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By Suzanne

Monday, April 8, 2024: John asks Harris about his time at Bayview. Steve makes a confession to Kayla. Brady and Alex discuss their respective relationships with Theresa. Konstantin encounters Theresa, looking for an update on Alex. Maggie and Julie go over recent events regarding Konstantin.
Tuesday, April 9, 2024: Paulina and Abe prepare for her radioactive iodine treatment. Chanel and Johnny arrive at the Horton cabin for their honeymoon. Clyde orders Ava to retrieve an item hidden at the Bistro. Tripp and Wendy enjoy some exercise in the park. After a spat with Holly, EJ is confronted by Kristen about Stefan’s arrest.
Wednesday, April 10, 2024: Eric confronts Sloan about being late on rent. With Sarah’s support, Xander is determined to figure out who set him up. Everett reaches out to Marlena for help. Jada asks Stephanie if she still has feelings for Everett. Nicole rips into Kristen for her verbal attack on Holly.
Thursday, April 9, 2024: Holly and Tate enjoy a romantic picnic together. Steve apologizes to Kayla. Konstantin gives Maggie bad news. Stephanie questions Everett about why he won’t sign the divorce papers. Worried about Clyde, Ava turns to Harris for comfort.
Friday, April 12, 2024: Konstantin continues to charm Maggie. Xander tells Chad he wants an investigation into who framed him. While in isolation, Paulina gets snippy with Abe. Johnny and Chanel’s honeymoon is interrupted.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: Everett Threatens Stephanie!

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Monday, March 25
Maggie sees Konstantin in a new light. Sarah tries to persuade Xander that Konstantin is a changed man. John struggles with his past as Marlena and Steve support him. Kristen and Alex devise a plan to make Brady and Theresa jealous.

Tuesday, March 26
Wendy and Tripp come to terms regarding the next step in their relationship. Abe and Paulina talk about the recent miracles they experienced together. Brady confronts Alex about Kristen. Kristen plays Theresa carefully.

Wednesday, March 27
Holly prepares to confess the truth to Nicole about Tate and the drugs. Tate journals about his conflicted feelings for Holly. Marlena and Eric catch up as they touch on the dynamic between Sloan and Nicole. Stephanie and Everett discuss their current situation. Xander tells Harris he didn’t shoot him.

Thursday, March 28
It’s Jude’s christening day. Nicole and EJ have a rough start with Holly. Marlena tries to get John to forgive himself. Melinda reminds Leo to keep his mouth shut. Brady and Roman share a moment of support.

Friday, March 29
Jude’s christening continues. Will the truth about the baby switch be revealed? Holly makes a confession to Eric. Leo, Melinda, and Sloan make a pact. Theresa demands answers from Tate.

This week’s Spoilers from IMdB:

Monday, 3/11/24: Holly is shocked when Tate appears at her bedroom window. Abe and Paulina are visited by an angel. Rafe, Jada and Harris share disbelief and anger after learning Goldman was working for Clyde. John, Steve, and Ava team up again to find Tripp and Wendy.

Tuesday, 3/12/24: John, Steve and Ava try to save Tripp and Wendy’s lives as Rafe and Harris arrive on the scene. Ava offers to take care of Harris. Brady picks Sarah’s brain about comas. EJ and Nicole catch Tate with Holly.

Wednesday, 3/13/24: Paulina’s family members are overjoyed when her cardiology tests provide good news. Eli and Lani debate whether he should take a job offer in DC. Sarah offers Johnny and Chanel the Horton cabin for their honeymoon. Wendy asks Tripp about what was said when they were about to die. Steve continues to stew over his role in Clyde’s escape.

Thursday, 3/14/24: Harris awakens to find Ava taking care of him. John and Marlena meet Roman and Eric at the pub to discuss Jude’s upcoming christening. Maggie and Konstantin draw closer. John, Steve and Ava discuss how they feel about Clyde’s escape.

Friday, 3/15/24: Steve tells Marlena the story about his and John’s time in Aria. Konstantin tells John the story as well, hoping to cause him pain with the memories. With Nicole’s support, Holly pleads for EJ not to send Tate to jail. Harris confronts EJ about Stefan’s whereabouts. Brady and Theresa are harsh on Tate for getting himself arrested.

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DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: Did John Really Kill Catharina?

Episode Info from Google and Yahoo:

Monday, March 4: Abe and Lani gather around Paulina; Paulina tells Marlena she doesn’t want to die; Clyde gives Ava an ultimatum; Harris tells Rafe about Goldman; Everett opens up to Julie about Stephanie.

Tuesday, March 5: Ava tells Steve and John about Clyde’s order; Wendy and Tripp try to stay strong while in danger; Kate and Roman visit Lucas at a safe house; Stefan asks EJ for help.

Wednesday, March 6: Sarah supports a discouraged Xander. Brady pleads for Nicole to let him see Holly so she can help free Tate. Everett has an intense therapy session with Marlena. Chad and Roman help out Julie at the Horton house. Chad and Stephanie discuss where things stand with Everett.

