnerable moments, and she vowed to be strong for both of them. She said they couldn’t give up on their future. Ashland took Victoria’s hands and said message received. “When Victoria Newman orders you to fight, you fight,” he said. She was glad they understood each other. She believed in the power of a positive mental outlook. She knew it probably wouldn’t cure cancer, but it might help things. He said if Nate thought the protocol was worthwhile, that gave them another reason to be optimistic, but if the treatment looked like a good idea, they’d have to cancel their island getaway. She was fine with that. He said she deserved a beautiful honeymoon, and he was looking forward to shutting out the world and just being newlyweds. She just wanted him to get better, and they weren’t going to let anything stand in the way.

Noah went to work with Sharon, because he wanted to spend time with her. He loved the upgrades she’d made to Crimson Lights, though he noted that she’d kept the Gatsby-esque eye decoration. She wanted there to be a familiarity and warmth so that his place felt like home. He couldn’t believe how much Faith had grown up. Sharon said that Faith was starting to date. Noah heard Moses was a good guy. Sharon said he was. Noah was willing to play the opposing big brother if necessary, though. Sharon asked how long Noah was staying. He wasn’t sure. Elena walked in, and she was drained from working a lot and jet lagged from Italy. Sharon went to serve up an energy boost, and Elena told Noah it was good to see him. Elena wanted to order a pastry, but Sharon said the delivery was running late. Elena took her drink and left. Noah asked if Elena was a regular. Sharon explained that Elena lived in the apartment upstairs, where Lola used to live before she went to Miami. Noah was surprised because he assumed that Elena lived with Nate. He understood that couples needed separate spaces. Sharon wondered if this observation had something to do with what happened in London.

Noah commented that Sharon was determined to get the story. Sharon said she and Nick just wanted to know what was with Noah’s abrupt return. Of course they were thrilled to have him here though. He said he was in a relationship that was serious, at least for him, and he got his heart broken. He promised everything would be okay. He wanted to leave it at that instead of a doing a deep dive into a relationship with his mom. She asked if that was the only reason he left England. He said he really did feel like he was in a professional and artistic rut, and coming home seemed like the right choice. She jokingly told him that she heard that deep cleaning an espresso machine was a great way to get out of a rut.

Elena went to Society and Nate ran into her there. He wished he knew she’d be there, because he would’ve joined her. She knew he was busy meeting with Ashland and Victoria. He brought her up to speed on what happened at Newman. He said this wasn’t a typical medical consult – Ashland wasn’t a patient, he was a friend. Nate was personally invested in this, so he couldn’t maintain the usual degree of professional distance. He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to give the couple good news. She said that Ashland and Victoria asked Nate to help because they knew he could give it to them straight – they weren’t expecting him to perform a miracle. He wished he could save Ashland. Elena said all he had to do was read the study and give them the facts so they could make an informed decision. Nate was grateful to be with someone who understood. She yawned, and he said he’d take her home and tuck her in.

Nate went to Crimson Lights and sat on the patio. He called Ashland, who put Nate on speaker. Nate said there had been some promising research into this treatment, but it was a last resort. The chances of improvement were slim. He knew that wasn’t what Ashland and Victoria wanted to hear. Ashland was willing to do or try anything.

Nick showed up at Crimson Lights, and Noah could tell he wasn’t okay. He asked if things were worse between him and Phyllis. Nick changed the subject and said he hadn’t seen Victoria. Sharon spoke to Billy, and she understood Ashland’s past was darker than she realized. Nick didn’t want to get into details, but there was a line drawn in the sand on this family. Victor, Victoria and Adam were on one side, Nick was on the other, and Nikki was in the middle. Sharon thought it was a shame. Noah offered to help if he could. Sharon was there for Nick too. Noah was sure Phyllis had Nick’s back. Nick said he and Phyllis weren’t in a good place. Noah thought they’d seemed good in Italy. Nick said they spent most of the trip sniping at each other. He wasn’t sure if he was taking out his frustrations with the family on her, or if he’d just been hiding behind his anger for Victor and ignoring the ongoing problems. Every time he and Phyllis talked, it was one step forward and six steps back. He felt unsettled, because before all this, he thought he and Phyllis were solid. Noah said it was a weird feeling thinking things were okay, until it suddenly wasn’t. Nick thought it sounded like Noah was speaking from experience. Noah admitted he was. Nick asked if Noah was running from a breakup. Noah just wanted to be around his family. It was nice to be surrounded by people you loved, especially after your relationship went off the rails. Noah was sure Nick and Phyllis would pull through though. Nick noticed Sharon was quiet. She asked what he wanted her to say.

Sharon said every relationship had its issues – she and Rey did, but they worked on them. It was part of a successful relationship. Nick asked what Sharon thought about him and Sharon. Sharon said communication was key, and Nick joked about how generic that was. Sharon said last time they talked about this, she said she just wanted Nick to be happy, and he jumped to the conclusion that she thought he was settling. He admitted he’d been unfair to jump to that conclusion. She was biased when it came to him and Phyllis, so she wasn’t the best person to ask. He was sorry he put her in this awkward position. He usually talked to Victoria about stuff like this, but he couldn’t do that. He had the best of intentions with Victoria, but she didn’t understand why he did what he did, now there was a wall between them, just like there was between him and Phyllis. He was starting to wonder if he was the problem.

  1. Noah said there was no way Nick was single-handedly responsible for the way things were going with Victoria. Noah was sure that Victoria and Nick could work things out because they were all family until they died. Nick called that a blessing and a curse. As for Phyllis, Noah thought Nick should try and get to the root of the problem and fix things as soon as they could. Nick admitted it wasn’t that simple. He acknowledged that he and Phyllis had a long rocky past; they hurt each other a lot, and they couldn’t ignore the fact that history could repeat itself. Noah said not to let it become a self-fulfilling prophecy. He said Nick could either turn himself into a victim or fight for what he wanted. Nick believed in his relationship with Phyllis even though he felt her pulling away. He was going to make her see that what they had was worth fighting for, and he was going to start right now. He left. Sharon was impressed with the advice Noah gave Nick. Noah knew Sharon had to walk a fine line on this with Nick, but he said she could be honest with him. He asked what Sharon really thought about Nick and Phyllis. Sharon wanted what was best for Nick, and she’d never believe Phyllis was what best. Noah asked if Sharon thought Phyllis and Nick could make it. Sharon took no pleasure in this, but she thought that relationship was going to fall off a cliff, and it was only a question of when.

When Phyllis got home, Nick was there, and he’d set up a romantic meal.

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