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Recap written by Christine

Billy approached Nick at Society and asked what he found in New Jersey. Nick refused to discuss it. Billy contended that they both wanted the same thing, but Nick argued that Billy just wanted to damage Victoria’s relationship at any cost. Billy stated that he wanted the truth. Billy had been following Ashland’s money, and he had a theory on it. Nick ordered Billy to let it go. Billy thought that Nick found out something bad. Nick was tired of Billy pretending like they were co-conspirators in a plan to bring Ashland down. Nick only cared about protecting his sister. Billy said he wanted that too. Nick thought Billy wanted to be proven right and that he’d get sanctification out of knowing he wasn’t the only person who let Victoria down. Billy said that wasn’t true, and he accused Nick of sounding like Victor. Billy was a little hurt that Nick thought that way of him, but he agreed to drop the subject, and he said he’d see Nick in Tuscany. Nick didn’t reply, and Billy asked if the wedding was off. Nick said there would be a wedding and that he was finished with the discussion. He was flying to Milan to see his daughter get married. He left.

Victoria and Ashland were in in the hotel suite he rented to give her some space. Ashland was ready to hear what Victoria had to say. He also hoped she didn’t blame Nick for trying to protect her. Ashland never had familial love and loyalty growing up, and he thought it was worth holding onto. She said she didn’t come to discuss Nick. She also didn’t come to judge him for a decision he made as a desperate kid. She could see that it haunted him. She didn’t understand the choices he’d made since they got together, though. Being being lied to was unsettlingly familiar to Victoria, because she’d lived with a habitual gambler for years. Billy was charming and fun, but he was a master at lying to her. One of the reasons Victoria fell in love with Ashland was that she thought he was nothing like that. Now it turned out that he was just as unpredictable as Billy, she said. Ashland believed Billy’s search into Ashland’s past resurrected these old feelings of uncertainty in Victoria. Victoria said she couldn’t and wouldn’t live with lies again.

Victoria noted that she asked Ashland point blank if there was anything else she needed to know, and he swore there wasn’t. It made her wonder if there was anything else he was holding back and not willing to admit until he was forced into a corner. He understood how she felt and he hated that she saw the similarity between him and an addict. He asked if he could do anything to change that. She wanted the whole truth, and she thought they should start with the real reason Jesse Gaines was in Genoa City. Ashland promised Victoria the whole unvarnished truth about Jesse, but he asked if he could tell her on the flight to Tuscany. His plane was ready to go whenever they were ready. He said that, despite what she’d learned, he wanted to believe she still loved him. “How could I stop loving you? You’ve gotten inside of my heart. And that’s not something that you get rid of so easily,” Victoria replied. He was relieved. She thought the flight might be a good idea. They could get away from her family and the people trying to interfere, and maybe they could work things out.

Nick entered the hotel as Victoria was leaving. He was hoping that she’d gone up to Phyllis’s suite looking for him. She snapped that he was the last person she wanted to see, and she told him off about betraying her. She said that Ashland was the first man in a long time that she felt this kind of connection with, and they pulled off the merger of a lifetime. She asked Nick not to investigate, and he did anyway. He said he had concerns about Ashland, and Ashland only told the truth because he’d been forced into it. Nick didn’t see how he’d betrayed Victoria. She accused him of trying to dig up something before the wedding to make her doubt Ashland. He said that wasn’t his goal. Ashland came downstairs and overheard Nick ask Victoria if she had more doubts about Ashland.

Ashland went over and informed Nick that he and Victoria were flying to Tuscany tonight. Victoria had to go home and pack. She told Ashland that she didn’t want her brother at the wedding. She left. Nick asked Ashland how the hell he pulled this off. Ashland said Victoria was more open minded than Nick. He said that, like Victor, Victoria realized that the world wasn’t black and white and that people made mistakes and could be forgiven. Nick stated that he’d made mistakes and forgiven people. Ashland said it was clear that Nick hoped Victoria wouldn’t forgive him. Nick said he wanted Victoria to know who she was dealing with, and now she did. Nick started to leave, but Ashland said they weren’t finished.

Ashland said that what happened to “Bobby DeFranco” the night of the car accident, the choice he made was the most painful event of his life. It was tragic and overwhelming. “And character defining,” Nick added. Ashland said Nick would never understand what he’d carried inside of him since then and what it took to relive it with Victoria earlier. All Ashland could do was look forward. He said if Nick had any decency or compassion, he’d keep what he knew to himself.

Devon and Amanda played poker at their place. She thanked him for this perfect way to unwind after spending the night at the ER with Naya. The doctors handled the incident easily, but they warned the family to expect these kinds of things with her illness. Amanda was relieved the doctors took care of it. Back to the game, she thought he was bluffing, because his eyes were smoldering, but he suggested that was just the way he looked at her. She won the game, but he smiled and told her he still felt pretty lucky.

Abby was at home, and the baby was crying. Abby wished Nina was here to help, instead of in California. She noted that his father wasn’t there. Abby thought about calling Mariah and decided against it. Back at the penthouse, Devon and Amanda were flirting over the game of cards when Abby called and asked about Amanda’s mom. He said she was fine. He heard Dominic crying and asked about it. She was sorry for calling at this hour, but she’d tried everything, and last time Devon was the only one who could calm the baby. She was sorry for interrupting his night with Amanda. Amanda told Devon to go.

