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Recap written by Christine

Billy went home and told Lily that she wouldn’t believe why Victoria wanted to meet him. He revealed that Ashland was moving in with Victoria. Lily didn’t see that coming. Billy didn’t either, and he admitted his head almost exploded. Lily asked what about the kids. Billy said that Victoria wanted them to take the kids more often so they could get used to the situation. That wasn’t a problem for Billy, but he said that Lily would need to be on board with it as well. Lily said she loved the kids and would love to have them over as often as he and Victoria wanted. She thought it was kind of fast for Ashland to be moving in. he agreed, and he confided that Ashland only had a few months to live. He wasn’t sure Victoria understood what she was signing up for.

Billy had concerns about Victoria bringing Ashland into her home – she’d only met him a few months ago, the kids never met him, and he was dying. He didn’t see how she was going to handle this situation without the kids being negatively impacted. Lily conceded this wasn’t the perfect situation, but she thought they could all work together to make this as easy as possible for the kids. She said Victoria was a good mom who’d handle this responsibly. He thought Victoria was doing this partially so the deal didn’t fall through. Lily said Victoria wouldn’t do this if she wasn’t emotionally involved – caring for someone who was terminally ill was brutal. He tried to talk to Victoria about it, and she didn’t want to listen to him. Lily thought Billy had to learn to be okay with Victoria’s decision. He said his focus had to be on the kids. She thought Victoria’s focus was on the kids too. He thanked Lily for supporting him and for being okay with the kids staying with them. He was going to bring the kids over this evening if that was okay with her. That was fine. He had something to take care of, so he left.

At her home, Victoria introduced Ashland to her kids, stating that he was very special to her. Johnny asked if Ashland was Victoria’s friend. He said they were close friends, and he hoped he could be close friends with the kids too. Katie asked if Ashland liked playing dolls. He enthusiastically said he loved playing dolls. Victoria explained that Ashland would be staying with them and that they’d be spending more time at their dad’s place while Ashland was here. Ashland hoped that was okay. Johnny said that they liked their dad’s house, and he asked if they could go play. Victoria said yes, and the kids ran off. Ashland had some trouble breathing, and Victoria put her hand on his shoulder.

Ashland felt better now, but this attack was more constricted and painful than usual. He didn’t know what that meant, but he was glad the kids didn’t see it. He’d understand if she was having second thoughts about this arrangement. She said she wanted him with her. He didn’t think he deserved her. She felt lucky to spend as much time as she could with him.

Billy showed up and told Ashland he was here to get the kids. Ashland said they were upstairs with Victoria, and they’d be down soon. It was clear that Ashland and Billy were uncomfortable, but they chatted. Ashland asked if it bothered Billy that he was here. Billy said his main concern was Johnny and Katie. Ashland replied that everyone felt the same way. He mentioned that he was going to a similar situation with his son in the wake of the terrible situation at the park. He regretted overreacting. He was trying to protect Harrison, but he’d just frightened and confused him. Billy recognized that Ashland was in a tough spot. Ashland knew he needed to have an age appropriate talk with his son about his condition. He imagined Billy would have a similar talk with his kids, given that they’d see him in a weakened state. Billy admitted he didn’t understand why Ashland was here. Ashland stated that he and Victoria were involved in more than a business deal. “Let’s assume that she does have real feelings for you. You’re sick. You’re dying. So why would you do that to her?,” Billy asked.

Ashland acknowledged he was sick, but he said no one said anything about dying. Billy thought that was why Ashland was concerned for what Johnny and Katie would be going through if he lived there. “Not to mention what Victoria would be going through,” Billy added, as Victoria walked up behind him. She announced that she could speak for herself. She stood next to Ashland. Victoria thought she and Billy knew better than most that no one knew what the future held. She said she and Ashland wanted to go through whatever happened together and make each other happy in the meantime. He said he could be okay with that as long as everything was out in the open and no one took advantage of anyone else’s good nature. Ashland swore that was the last thing he’d ever do. He added that no one could cajole Victoria into everything. Billy was sorry for Ashland’s predicament, and he was glad to see Victoria happy as long as it lasted. He went to get his kids.

