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Recap written by Christine

Ashley, Devon, Tessa and Mariah were at the Chancellor house to support Abby while she waited for news on Chance. Christine entered the room with some photos of things found in the explosion. She asked Abby to look at one. Abby was crushed because she saw Chance’s watch – a family heirloom that Nina gave him before the wedding. Christine said they found it buried in the rubble. Abby pulled herself together and said that this was a good sign. The watch was engraved with “Phillip Chancellor” so Chance wouldn’t have been wearing it if he was undercover. That had to mean that he wasn’t in the building when the bomb went off. Ashley, Mariah and Tessa all said that was a possibility – maybe Chance was in hiding somewhere. Abby asked what Devon thought. Devon didn’t think guessing would be helpful; he felt they should wait until they had something concrete.

Abby didn’t know why everyone looked so upset. She said that Chance must’ve left the watch behind, and he probably wasn’t even in the building when the bomb went off. Christine pointed out that there were no sightings of Chance. Abby said that he was probably in hiding, like Tessa and Mariah said. Abby asked Christine to make more calls. Christine left the room. Abby asked the others to hope and trust that Chance would come home. She said Chance never gave up, and they couldn’t give up on him. Abby pointed out that Tessa didn’t throw in the towel when Mariah went missing – they all kept the faith, and Mariah and the baby made it home. Abby knew that Chance would come home to her and Dominic.

Abby wondered if she should’ve gone with Christine. Ashley didn’t think that it would be a good idea for Abby to hear unconfirmed rumors. Devon was already elsewhere, and Ashley asked Tessa and Mariah to go make snacks. Abby wished everyone would go home and stop staring at her as she slowly lost her mind. Ashley said she wouldn’t let Ashley go through this alone. Devon walked back in. Abby forcefully said that nothing anyone did would help. The only thing that would help was hearing Chance’s voice again. She didn’t care how many pictures people shoved in her face, and she wasn’t going to take the word of a stranger from the state department. The baby started crying, and Abby apologized to him and picked him up.

Mariah returned because she heard the baby crying. Abby wasn’t able to calm him down. Mariah asked if she could help, and Ashley sent her to warm up a bottle. Devon took Dominic, and he immediately settled. Abby felt like she couldn’t do anything right – she couldn’t help Chance, and she couldn’t give her baby what he needed. Abby wanted to be by herself, so she left the house. Ashley wished there was something she could do for Abby. Mariah came back. Ashley hated the thought that Chance and Dominic might not meet. Mariah said they had to stay positive. She wondered if they should go after Abby, but Ashley thought they should let her have space. Ashley told Devon that he was a natural with the baby. Christine came back, and she didn’t have any news. Devon asked what Christine’s opinion was. Christine said the explosion happened in the middle of the night, so it wasn’t necessarily true that Chance took off the watch because he was going to meet someone – he may have taken it off to go to bed. She didn’t want to say that in front of Abby, though. She wished she had better news. Ashley thanked Christine for delivering the news in person. Mariah vowed to be there for Abby.

Abby went to the park. She said she wanted to be here, where Chance proposed to her. She remembered that he said their life would be full of adventure and that they could handle everything life threw at them. She didn’t care what everyone said. She wasn’t giving up on him. She couldn’t. She called Victor and asked for his help.

Chloe and Kevin were at the park watching from afar as Esther played with Miles. Chloe went on social media and noticed that Lauren hadn’t reacted to any of the pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes. Usually, Lauren was the first to comment or leave an emoji. Kevin suggested that Lauren was busy, but Chloe thought Lauren was still mad at her for letting Sally swap the wedding dresses. Kevin thought Chloe was reading too much into Lauren not liking her photos on social media. Chloe decided to visit Lauren, but she changed her mind when Kevin convinced her that Lauren needed time and space. Kevin asked if Sally had more tricks up her sleeve. Chloe had no idea, since Sally was so unpredictable. Sally was riding high off her success, which might inspire her to take more risks, plus she was grateful to Adam, which meant she wouldn’t listen to the warnings to stay away from him. Chloe got another email from a chain of bridal boutiques who wanted to buy Victoria’s dress style and wanted to know what else Sally was working on. Kevin cheered on Newman Fashion. Chloe said they had to give it to Sally. Chloe said when Chelsea came back, Chloe would have the most incredible designers working together. Kevin thought Chelsea and Sally were a recipe for disaster – Sally had a thing for Adam, and Chelsea was possessive of him. Chloe was sure that she could keep things running smoothly.

