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The Bradys gather to celebrate Eric and Nicole's one year anniversary 7/19/21

Roman wants to hear from Eric and Nicole. Sami claims not to know what EJ is talking about as she’s not expecting anyone. EJ questions her checking the time and the door. Sami says it’s just how she feels about Nicole so she’s not thrilled to be here. Sami says she just wants time alone with Eric since it’s been so long since she’s seen him. EJ says Eric is looking well. Sami jokes that it’s because he’s been away from Nicole. EJ suggests it could be being back with her. Sami admits she’s glad he’s happy. EJ wants them to join the party. Sami points out that Nicole is about to make some teary toast so she wants to stay by the door in case she has to puke. EJ says that’s the Sami he knows he loves and kisses her. Nicole thanks everybody for coming on short notice to help her and Eric celebrate their one year anniversary. Nicole admits living apart for so long was a real challenge but she thanks everyone for their friendship and support. Nicole says she’s incredibly proud of Eric and his work that it makes her love and miss him so much more. Nicole says one year ago was the happiest day of her life and it means the world to her to share this happiness with people who love Eric as much as she does. Nicole remembers saying that no matter what life threw at them, they would get through it together and they have. Nicole and Eric say I love you and kiss. Eric talks about how good it is to be home with his wife, surrounded by family and friends. Eric admits their separation was very hard and he takes full responsibility as he knows what she went through with him being so far away. Eric tells Nicole that one year ago, he told her it took him 20 years to realize he can’t live without her and he never wants to live without her as they kiss. Eric calls for everyone to toast to Nicole, so they do. Xander then walks in to the Pub and declares that he wonders if Eric would feel the same way if he knew that while he was sweating away in Africa, she was screwing around behind his back, which shocks everyone but makes Sami smile. Eric asks what the hell he’s talking about. Xander informs Eric that Nicole cheated on him with another man. Roman asks what the hell he’s talking about. Philip questions what Xander is even doing here. Eric warns Xander to get out before he throws him out. Nicole argues that Xander just doesn’t want them to be happy and wants to ruin their night. Eric says he knows Xander is lying and tells him to leave. Roman says he will kick Xander out. Xander remarks that it’s decent of Eric to finally fly back in time for his one year anniversary when he knows for a fact that Nicole has been lonely.

Xander states that Eric must have a screw loose to leave a woman like that all alone for all this time. Eric doesn’t believe anything Xander is saying. Chloe asks Brady if Xander is drunk. Brady assures that Eric and Nicole love each other so no one will believe what Xander says. Sami comments that Eric looks like he’s been punched in the face. EJ feels that Sami sounds like she thinks Xander is right. Sami asks what motive Xander would have to show up lying. EJ is sure he has some scheme. Sami points out the look on Nicole’s face and says she looks scared of something. Nicole reminds Xander that Eric told him to leave. John, Roman, and Philip offer to get Xander to leave. Xander responds that the fun is just getting started. Roman tells Xander to get out before he makes a bigger ass of himself. Xander mocks that Eric might start drinking again when he tells him the name of the man who had sex with his wife. Nicole tells him to shut up and get out. Xander thinks Eric is curious. Eric repeats that he’s not believing a word Xander says. Xander then shouts out that it was him and that Nicole loved every minute of it, causing everyone to look back at Nicole.

Eric knows what Xander has done to Nicole in the past and says he’s the last man on earth that she would ever want to sleep with. Xander responds that he doesn’t know his wife as well as he thinks he does. Brady tells Xander that he’s had his fun. Xander warns Brady but Eric says he can handle him. Eric talks about Xander lusting after Nicole all these years and she’s never wanted him because she saw him as the pathetic loser he is. Xander brings up being there for Nicole on the night that Eric called and told her that he was staying in Africa for another three months. Xander talks about running in to Nicole at the Pub and then later they were drunk at the Salem Inn, but he knows Nicole remembers going up to his room for another drink and one thing led to another. Xander tells Eric that he was gone for a very long time and Nicole was very needy, so he was there for her in her hours of need. Eric argues that Nicole would never be alone in a room with him. Xander understands Eric might have a hard time believing him, so he suggests asking his sister Sami as she knows what happened. Eric questions what Sami has to do with this. Xander urges Sami to tell him.

