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SOD 9/25/23

Ridge and Eric proceed with their fashion battle, which seems like fun, but it’s serious for Eric. He wants to prove he can still hack it. He’s angry that he’s being forced out of his own company.

Early Edition: Taylor comforts Finn. RJ has to make a decision involving Eric. Someone hears a shocking secret when they eavesdrop.

Ratings, week of 8/21: 1.79.

Finn’s mom, Li (Naomi Matsuda) returns 9/20. Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) is seen 9/20 with Hope and Thomas.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) gave birth to her fourth son with husband Elan, name Valor James, in August.

Both Donna and Katie are on Eric’s side in the competition against Ridge. Unfortunately, this puts them opposite Brooke.

9/19 Hope is begged by Douglas. 9/20 Finn is told by Li to get rid of Sheila for good. 9/21 Douglas sets up a romantic surprise for his parents. 9/22 Something happens that we wouldn’t expect when Deacon and Sheila get together again.

The new story pitting Eric and Ridge together, and pairing Eric and RJ, is given a Thumbs Up! for storyline.

Jennifer Finnegan (ex-Bridget) is featured in an article.

Scott Clifton (Liam) and Don Diamont (Bill) are asked to give their choices on many things.

What Will Happen: Sheila and Finn each make a decision about the other. Douglas’ wish to united his parents touches Thomas’ heartstrings. Donna and Katie choose their sides before having it out with Brooke.

SOD 9/18/23

Early Editions: Someone plays Cupid that we wouldn’t expect. Thomas and Hope are caught by Brooke (what, again?). Donna, RJ and Eric have a secret together.

Ratings, week of 8/14: 1.83.

New Forrester intern Ginge (Oliver Bell) returns 9/14 in scenes with Brooke and RJ. Also back are models Petra (Alexis Gaube) and Riley Rasmussen (Sloane) 9/12.

A college student, Luna, arrives at Forrester with a secret (played by Lisa Yamada). (This sounds a lot like Emma’s story when she first arrived!)

Scott Clifton and other B&B stars talk about how much they loved Bob Barker, who recently passed away. He had appeared on the show a few times.

Carter is caught in the middle of a war between Eric and Ridge. Ridge is his good friend, but Eric gave him his big break (not to mention, forgave him after he stole his wife).

9/13 Someone unexpected is brought into the secret kept by Donna. 9/14 Before she sleeps with Thomas, Hope is honest with him about how she feels. 9/15 Thomas and Hope sleep together.

The show is given a Thumbs Down! for Deacon and Sheila’s romance, even though they’re entertaining because it doesn’t make too much sense that Deacon would risk so much for her.

Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and Tanner Novlan (Finn) are asked some random questions.

What Will Happen: Ridge worries about what Eric’s really up to. Katie asks Carter tough questions about Eric. Brooke is taken aback by Eric’s declaration.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Spoilers: Eric Vs. Ridge!



Monday, 9/4/23 the show is a re-run due to Labor Day.

SOD 9/11/23

Steffy spotted Sheila at her and Finn’s home last week, so this week, Sheila tries to run off, but Finn chases after Sheila, in order to confrot her. This event makes Steffy think twice about moving back in with Finn.

Early Editions: Carter and Katie have a major disagreement. The show adds a new young female character. Eric has Brooke give Ridge a warning.

Ratings, week of 8/7: 1.85.

Steffy leaves town with her kids for awhile (because the actress who plays her, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, started her maternity leave) and last airs 9/7.

RJ takes Eric’s side against the rest of his family. He tries to talk to his parents and Hope about Eric wanting to do a new line, but they dismiss the idea.

9/6 When Ridge tries to throw around some accusations, it makes Deacon nervous. 9/7 Steffy has had enough. Liam promises Wyatt something about Steffy. 9/8 RJ has a fight with Ridge.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for revisiting the Steffy-Liam romance.

Fall Preview: The show focuses on both sex and corporate intrigue. There will be a shocking new romance and the Forresters will become divided. Finn misses Steffy and the kids, who go overseas (away from Sheila). He still has to reckon with Liam and what will happen when Steffy returns. The generational divided between Eric and RJ, against Ridge and the others, will bring great emotion and changes in relationships. Thomas and Hope get steamy as they keep working on HFTF designs. Hope could grow to love Thomas as much as he loves her. Douglas may have a say in what happens, and they could finally become a family. Deacon and Sheila try to decided whether to give each other up or not. Li gets involved when Finn tries to deal with his feelings about Sheila. Finn just wants to concentrate on work, but Li wants him to get rid of Sheila and then go get his family back.

Because it’s September, actors are asked to talk about their past school life, including Joshua Hoffman (RJ).

What Will Happen: Sheila shows up where she’s not wanted. RJ tries to guage everyone’s feelings at Forrester about Eric’s work. As Steffy and Sheila go at it, Finn tries to get in the middle.