Adam listened in on Sally and Billy’s conversation. Billy thought Sally and Adam were dating. She clarified that Adam only took her to Tuscany so she could give Victoria the dress. Billy assumed that Sally was using Adam to further her career. Sally called Billy cynical, and he said if he was, it was only because Adam showed him how low a person could sink. Sally liked and respected Adam. Billy said Adam was smooth and charming, and that only made him more dangerous. He thought she should heed the warning of the person who told her to avoid Adam. Adam walked over, and Sally said that Billy was trying to dig up dirt on Adam. Adam told Billy that he reeked of desperation.

Billy warned Sally to expect lies, manipulation, deceit, and treachery from Adam. Adam noted that Billy said this speech all the time. Billy didn’t understand how Adam kept drawing in new victims. Sally replied that she was no one’s victim. Adam thought Billy spent more time following him than doing his job at ChancComm. Billy said that his job description was following Adam, who’d been a source of scandal and depravity for years, and Billy didn’t think that would change. Sally said they’d have to get used to Billy lurking in the background, which wasn’t what she expected of CEO behavior. Billy said CEOs were supposed to decimate the competition. Adam agreed on that point.

Lily came to Crimson Lights and talked with Sharon. They noticed Billy, Adam and Sally out on the patio. Rey walked in and overheard Sharon asking Lily to convince Billy to leave Adam alone.

Back on the patio, Billy asked Sally if she knew what happened to Chelsea. Sally made it clear that she wasn’t going to thank Billy for the cautionary tales. She was capable of looking out for herself. Billy had heard that about her. Sally was sure that Adam had been warned about her just as much as she’d been warned about him, but they were both rebuilding their lives without judging each other. Adam said Billy warned people to stay away from him, but he couldn’t take his own advice.

Inside Crimson Lights Lily didn’t see a reason to get involved. She wasn’t responsible for what Billy did, and she’d be surprised if Adam asked Sharon to intervene. Sharon saw Rey and she went over to him. Billy entered and Lily asked what was going on with Adam. He said it wasn’t worth repeating. They received their order and left.

Rey came by to tell Sharon about his conversation with Noah, but now he wanted to know what she and Lily were talking about. She said they were talking about Billy. She ranted about how irritating Billy was at times. From what Rey overheard, it sounded like it had more to do with Sharon’s feelings about Adam.

On the patio, Sally asked what Billy was talking about and who Jesse Gaines was. Adam brushed it off as Billy posturing. Adam appreciated Sally defending him. Sally wasn’t sure it made a difference. Adam said it made a difference to him. She said not to read too much into it. She was just treating him the way she wanted to be treated – basing her opinions on who he was now, not who he used to be. He appreciated that. He came to apologize for being so abrupt earlier. She thanked him. She said that Billy seemed to be on a mission to bring down Adam and Newman Media. Adam said that Billy wasn’t a threat. Sally didn’t think Adam believed that, and she asked how concerned she should be about Newman Fashion getting caught in the crossfire. He told her not to be concerned at all.