Thursday, March 7: After catching up with Nicole, Eric surprises Holly with a visit. Theresa and Tate meet with Sloan, his new lawyer, and she has some bold ideas to help him. Leo babysits Jude for Sloan. Ava, Steve, and John make plans to save Tripp and Wendy.

Friday, March 8: The operation to break Clyde out of prison is put into action. Wendy and Tripp, still trapped, begin to run out of air… Lani’s and Chanel’s hearts break as Paulina’s condition worsens. Abe professes his love for Paulina.



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Monday, 2/26/24: Ava learns that Harris is finally awake; Marlena speaks with Everett about his past. Wendy has a panic attack, but Tripp is right there by her side.

Tuesday, 2/27/24: Everett tells Chad about Bobby; while Paulina rests, Kayla tells Abe and Chanel dreadful news.

Wednesday, 2/28/24: Theresa and Brady hope to make amends with Tate; Chad consoles a troubled Stephanie about Everett

Thursday, 2/29/24: Lani and Eli return to Salem to see Paulina; Stefan gets deadly orders from Clyde.

Next week: Eli and Lani stand vigil as Paulina fights for life, Clyde gives Ava an ultimatum, EverBobby confides in Julie, Stefan turns to EJ for help, Leo babysits for Sloan (?!) and a prison break is set in motion!

Arianne Zucker (Nicole) sues the show for sexual harassment.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: Konstantin Activates The Pawn!

Monday, January 1: Tate finds Holly a victim of tainted pills, and Nicole is devastated. Theresa is furious when Alex suggests that Tate may have played a role in Holly’s drug use. Stefan and Ava face questions from Harris about Holly. Paulina and Abe ring in the New Year together.

Tuesday, January 2: Tripp demands to know whether Ava is involved in the drug trade. EJ is determined to hold Tate accountable for Holly’s overdose. Clyde’s order has Ava and Stefan challenged. EJ has a confrontation with Stefan.

Wednesday, January 3: Chad and Julie talk about loss and the future. Sloan is forced to deal with Leo’s spending habit. Everett walks in on a heated argument between EJ and Stefan. Nicole sits vigil with Holly.

Thursday, January 4: Johnny and Chanel awaken from a New Year’s night of lovemaking. A depressed Brady receives advice from John. Tate won’t back down on his confession. Abe apologizes to Paulina about his inability to be intimate with her.

Friday, January 5: Xander asks Sarah to move in with him. Tripp has some disappointing news to share with Wendy as she packs to leave for China. Tate’s bail is revoked and everyone soon learns EJ was behind it. Theresa and Brady do their best to comfort and reassure their terrified son.

The Daytime Emmys Will Now Air December 15 on CBS.

Ashley Puzemis Previews Holly’s Thanksgiving

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: Will Xander and Sarah Reunite?

SOD 11/13/23

Blake Berris talks about his new role as Everett.

Li is murdered this week. Stefan finds Gabi holding a knife and kneeling over Li’s body. She swears she’s innocent and just found him that way, and she pulled the knife out. Tripp and Wendy arrive, so she is horrifed to find her brother dead. Tripp figures out he’s still alive, so they rush him to the hospital. Gabi worries more when the police show up, but Stefan tries to support her. Li dies and Wendy is blaming Gabi because of how she was messing with his emotions. Li was trying to get over his feelings for Gabi (even going to Marlena). Characters choose sides over whether Gabi is guilty or not. Stefan and Rafe are on one side against Tripp and Wendy.

Early Editions: Sloan learns something that is very upsetting. Paulina gets a request from Stefan. Holly is comforted by Tate. Leo has no escape from Jada.

David S. Lee plays Gil, Clyde’s man, who’s watching Ava.

Remington Hoffman (Li) has left the show.

Ashley Benson (ex-Abby) is expecting her first baby with her fiance.

Chad gets jealous when he sees Stephanie getting chummy with her ex, Everett, but he pretends not to be. When he finds out that it’s her ex, who was so mean to her in Seattle, he gets protective of her. Everett claims he knows that Stephanie has moved on, but Chad doesn’t believe it. Everett has a new job at The Spectator, making Chad more suspicious.

11/6 Gil is warned by Ava. 11/7 EJ gets a job offer from Paulina. 11/8 Days celebrates its 58th anniversary. Theresa is told by Alex that he wants her to head the new Bella magazine. Steve is wary of Konstantin. Maggie remembers Victor when the anniversary of their wedding 13th years ago occurs. Marlena and John celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary. 11/9 Dimitri gets help from the return of Rolf. EJ is cornered by Belle. 11/10 Sloan and Eric are found a baby by Melinda. Everett is told by Stephanie that he shouldn’t cross certain boundaries.

The changing way that Sarah treats Xander is given a Thumbs Down!