Sami gives Xander an evil look 7/19/21

Xander remarks that Sami has been holding out on her whole family so he tells her to tell them what she knows. Sami tells him not to put her in the middle of this. Xander tells Sami not to play dumb since she said she saw he and Nicole going in to the Salem Inn. Eric asks Sami if that’s true. Sami tells Eric that Brady was in the hospital after Kristen ran him off the road so she had to go find John and Marlena at the Bistro. Marlena recalls seeing Sami outside the Salem Inn. Sami admits that before that happened, she saw Xander and Nicole going in to the Salem Inn together. Sami complains that Brady was in critical condition so that’s why she didn’t tell anyone. Sami adds that she didn’t know what happened when they went in and wanted to find out more before she made an issue out of it. Eric asks Nicole if she went to Xander’s room. Nicole says no and that Eric knows how upset she was when he told her that she was staying in Africa again. Nicole admits that she did come to the Pub and have too much to drink and that Xander happened to be there, but claims she got her own room to sleep it off. Xander says it was his room and there was no sleeping. Nicole denies that and adds that she told Sami the same thing when she came knocking on her door, pretending to be concerned about her. Sami claims she had to find out more information because she was really concerned for Eric and she’s sorry to say but the Salem Inn has no record of Nicole booking a room. Nicole argues that she already explained that she used her Basic Black corporate card and that’s why it’s not in her name. Sami claims she was just about to explain that to Eric. Sami thinks it’s odd that Nicole carries around the corporate receipt to show her as if she was covering her tracks. Brady tells Sami that he told Nicole to hold on to the receipt to reimburse the company. Brady questions why they are allowing Xander to hijack this party. Xander asks why Brady is covering for Nicole and if he still feels guilty about coming between her and Eric back in the day. Xander repeats that he and Nicole got drunk at the bar then went to his room to drink even more. Xander says that Nicole was furious at Eric for leaving her all alone for three more months and she wanted to get back at him by jumping in to bed with him. Xander tells Eric that Nicole just couldn’t get enough of him. Eric then knocks Xander down with a punch to the face. Brady and Philip hold Eric back. Xander gets that no man wants to hear how much his wife liked being with another man. Roman and John drag Xander out of the Pub as he yells for Eric to ask Nicole why she hired him at Basic Black, because it was the only way he’d keep quiet about them having sex. Eric pulls away from Brady and Philip to confront Nicole. Eric asks Nicole if it’s true that she gave Xander a job to keep him quiet about them.

Roman wants to wrap Eric’s hand from the punch. Roman argues that Xander is a troublemaker and just jealous that Nicole wants Eric and not him. Chloe comments to Brady that the night didn’t go as it was supposed to and asks how Xander thought he could get away with that. Chloe argues that Nicole would never let Xander touch her. Brady thinks back to revealing to Nicole that he overheard her and Xander then Nicole admitting the truth to him. Chloe then asks Brady if Nicole hired Xander to keep him quiet. Brady insists that Xander doesn’t want Nicole to be happy and would do anything to destroy her marriage. Brady declares he’s not going to let him get away with it and walks out of the Pub. Philip asks Chloe where Brady is going. Chloe responds that she doesn’t know, but she has to talk to Nicole so she walks away. John tells Marlena that he should’ve thrown Xander out before he opened his mouth. Marlena is not sure that would’ve changed anything, because you could see the pain that Nicole was in. John questions what she means. Marlena thinks Nicole would’ve vehemently denied it if it wasn’t true. Marlena feels Nicole wasn’t that convincing as she was worried and stammering. John states that Marlena is the shrink so he guesses her take is probably accurate. Marlena hopes that she’s wrong, but in this case, she thinks for once, Xander was telling the truth.

Xander goes home to the Horton house with his briefcase of cash. Xander remarks that Sami came through for him so he’s glad he didn’t kill her when Kristen wanted him to. Xander says he got a million for a few minutes of work. Xander decides to make sure the money is all there, in case Sami tried to cheat him.