Jack entered the Abbott living room, and Kyle confided that he was worried about Harrison after what happened at the park. He knew Jack saw the video. Jack said it wasn’t Ashland’s best moment. Kyle felt that Ashland lost control and scared Harrison – the boy had been in tears afterward. Now Tara was thinking of restricting Ashland’s contact with Harrison. Jack felt that was an aggressive move, and he asked how Kyle felt. Noting that Kyle lost a parent, Jack asked if he wouldn’t give anything for more time with his mother. Kyle said he definitely would’ve, and he didn’t want to take that from Harrison, but he didn’t think the video conveyed just how scared Harrison was, due to the incident in the park. Jack didn’t think Ashland intended to scare Harrison – he’d been trying to shield him from a debilitating illness. Jack didn’t think you could expect a guy going through that much to handle things perfectly all the time. Kyle was just trying to do what was best for his son. Jack thought that if Kyle let that guide him, he’d make the right decision. Jack left. No one noticed that Tara had been hiding around the corner.

Tara walked in and reported that Harrison had another nightmare when he took his nap, and he couldn’t stop crying. Kyle wished they could get on the same page – if Ashland wasn’t willing to help them get Harrison through this… “Maybe my instincts were right, and I should fight to keep Ashland away from him,” Tara replied. Kyle wasn’t sure what the right decision was. Tara said she was confused too. She’d intended to have Ashland spend as much time with Harrison as he was able to. Kyle said he’d wanted that too. She used to think the diagnosis changed Ashland, but from what she saw in the park, he hadn’t accepted that he couldn’t control this. He suggested they could approach Ashland together and come to an understanding. She thought that part of what upset Ashland was seeing her, Kyle and Harrison together – it gave Ashland a glimpse of a future he wouldn’t be part of. “But this isn’t about us. It’s about our kid, his future, his happiness,” Kyle said. He vowed to do whatever he could to give Harrison the best life possible. Hearing that was reassuring to Tara. Kyle had to go to work, but when he came back, they could come up with a plan. He left, and she smiled.

Jack ran into Sally at Crimson Lights. She asked him to help her decide between whipped cream or foam, and he said neither. He told her that most decisions in life weren’t binary choices, and she noted that he was even turning whipped cream or foam into a life lesson. She asked if this was just friendly and slightly awkward banter or if he was building up to ask her out again. He asked her out tonight, and she accepted. She decided she didn’t need coffee after all, and she left. He ordered black coffee. Phyllis rounded the corner and he told her not to even start about Sally. She told him her new motto was live and let live. She no longer wanted to intervene in his life. He brusquely told her to consider treating the world at large the same way, because everyone was just trying to get through life, and nobody needed someone to add onto their problems. She replied that she didn’t want to add to anyone’s problems.

Amanda and Devon were at Crimson Lights, and she was on edge because Victor still hadn’t called, but Devon pointed out that they hadn’t been waiting that long. He was curious how Victor was going to approach things. Amanda was looking for a weakness in Sutton, and Victor was going to help her find something that would trap him and make him confess that he had her father killed. They went to her place, and she told him how she apologized to Victor for trying to implicate him in her father’s death. Victor had said he understood she was just doing her job. Devon asked if part of Amanda wondered if Victor had been telling the truth. Amanda stated that she’d been burned so often that she was always wondering that. She did think Victor was sincerely trying to help her though. Devon thought Amanda had every reason to believe Victor was sincere. He recalled her saying she and Victor connected over growing up without parents, and if the truth came out, it would clear Victor’s name too. She thought she trusted Victor, but she wasn’t sure she trusted herself. She hadn’t been the best judge of character.