Devon and Abby thought Dominic felt warm and that he sounded congested, so she called the pediatrician. Dr. Bradley suggested saline drops, and since Dom had calmed down in Devon’s arms, Abby asked him to babysit while she went to the pharmacy. She left, and he told the baby how much everyone loved him. Abby returned with the drops and gave them to Dominic. She and Devon high fived, and she thanked him for everything. She promised to perfect the parenting thing so she didn’t have to keep calling him. He wanted her to keep calling – he’d take any excuse to see Dom. She said he was always welcome. She hadn’t spoken to Mariah, outside texts about Tessa dropping off milk for the baby. Abby didn’t want things this way, but she had to accept it for now. Devon said they’d just wait to help once Mariah was ready. She was video journaling for Chance again. She felt bad that he was missing the first few weeks of the baby’s life. Devon said that Chance would have a lifetime of memories with the baby. Dom cried, and Devon got him out of the bassinet. Abby watched them together and smiled. Devon fell asleep in Abby’s living room.

Amanda went to The Grand Phoenix to visit Phyllis. Phyllis playfully pouted about Amanda moving out of the hotel without telling her. Phyllis was excited Amanda and Devon moved in together. Phyllis thought it was about time those two acknowledged what the rest of the world saw. She saw the chemistry and respect between Amanda and Devon. Amanda felt lucky to have such a great guy. Amanda was free since Devon was helping Abby, so she wanted to see if Phyllis wanted to hang out. Phyllis was happy to spend time with her friend, but she looked concerned about Abby and Devon. She asked how Devon was doing after the baby was born. Amanda said it had a profound effect on him, and he felt a deep connection with the baby.

Devon called Amanda and brought her up to speed on Dominic. She was glad he went to help Abby. The call ended, and she relayed the information to Phyllis. Amanda didn’t seem bothered, but Phyllis looked suspicious. Phyllis said Jack delivered Summer, and they had a special connection, even though they weren’t biologically related. Amanda asked if Jack’s connection to Summer caused conflict between Phyllis and Nick. Phyllis said there were extenuating circumstances. Amanda felt like Phyllis was trying to warn her that this Devon’s bond with Dominic could cause trouble between Devon and Amanda. Phyllis said she wasn’t doing that. Amanda said she supported Devon being a big part of Dominic’s life. She saw this as something that had enriched Devon’s life, and by extension, hers. Amanda thought it was great that Phyllis and Jack were so close. She heard they were married once, and she asked what happened. Phyllis wasn’t sure the hotel lobby was the place to discuss it.

Phyllis and Amanda went to Society, and Billy was still there. He told Phyllis she just missed Nick. Phyllis asked Billy if he didn’t need to meet Lily, and he said that Lily was in California handling a minor crisis with Mattie, so he was free. Phyllis groaned because she couldn’t have an intimate conversation with Amanda with Billy here. Amanda suggested the three of them could have a drink, as long as Billy agreed to behave. He promised he would. Phyllis stepped away to take a call from her hotel manager. Billy and Amanda caught up. She said she was going to be opening her own legal practice with her sister. He was happy for her. She was glad things were going well for him. He told her they were having an issue with a story. ChancComm was following the money of a twenty year old who came into a huge influx of money. He wanted Amanda’s take on the case. Amanda said maybe this guy formed a connection with someone who left him an inheritance. She granted that it was a long shot though. He asked how difficult it was to change a will of someone who passed away. He knew she worked on a similar case when she first came to town. She said the person who’d have the easiest time changing a will was the attorney who drew up the will in the first place, though they’d face disbarment and jail time. Another way to do it was if someone came forward with a document saying the deceased changed their mind. Phyllis returned and asked what Billy and Amanda were talking about so intently.

Phyllis made it clear she wanted Billy to go, and he took the hint and left. Amanda got the feeling that Billy and Phyllis were intense together. She said they did crazy things, and she’d always regret the way they destroyed Jack. Phyllis said she held Jack close to her heart.

Billy went to work and called his P.I. and asked them to find out everything they could about Camilla Rhodes’ will. He wanted to find out if Ashland pulled off something shady to get her money.

At Crimson Lights, Adam overheard Sally talking with the person who’d be sewing the dress she designed for Victoria. He asked about it, and she told him that if Victoria wore the dress, the publicity would be good for Newman Media. She added that, if the dress was a hit, they could make a cheaper version and sell it to consumers. He told her she was taking quite a gamble with his money. She said this was an investment, not a gamble. She was sure that Victoria would love it and insist on wearing it. Adam said Victoria wouldn’t wear the dress if she knew it was from Sally. Sally was hoping Victoria would appreciate the design and craftsmanship and maybe respect Sally’s chutzpah. “You clearly don’t know my sister at all,” he replied. Sally said Adam might be the black sheep of the family, but you didn’t get to be the CEO of Newman Enterprises without occasionally fighting to get what you wanted. She hoped Victoria would see a bit of herself in Sally and admire the effort it took to get her the perfect dress. Adam said Sally might piss Victoria off. Sally was willing to take the risk. She knew there was no love lost between Victoria and Phyllis, so it might be a bonus that Phyllis despised Sally. Adam said Summer was Nick’s daughter, and Victoria was close to them both, so Victoria wouldn’t appreciate what Sally did to her niece. Sally didn’t think she hurt anyone, since Summer was at her dream job and marrying her dream guy.

Sally showed Adam the dress she designed and she asked for his opinion. He thought it was spectacular. He asked if Chloe helped, and she said no it was 100% her design. She hoped it’d be ready to show Victoria by tomorrow afternoon. He asked what if it wasn’t – would she fly to Tuscany and crash a destination wedding? She was going to do whatever it took. He thought she was playing with fire. She believed he liked that about her. He stammered that he never said that, but she told him he did. She said she was going to seize the day, like her namesake and create a huge buzz for the fashion platform in the process. He said that when she set her mind to something, she really committed to it.

Victoria went to the office and stared at the portrait.

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