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Recap written by Christine

Devon and Amanda were at home. He hadn’t heard anything from Abby, and he was worried about her and what it’d do to her if Chance died. Amanda said not to jump to the worst case scenario. She said Chance was smart and savvy, and she pointed out that he helped nail Colin when he tried to steal Devon’s inheritance. Devon didn’t understand why Chance would bring a personally engraved watch on a dangerous mission and risk blowing his cover. Amanda noted that the watch was in the safe house – Chance didn’t have it on him. Devon countered that it made no sense for Chance to have it at all. It was a big risk to take, especially when you had a family to come home to. He said Abby was living through a nightmare, and the only thing keeping her going was the belief that her husband was coming home to her. If that was taken away, Abby would need a lot of support from the people who loved her. Amanda said Abby would get it.

Devon asked Amanda about Sutton’s trial. Devon wasn’t happy that Michael was trying to pressure Amanda to take the stand. She said she decided to testify. Devon was worried. He thought Michael could win without putting her on the stand. She agreed, but she had to do this because Sutton killed her father. She had to tell Sutton to his face that she knew what he did. Devon was sure Amanda thought this through, so he supported her 100%. She called him the nicest guy on the planet. He said he was no saint. He admitted he was unjustifiably angry with Chance. Devon said Chance put Abby through hell. Devon knew it wasn’t fair of him to say that, though. He hoped Chance was safe, and if he came home, Devon was going to let Chance know how he felt. Amanda told Devon that he was a really good man. She knew he was worried, so she encouraged him to check on Abby and the baby.

Mariah and Tessa were on a walk in the park. Mariah had texted Abby, and she didn’t reply. Mariah thought about Abby and poor little Bowie possibly losing Chance. Tessa thought they should follow Abby’s lead and stay positive. Mariah said that Abby was so fervent in her belief that Chance was still alive that it was running her ragged, and it was having an effect on Bowie’s emotional state. Mariah could tell. Tessa was worried about Mariah’s attachment to the baby. Mariah told Tessa to relax. Mariah thought that, since she was worried for Abby, it was natural that her thoughts drifted to the baby. The possibility that Chance was gone put things into perspective for Mariah and made her appreciate the gifts she had in her life, like Tessa. Noah jogged up and said hello. Mariah got a text. Tessa asked if it was Abby. Mariah said it was work, so she left to handle it. Noah asked what was going on with Abby, and he asked if he should call her. Tessa said not to bother Abby. She figured Noah should know this since it was about his family.

Noah felt bad for Abby and wished there was something he could do to help. Tess asked Noah not to tell the rest of his family what was going on, since Abby wanted space. He asked if anyone in his family knew, and Tessa said his grandfather did. Tessa thought Abby felt that accepting sympathy would make the situation worse. Noah said Newmans didn’t accept help unless it was forced on them, usually by another Newman. He assumed this must be especially hard on Mariah, because of the baby, not to mention how hard it was on Tessa.

Victor knocked on Abby’s door, and when he didn’t get an answer, he walked in, since the door was unlocked. She was in the living room with her headphones on, and she said she’d been trying to do relaxation exercises. He didn’t have any news on Chance. He insisted that she get a snack to keep her strength up, and he told her to make sure she kept the front door locked. He asked where Ashley was, and Abby said she sent her home to rest. Abby hadn’t heard from Christine, so she’d been doing her own research. She found an explosion in Valencia, Spain. There was nothing on survivors or victims. The reports said it was a gas leak, but Christine said it was a bomb. Abby didn’t care how it happened, she just needed to know her husband was alive. Victor had news. When Abby asked why he didn’t say anything sooner, he said he’d wanted her to eat first. According to Victor, Christine was right. Someone found out Chance and his colleagues were using that place as a safe house, and they bombed it. Abby asserted that Chance was likely laying low to protect his colleagues. Victor said the State Department was looking into this. Four of Chance’s colleagues were classified as “killed in the line of duty.” Abby was adamant that Chance was not in that building. She said he’d come home when the coast was clear.

Victor asked if Nina had been told. Abby wanted to tell Nina, but Christine had insisted on handling it. Abby assumed that Christine was waiting for confirmation instead of putting Chance’s mother through what they’d all been going through. Victor didn’t think Nina should be kept in the dark, and Abby agreed. He offered to call Nina, but Abby said she’d call Christine and tell her that she needed to let Nina know. Abby thought that Christine needed to be the one to break the news to her best friend. Abby said they needed to stay positive. Abby and Victor hugged, and he promised he’d always be there for her.

Abby left the room to make the call. When she came back, Victor had Dominic. Abby was crying, and she didn’t think she should be around the baby like this, so she left the house. Mariah arrived just as Abby ran out. Victor handed the baby to Mariah and went after his daughter. Devon came to see Abby and found Mariah and Dominic. She told him what little she knew – that Abby ran out, and Victor followed her. Mariah said she went to work for a little bit, then she felt compelled to come here. He said that if the worst happened, it’d take all their support to help Abby get through this. He said he could watch the baby if she needed to go to work. She said she couldn’t focus on work right now. She needed to be here in case something happened. It felt like it was part of the pact they made when she became a surrogate. Christine showed up.

Abby went to the park and talked to Chance. She said she’d hold onto to the promises he made the day he proposed. She knew he’d never break his word. Victor caught up with Abby. She apologized. She felt like a fool sitting in the park talking to herself. She said she couldn’t fall apart in front of Dominic, because he was so sensitive to her emotional state. Victor said Dominic was a strong boy, and he’d be alright. Abby knew Chance was alive, so she didn’t know why she was falling apart. Victor thought Abby was rightfully upset. He told her she could always lean on him. They hugged.