Back inside, Sharon looked out to the patio to make sure Adam and Sally were gone before continuing her discussion with Rey. She said that she would be just as annoyed with Billy if he were attacking someone other than Adam. She said that Billy was stirring things up and his accusations are way out of left field. He asked how she knew that, and she said she ran into Billy in the park and overheard part of his conversation. Rey noted that this happened after he told Sharon that it’d be better if she didn’t get involved. Sharon said she didn’t track Billy down – he was on the phone in a public place. Sharon thought Billy came to Rey because Rey had personal problems with Adam in the past. She felt like Billy was manipulating Rey. Rey said he didn’t get sucked in. Rey knew Sharon would react this way, and that was exactly why he didn’t want her to get involved. Sharon felt that she was having a normal and natural reaction to Billy spreading ugly rumors. Rey felt like Billy was asking reasonable questions. He said Adam had a nasty track record, but she said Adam had changed. He reminded her that Adam had recently kidnapped Chelsea, and she said that was a low point. He scoffed, and she noted that even Nick noticed how hard Adam was trying. She said Billy admitted he’d never get over what happened with Delia.

Sharon thought Billy would always see Adam as a monster. Rey asked Sharon if she saw Adam as a victim who always needed saving. She said no. He overheard what she said to Lily. She admitted that she shouldn’t have gotten involved, but she’d acted on impulse. He stated that it was always her impulse to protect Adam. He thought they both needed air, so he left.

Billy and Lily went to ChancComm. He told her that there was no activity on Gaines’ passport. She suggested that Gaines used a pseudonym or used the money Billy gave him to buy a car. Billy suggested that Gaines was still in Tuscany hiding out, or maybe he was dead. Lily didn’t think Adam or any of the Newmans were capable of murder. “Do not tell me that you actually think he is reformed,” Billy said. Lily thought there was a range between angel and cold-blooded killer. She asked why he always thought the worst of Adam. She pointed out that he thought Adam poisoned Rey, but Adam had been framed. He shifted gears and said they knew Adam and Victor were going after ChancComm. Lily asked Billy what the game plan was, and he said it was to find Gaines, dead or alive. He thought Gaines was their best weapon.

Lily said that if something happened to Gaines, the goal would be to prove Adam was responsible. Billy added that a bonus would be that it would destroy Newman Media. She asked him to please tell her he wasn’t hoping for this. He said that the best case scenario would be finding Gaines alive and getting his full cooperation. That way they’d have proof of Ashland’s crimes and proof that Adam and Victor were complicit in trying to cover it up. They would have leverage over all three of them. She said that even if they found Gaines, he might not want to talk to them. She had another idea for fending off an attack from Newman Media.

Lily thought they needed an ally who had influence over Victor and Ashland – Victoria. Billy said Victoria was furious with him over bringing Gaines to the wedding. Lily thought Billy was back in Victoria’s good graces after deleting the video. He didn’t feel comfortable asking Victoria for protection. Lily said they were capable of taking on Victor and Adam alone, but if Victoria could convince Victor to stand down, they could avoid this battle. He thought that was a good strategy. He wasn’t going to give up on trying to find Gaines though. She was fine with that as long as they worked the Victoria angle too. He texted Victoria asking to talk.

Sally ran into Chloe and Kevin in the park. Kevin left to get some coffee before work. Chloe asked Sally how it felt to be the most popular designer around. Sally said it was a dream. She asked how things were going between Chloe and Lauren. Chloe said they hadn’t made up completely but it’d happen. Sally mentioned that Billy and Adam got into a serious disagreement. Chloe wished Billy knew how to walk away from a fight. Sally said that she might just be paranoid, but it sounded like Billy and Adam were about to go to war. She was concerned that the fallout from their feud would hurt Newman Fashion.

Kevin ran into Rey on the patio at Crimson Lights. Rey compared Adam to a chronic disease that you could never get rid of. Kevin hadn’t had a good night’s sleep since Chloe started working for him. Rey asked why Chloe took the job. Kevin said she did it for Chelsea. He said Chloe was strong enough to take what she needed from Adam and keep her distance otherwise, but Kevin felt like she was playing with fire. He thought that one of these days, Adam would go too far and end up in prison for good. That day couldn’t come soon enough for Kevin.

Adam met with a private investigator in his office to talk about something. Adam said this was a confidential case that was just between them and Victor.

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