EJ is suspicious of what Xander says 7/19/21

EJ questions Sami as to why she didn’t tell him that she suspected Nicole of cheating on Eric. Sami claims she didn’t want it to be true. Sami says she doesn’t like Nicole but Eric loves her so she didn’t want her to break his heart. Sami remarks that she can’t believe Nicole would cheat on someone as honorable as Eric. EJ brings up how distance can be a problem in any marriage and how he put that distance between them. Sami says EJ was going through Hell. EJ feels there’s no excuse for him pushing her away but he was afraid that he couldn’t be the husband she needed. Sami understands that now. EJ says he should’ve explained it at the time but wasn’t considering her feelings and there’s no excuse. Sami says they’ve been over this. EJ feels like going over it again in light of what Eric is going through. EJ thanks God that Sami stuck with him and didn’t turn to another man as he would’ve lost his mind…

Chloe comforts Nicole and insists that Eric won’t believe Xander but Nicole worries that Eric does. Chloe assures that Eric knows how much Nicole loves him. Eric comes over and asks Nicole to tell him the truth. Eric says that Nicole hates Xander so he asks why she would hire him at Basic Black. Chloe claims that it was because of her having to take a leave of absence and Brady was still recovering in the hospital while they knew Xander had corporate experience. Chloe insists that Nicole only brought Xander in because he knew all the operations of Gabi Chic and they thought it would give them a leg up on the competition. Sami interrupts to say that Nicole should tell Eric the whole story because she owes him that. Marlena tells Sami to mind her own business. Marlena thinks everybody should give Eric and Nicole some time to work this out on their own. Eric asks Nicole if she hired Xander because they were short handed or to shut him up. Nicole breaks down crying and says she’s so sorry. Eric then turns and storms out of the Pub. Chloe hugs Nicole as she asks what she has done. Roman and Marlena go out in search of Eric. Belle goes to John and asks how Nicole could do this to Eric. John guesses she was in a bad way with Eric being gone. Belle feels there is no excuse to sleep with the worst person on the planet as John hugs her. Sami tells EJ that she doesn’t want to stay and see Nicole try to get sympathy from everyone. EJ sees that Sami’s hate for Nicole hasn’t changed. Sami says she has lots of reasons. They prepare to leave but Nicole grabs Sami and accuses her of doing this.

Xander finishes counting his money and confirms it’s all there. Xander then shuts the briefcase as he hears someone coming. Brady enters and says he has some explaining to do. Brady asks Xander why he did it. Xander claims he just thought Eric deserved to know what kind of woman he married. Brady asks what Xander is getting out of this. Xander claims it was just for a laugh. Brady argues that Xander had Nicole under his thumb and then decided to destroy her marriage in the most hurtful and humiliating way, so he wants to know why he did it.

Sami argues that she didn’t make Nicole cheat on her husband. Nicole accuses Sami of putting Xander up to this. Sami questions Nicole blaming her for cheating on her husband. Sami brings up seeing Nicole and Xander go in to the Salem Inn together. Sami adds that Eric used to be a priest so he takes those vows seriously. Sami brings up the ten commandments and thou shall not commit adultery. Nicole mocks Sami quoting the bible and says to let she who is without sin cast the first stone as she then storms out of the Pub.

Eric storms home to his apartment and breaks down crying as he thinks back to Xander’s revelation and Nicole telling him the truth. Roman and Marlena knock on the door and say they are not leaving until they talk to him so he opens the door and Marlena hugs him.

Xander questions Brady giving him a hard time about Nicole, bringing up how Brady forced Nicole to leave town when she cheated on him with Eric. Brady admits he did that because he wanted Nicole and it was injury to his pride but it did nothing for him and Nicole and Eric found their way back to each other because they belong together. Brady feels it doesn’t make sense why Xander did what he did and questions why he would throw away his nice job at Basic Black. Brady assures that Xander is fired. Xander says he should’ve known. Brady says Xander had his fun and now he’s broke and unemployable, so he asks again why he did it. Brady doesn’t think Xander expected Nicole to go in to his arms after blowing up her marriage, so he guesses it’s money. Brady brings up Xander not moving since he came in. Brady then shoves Xander aside and sees the briefcase on the table. Brady guesses someone paid him off to ruin Eric and Nicole’s relationship, so he asks who the hell it was.