Abby and Victor went back to the house. Abby didn’t want to be coddled, so she just wanted to know why Christine was there. Christine had Chance’s wedding ring, which had been found at the site of the explosion. Victor said that Chance wouldn’t have been wearing that when he was undercover. Christine thought so too at first, but she’d learned that Chance had gone developed a cover story about being a married businessman, and he’d worn the ring. Evidently, Chance never wanted to take off the ring. Christine asked Abby if it belonged to Chance. Abby took the ring and burst into tears.

Nick was in Phyllis’s room. He had the table set with all her favorite breakfast foods. He wanted to share a meal and then have a real talk so they could get past this. She was willing to give it a try. He noted that they were in a similar place a year ago – holed up in this room, dissecting their relationship and trying to figure out where it was going. He didn’t regret the past year and a half. She didn’t either, but something was off. She felt like they were going backwards. She asked how they could get back to where things were good. He thought they should start with an apology. She didn’t think she had anything to apologize for. He meant that he needed to say sorry to her.

Nick was sorry things were so brittle in Italy. Phyllis said Milan was fun. He agreed that Summer’s wedding was a blast, but Victoria’s wasn’t. He admitted he took his family issues out on Phyllis. He wished he’d never let his family get to him. She felt that they’d been out of sync for awhile. She couldn’t pinpoint exactly when that happened, but she guessed it was around the time she went after Sally and Tara for what they did to Summer. She said that all he’d done was keep giving her warnings. He replied that he eventually supported her, but he’d been concerned she was going to go overboard. She stated that going overboard was in her DNA, and she didn’t get why he’d tell her not to. He never meant to make her feel like she couldn’t be herself. He was nervous Summer would get hurt or that Phyllis would get in trouble. He’d tried to be the voice of reason. She said they knew each other too well, and there were profound differences between them. He agreed. She said he had to know she was going to go after Sally and Tara. She felt that it was going against who she was for him to tell her to stop. It was almost hurtful to her. Nick stated Phyllis knew how much family meant to him. He was very involved in Victoria, Nikki and sometimes Victor’s lives. He wasn’t proud of that, but it was who he was. He said she took issue with that in Italy. “Do you honestly think that was productive?,” he asked.

Phyllis noted that Nick sounded mad. He said he wasn’t. She said he was mad in Tuscany. She said they had little grievances that they didn’t deal with, and when things turned into big issues, they fixed it by hopping into bed. He admitted that was accurate, and he was amazed that method worked so long. She thought they had to do things differently. She asked if they’d been taking each other for granted for the past year and a half. He said he always appreciated her. She thought he liked her fun frothy side, and she thought there were parts of her personality that he wasn’t fond of. They noted that they’d had this same conversation a year ago, and they’d agreed to accept each other for who they were. “Right now we’re arguing about not allowing either one of us to be ourselves,” she said. He didn’t think it was possible to love every single thing about a person. No matter how good of a match you were, there would be aspects of a person that you didn’t care for. Phyllis thought that made sense for little things, but she said they were talking about huge chunks of each other’s personalities that they weren’t fond of. He said it never seemed to matter until right now. She asked if he’d always be close to his family, and he said yes. Phyllis knew Nick would reconcile with his family, and the Newmans would be sitting around having Thanksgiving dinner like nothing ever happened. “You’re never gonna change. Your family’s never gonna change. I’m never gonna change,” she said. She asked if they’d just been ignoring and skating around their issues.

Nick thought they were being honest with each other, not fooling themselves. He knew they had issues, but he was trying hard to see things from her vantage point. Phyllis knew he was, and she appreciated that. She said she wasn’t trying to self-sabotage or destroy the relationship. He thought it said a lot that they were trying to work through this. He said that, despite their differences, they meshed. It was a push-pull relationship, and the pull was that they loved each other, he stated. Phyllis was looking at the big picture, and usually the good outweighed the bad, but lately… Nick thought what truly mattered was that they loved each other and they were happy. She asked if he was truly happy. He inferred that she was asking this because she wasn’t happy. It hurt Phyllis to admit this, but she wasn’t happy, and she thought if Nick was honest with himself, he’d say the same thing.

Nick tensed and asked Phyllis not to put words in his mouth. He respected her feelings, and he wanted her to respect his too. He didn’t want her to make him feel like he wasn’t being honest. She said she wasn’t saying he wasn’t being honest with her or with himself. He felt like she was either accusing him of being dishonest, or she was saying he wasn’t smart enough to understand his feelings. She denied saying this. He said they’d been having miscommunications, but all that mattered was their relationship, and what they had was amazing. He said they were a lot more than video games and hot sex. She agreed. He mentioned that people said what Phyllis and Nick had was easy and comfortable, and he disagreed. She asked who said that. He didn’t think it mattered, but she thought it did. She asked who he went to for advice on their relationship. He said he didn’t need other people’s opinions, because they weren’t helping. Especially when they were coming from someone like Jack, who was waiting in the wings for her.

Phyllis was adamant that their issues had nothing to do with Jack, who was just a friend. Nick noted that Jack declared his love for her. “Who cares,” Phyllis asked. She pointed out that Jack wanted the best for them. Nick didn’t think Phyllis should be running to Jack every time she had a problem. She denied doing this. She said Jack was a friend, and he’d helped her. “Because he knows you so much better than I do,” Nick grumbled. Phyllis thought they were getting off topic; this conversation was supposed to be about them, but now all of a sudden they were talking about Jack and whoever was whispering in Nick’s ear about the relationship. “This is about us and nobody else,” she said. He asked if they were together in this or not.

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