November preview includes the marriage of EJ and Nicole, and Eric and Sloan. Nicole gets into an accident that will put her and the baby in danger. Dimitri and Leo are trying to leave town, but they stop to help Nicole after causing her accident. Leo helps Nicole while Dimitri is supposed to take the baby to the hospital. Looming behind this is Sloan, who wants to adopt. Theresa tries to get Alex, but she still loves Brady. Gabi is in trouble, and Stefan tries to help. Although Harris and Ava have a good relationship, he’s joined the police, while she’s being dragged back into crime. They will have a Batman-Catwoman type of situation. We learn why Everett disappeared on Stephanie and why he’s back in town, and how he’ll cause trouble for her and Chad.

Photos of Lucas Adams (Tripp) in different outfits are featured.

What Will Happen: Melinda wishes she’d done things differently with Li. Konstantin makes Steve suspect him. Everett and Chad meet.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: Will Nicole Say “I Do?”

SOD 11/6/23

Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend Everett, from Seattle, shows up in town. She’s in shock because she thought he ghosted her. Everett is played by Blake Berris (ex-Nick). Of course, he didn’t really ghost her or stop loving her, which shocks her further. She has trouble believing his unusual story, so he kisses her. She tells him that she’s moved on, but she still has feelings for him.

Early Editions: Leo and Dimitri are put on the spot by Jada. John and Marlena celebrate their anniversary with sons Eric and Brady. EJ gets a new job. Melinda gets an earful from Wendy.

Whitley (Kim Coles) shows up again 10/31.

Holly and Johnny are told by Nicole and EJ that they’re getting married right away. Holly isn’t as enthusiastic about it as Johnny is. Chad happily agrees to perform the ceremony after EJ asks him to. EJ looks forward to a happy future with Nicole and their family.

10/30 Stefan and Gabi celebrate their winning. Li meets up with Marlena. 10/31 Halloween shenanigans… Abe and Paulina are watching a movie at home when Whitley shows up. Nicole, Sloan and Eric figure out that the dead are coming back to life again. 11/1 Stefan and Gabi make plans. 11/2 Li is asked by Gabi for a rescue. 11/3 Li is comforted by Wendy. Chad gets some romantic advice from Nicole.

Wally Kurth (Justin) is chosen as Performer of the Week for how he handled learning that Alex is not his biological son.

Bryan R. Dattilo (Lucas) is featured in an article.

A pictorial shows various characters in “costume” when it wasn’t Halloween.

What Will Happen: Eric gets a surprise. Li has therapy with Marlena. EJ is having an angry fit when Nicole sees him.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Spoilers: Who Stabbed Li?

Tyler Christopher (ex-Stefan) passed away. More

SOD 10/23/23

Emily O’Brien (Gwen/Theresa) talks about how she came to take over the role of Theresa.

Clyde makes sure that Tripp gets injured and uses that to manipulate Ava into taking over his drug organization. He had Susan kidnapped to try to get leverage on EJ, but that didn’t pan out.

Early Editions: Chad is put in an uncomfortable place by Steve. Stefan and Gabi proceed quickly with their plan. Wendy is hired by Rafe. Something not-so-nice surprises Theresa.

Brandon Barash (Stefan/Jake) and his wife had a son 9/15.

Clyde is seen starting 10/16. Lucas also shows up, 10/17.

Lucas runs into a dangerous patient, played by James Simenc.

Brandon Beemer has left show for now; Shawn left town to get help with his drinking problem.

Jen Lilley left the role of Theresa; Emily O’Brien is now playing the role.

Talia (Aketra Sevillian) will be leaving town 10/17 to go back to California.

Louise Sorel finished taping her scenes as Vivian, who went on the run. She’ll probably be back.

Chad really misses Abby on her birthday. He goes to visit her grave. Stephanie is hurt when Chad wants to go there alone. Chad wonders if he’s really ready for a serious relationship with Stephanie. He’s worried about losing her the same way he lost Abigail.

10/16 Xander’s plan to sue Sarah for full custody comes to her attention. 10/17 Talia is warned by Belle to stay away from her. 10/18 Marlena is told by Paulina that she needs her help. EJ hears Gabi and Stefan admit something. Dimitri is yelled at by Leo. 10/19 When Kristen finds out that Holly has a crush on Johnny, it shocks her. Tate does whatever he can to blow off his job. 10/20 Sloan gets bad news from Melinda. Konstantin is shown around town by Maggie.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for the episode where Xander learned that he was the father of Sarah’s baby, and Alex found out that Victor was his real father.

Kyle Lowder (Rex) is featured in an article about his new job as a news anchor in Reno, NV.

A short article talks about highlights this week from the show in years past.

What Will Happen: Holly tells Kristen about how she feels. Paulina asks Marlena for some aid. Chad and EJ reminisce about Abby. Rafe hires someone news.

Brandon Barash (Jake/Stefan), Vincent Irizarry (ex-Deimos), Chrishell Stause (Jordan), Kassie DePaiva (ex-Eve), Melissa Archer (ex-Serena) and many other soap stars appeared in “ABC Daytime: Back on Broadway” which was streamed Thursday, Feb. 11. You can see it now on  YouTube.

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