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Sally: I would like to report a robbery.

Phyllis: Okay.

Sally: What is this? I’m telling you I was robbed in your hotel.

Phyllis: Are you sure it was a robbery?

Sally: Well, someone broke into my room and took everything I owned.

Phyllis: Mm, that’s not necessarily “theft.”

Sally: Okay, so then what else would it be? My possessions were stolen.

Phyllis: Okay. You know, like those suitcases right here, I mean, if somebody were to take off with those, that would be a robbery.

Sally: Wait, my suitcases.

Lauren: You know, that’s quite a jump — from my assistant to running a major fashion division.

Gloria: Oh, my, what a coincidence. I have a lot of experience, too. Fashion consultant at Jabot, worked with Chloe and Chelsea on their line a few years ago. Ah, and once upon a time, an “Extreme Catwalk” judge.

Gloria: Oh, but not such a jump for your former assistant, Sally Spectra.

Lauren: Okay, she had already been made an executive before I gave her that opportunity. Plus, she had a lot of recent fashion experience in LA.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] “Extreme Catwalk” judge. Thank you, fashion maven. We’re all very impressed, but there’s the other little matter of actually running a business.

Gloria: I’ve run several businesses, Michael — successfully, mind you.

Michael: Like what? Glo-worm?

Gloria: A coveted, loved restaurant.

Michael: It went up in flames.

Gloria: Not my fault.

Lauren: You know, I just do not think that this is a — a —

Gloria: Before you finish your sentence, please hear me out. I am talented, I am hard-working, I am creative, I am a natural. Oh, yes, and best of all, I won’t spend all of my time plotting behind your back. Come on, Lauren, please give me the job. You know I can do it. And I might say you could do worse. But you already have.

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