Belle 7/19/21

Chloe tells Philip that she still can’t wrap her head around the fact that Nicole actually slept with Xander. Philip wants to take her home but Chloe says she can’t go home without knowing that Brady is okay since she’s sure he went after Xander. Philip hopes Brady beats the crap out of Xander. Chloe brings up Brady recovering from a bad accident, so she’s afraid of what Xander might do. Chloe then rushes out of the Pub. John tells Sami that Roman and Marlena aren’t coming back so he and Belle are heading out. Belle is glad that Roman and Marlena are with Eric. Sami remarks that it was only a matter of time before something like this happens and says it shouldn’t have surprised anyone. Belle brings up that Nicole thought Sami had something to do with Xander tonight. Sami argues that Nicole thinks she’s behind everything. Sami suggests they just get out of here so she and EJ exit the Pub. Belle tells John that Sami couldn’t get out fast enough, so she wonders why. John asks if she really thinks that Sami had something to do with Xander outing Nicole. Belle confirms that since she hates Nicole and thinks she’s the worst thing to ever happen to Eric. John asks if Belle thinks Sami would set her own brother up to be humiliated. Belle believes that Sami thinks Eric will be better off and will get over it. Belle insists that she knows Sami and that she hates Nicole, so she saw a chance to make Nicole feel pain and took it. Belle bets Sami didn’t give a thought to how that would hurt Eric.

Eric tells Marlena and Roman that nothing they can say can make anything better since Nicole slept with Xander. Eric talks about flying 14 hours to be with Nicole on their anniversary and now he knows what their marriage means to her. Roman argues that it means a lot. Marlena brings up how they’ve always fought their way back together through rough spots, so she thinks that kind of love can get through anything. Eric shouts not this time. Eric thanks them for coming but says he really wants to be alone. Marlena says they are sorry, they love him, and are so proud of him as she hugs him. Marlena encourages that Eric will get through this and they will be there for whatever they can do. Roman adds that they love him as he hugs him. Eric knows they are there for him and he loves them too. Marlena tells him to call for anything as she and Roman then exit. Eric looks over a photo of he and Nicole and thinks back to when he first came home. Eric then tosses the photo and smashes it against the wall.

Philip cleans up at the Pub then stops to text Chloe, telling her to let him know if she needs help with Brady and that he will wait here as long as it takes.

Brady asks Xander who hired him to ruin his brother’s marriage. Xander says it’s none of his damn business. Xander brings up the look on Eric’s face when he told him he slept with his bride. Xander remarks that he would’ve done it for free just for that. Brady demands to know who hired him and how much he was paid. Chloe interrupts. Xander mocks her coming to rescue Brady but says she won’t be much help with a broken arm. Xander says he’s sorry they won’t be working together anymore. Xander asks Chloe to get Brady out of his sight as he walks out of the room. Chloe checks on Brady. Brady tells her that Xander pretty much admitted that he was paid off but wouldn’t give him a name. Chloe informs him that after he left, Nicole accused Sami of setting this up and they both know that Sami hates Nicole. Brady declares that if there’s one person who could get that kind of money quickly, it’s Samantha Brady-DiMera.

Sami and EJ go home. Sami says she tried to warn Eric about Nicole but he just wouldn’t listen. Sami adds that she never understood Eric being in love with her. EJ thought she wanted a night cap. Sami changed her mind and suggests a nice warm shower to help her calm down, if he would like to join her. EJ says he’s tempted but has a question first. EJ asks what Nicole meant by saying she without sin cast the first stone. Sami claims not to know and calls it crazy, suggesting she just found religion. EJ notes that it sounded like an accusation. EJ questions Sami as to what sin she has committed now.

Belle goes home with John and makes him tea as she asks how he’s doing. John responds that he can’t shake her theory that Sami is behind this. John says if Sami arranged for Eric to have to go through this, maybe it was because she thought Eric needed to know the truth. Belle argues that there is plenty of other ways he could’ve learned the truth and that Sami could’ve told him in private but what she did to him was cruel. John points out that Eric wouldn’t have believed her. Belle agrees and she doesn’t know that Sami and Xander were in cahoots but Nicole thinks so and her gut says she is right. Belle feels for some reason, Sami wanted to take Nicole down in public. Marlena then comes home with Roman. John asks how Eric is. Marlena admits he’s not good.

Eric picks up card 7/19/21

Eric picks up the anniversary card he got for Nicole and thinks back to being in bed with her when they first got married. Nicole then comes home in tears.

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