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Nick: Ashland shows up with Victoria, and the two of them demand that she’s a part of the conversation.

Phyllis: Well, she must have gone out of her mind, hearing something so epic, right?

Nick: You know, she didn’t say much about that. But later on, when we were talking alone, she just went off on me.

Phyllis: What?

Nick: Yeah, she said i betrayed her confidence. [Breathes deeply] Made it very clear to me that she’s done with me.

Phyllis: With you? Nick!

Nick: It’s what I get for doing the right thing


Phyllis: Siblings have squabbles, right? I mean, she’s just mad — Victoria. She’s not gonna cut you out of her life.

Nick: Well, she cut me off the guest list.

Phyllis: What?

Nick: Yep. I’ve been officially disinvited from the wedding.

Phyllis: That’s ridicul– she’s just mad. She’s mad, you know? And she is shooting the well-intentioned messenger. That’s all. I mean, she’s shocked. I’m shocked. I don’t even like this guy, and I’m shocked. I mean, he really took the identity of a dying man? Really?

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