Soaps In Depth News and Spoilers

SOD 9/4/23

Last week, Hope asked Liam to forgive her and to try to put their family back together, but he can’t get past her kissing Thomas. Brooke is shocked to hear this. Still, Brooke asks her to end her relationship with Thomas. He arrives right at that point. Brooke leaves. Thomas supports Hope, but she isn’t sure what she wants. She’s still struggling with her emotions and doesn’t want to hurt him. She suggests a change in their relationship.

Early Editions: Deacon is targeted by Ridge. Wyatt and Ridge hear from Liam what he intends to do. Steffy faces possible danger.

Ratings, week of 7/31: 1.76.

RJ offers to help Eric this week with his new line. Eric has some trouble holding a pencil, so RJ helps him learn to draw with the computer.

8/28 Thomas does something no one would expect. 8/29 Carter and Ridge drop by to see Deacon unexpectedly, causing him and Sheila to freak out. 8/30 Finn and Steffy still try to patch up their marriage. 8/31 Deacon sits Sheila down and tries to talk sense into her. 9/1 Ridge is warned by Liam that they’re all still in danger from Sheila.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for making Sheila Finn’s mother and giving him more to do.

Various actors show photos of their summer vacations, including Don Diamont (Bill).

What Will Happen: Finn yells at Liam and accuses him of something. When Thomas spills his feelings, Hope isn’t sure what to do. Eric confides in RJ and asks him to keep it to himself.

John McCook (Eric) is featured in the short, one-page interview “Take Five.”

SOD 8/28/23

Everyone in Thomas’ family thinks that Hope should go back to Liam, even though Thomas loves her. He sets up a romantic for her, and they kiss. However, Hope tells him that Liam reminded her of her past with Thomas. He suggests that she go back to Liam and her family if that’s what she needs to do. Thomas, however, expects to be heartbroken, and Hope leaves him.

Early Editions: When someone they didn’t expect drops by, Sheila and Deacon freak out. Steffy decides what to do, and it isn’t easy. Eric tells R.J. a secret.

Ratings, week of 7/24: 1.89.

Finn begs Steffy to come home (this happened last week already).

8/21 Steffy wants to know the answers to her questions. Liam pleads with someone passionately. 8/22 RJ chooses a side. 8/23 When Liam admits how he feels, it shocks Steffy. 8/24 Ridge and Eric don’t communicate well, which results in an argument. 8/25 Finn and Steffy admit how they feel about each other.

The show is given another Thumbs Down! for Bill not having any story (particularly since Sheila got out of jail), and not being there for Liam.

There is a family-related trivia quiz for each of the shows.

What Will Happen: Eric works to protect his family history and to get more respect. Finn and Steffy meet up for the first time since that day at the beach. Liam and Hope decided something together.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Spoilers: Who Will Hope Choose? Spoilers!

SOD 8/14/23

Finn is left alone when Steffy takes the kids and moves to Eric’s house. Li advises him that these are the consequences with dealing with Sheila. Finn has feelings for his bio mom and doesn’t have anyone to discuss them with. Liam isn’t making things any better by always reminding Steffy that she and the kids aren’t safe. Finn confronts Liam about his manipulations. Steffy is refusing to speak to Finn at the moment.

Early Editions: Liam admits something surprising. Finn is put in his place by his mom, Li. Hope makes a stand that takes courage.

Ratings, week of 7/10: 1.84.

8/7 Steffy is supported by Liam. 8/9 Ridge gets very angry at Sheila. 8/10 Hope and Brooke each have a “vision” of what their future looks like, but they’re not at all the same. 8/11 Hope admits to RJ why she and Liam are no longer together. Finn makes it clear to someone what’s most important to him.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for Hope taking charge of her life, but a Thumbs Down! for the way she’s gone about it, which seems out of character.

What Will Happen: Finn is willing to own up to what he did. He warns Liam away from Steffy. Ridge finally finds out why Sheila was let out of prison.

Scott Clifton (Liam) is featured in the short, one page “Take Five” interview.

Soap actors won’t be affected if SAG-AFTRA goes on strike June 30.

NOTE: The Daytime Emmys have been postponed due to the WGA strike.

How the writer’s strike will affect the soaps!

Congratulations to the show for being nominated for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series, Writing, Directing, Music Direction and Composition, Lighting Direction, Technical Direction, Costume Design/Styling, and Hair Styling and Makeup, and for Best Original Song for “Everyone Dances”. Congratulations to Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) for her nomination for Lead Actress, to Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) for Lead Actor, to Krista Allen (Taylor) for Supporting Actress, to Henry Joseph Samiri (Douglas) for Younger Performer, and to Cassandra Creech (Grace) for Guest Performance. The full list of nominations can be found here!

From The 50th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be held on Friday, June 16 at 9 p.m. ET. The Creative Arts & Lifestyle Emmys are scheduled for the following day, Saturday, June 17, also at 9 p.m. ET. The main Daytime Emmy Awards will be shown live on CBS on Friday, June 16, starting at 9 p.m. ET, also streaming live on Paramount+. The Creative Arts Emmy Awards, they will be streaming live on and the Emmys streaming apps starting at 9 p.m. ET on Saturday, Jun 17.

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