Devon ran into Lily at Crimson Lights. She asked if there was news on Mariah. There wasn’t, but he thought Mariah just left because she was fed up with being hovered over. He mentioned that Amanda was waiting on information about a case. He said she’d been dealing with a lot of crazy stuff with her family, but nothing was slowing her down. He was sure that if the information was out there, Amanda would find it. Lily shared that she was going to be in a stepmom situation, because the kids were going to be living with her and Billy nearly full time, for the next few months. He asked how Victoria felt about it. She told him the whole story. She thought it was brave of Victoria to risk that kind of emotional pain. When Lily was diagnosed with cancer, she wondered who’d be there for her in the end, and Victoria was stepping up to be there for Ashland. She said Billy was worried about the kids and how fast things were moving, and he thought Victoria was doing this for the merger. Lily thought it was clear that Victoria and Ashland had a deep connection, and she didn’t think Billy understood that yet.

Lily and Billy were at home relaxing in the living room while the kids were settling into their rooms. Billy felt for Ashland, Tara’s deception, finding out your son wasn’t your biological son, knowing you may only have a few months to live and having to sell your company. It seemed like the only thing he was looking forward to was happiness with Victoria. Lily thought Ashland and Victoria deserved that. Billy agreed – he didn’t see it at first, but he did now. He said he had Lily to thank for his level of maturity. She agreed, and he grinned.

At Newman Media, Victor told Sutton that Amanda wanted to expose him as her father’s killer. Sutton figured that. It saddened him that she thought he was capable of that. He felt that she was a disappointment, and now she was wasting valuable time. Victor offered a guaranteed solution to the problem. Victor asked if Sutton was aware that Richard came to him for help searching for his child. Sutton didn’t know that. Victor explained that he pointed Richard in a direction to a private eye. Sutton wondered why Victor was telling him all this. Victor claimed he received a letter from Richard a few days before he died in that accident, the contents of which might be of interest to Sutton.

Victor said he found the letter while investigating Amanda’s claim that someone at Newman was responsible for Richard’s death. Sutton was curious what the letter said. Victor said Richard thanked him for his help, and he said that Sutton had warned him to discontinue the search for the child. Sutton said either Richard was lying, or Victor was. Victor noted that he and Sutton had always dealt with each other amicably. Victor was suggesting an arrangement. Later, Sutton paced around the office. Victor said he had no reason to lie, and he was no friend of Amanda’s – he was angry with her for investigating Newman and trying to defame him. He said he had the letter though, the contents of which were surely valuable to Sutton. Sutton asked Victor to cut to the chase. Victor said the letter could be Sutton’s for the right price.

Hey you! To what do I owe the pleasure,” Phyllis acted happy to see Tara when she walked in. Tara had a meeting with Lauren. Phyllis suggested they chat, so they went to the lounge. Phyllis gushed about how happy Summer was in Milan and showed Tara a picture. Phyllis said it worked out great for everyone except Kyle, who was suffering. Phyllis thought that Kyle and Summer would realize how much they loved and missed each other, and they’d reunite. Tara said it’d be great if Summer and Kyle could work it out, but Kyle seemed to have accepted Summer’s decision, and his bond with Harrison was growing. She couldn’t imagine him walking away, especially given Ashland’s deteriorating condition and the way Ashland was dealing with it. Phyllis saw the video. Tara said Ashland’s outburst frightened Harrison. Phyllis said Harrison would be fine, kids were resilient. Phyllis was taken aback when Tara said she and Kyle were talking about getting sole custody. Phyllis noted that Ashland was dying. At that moment, Lauren showed up. She realized she forgot something in the car, and she said she’d go get it, and she and Tara could meet at the restaurant.

Amanda walked in and saw Tara with Phyllis. Tara could tell Phyllis was a good mother, which entailed making the right choices for your kid, and sometimes those choices were hard and people got hurt. Tara was protective of her child, and she could sense Phyllis was too. “You would do anything for your child and so would I. Which means we’re really not that different from each other,” Tara said, then she walked away. Amanda asked what that was about. Phyllis said she and Tara were doing a tango, and Tara was leading. They were trying to out-nice each other, and Phyllis just lost it. Phyllis griped about the lengths Tara was going to to get her hooks into Kyle. Amanda read that Kyle was the biological father of Tara’s son. Phyllis said Tara wormed her way into the Abbott household, and she’d jumped from Ashland’s millions into the Abbotts millions. She needed Jack and Kyle to figure out what was going on. Amanda heard the Abbotts welcomed Tara and her son into the family. In a mocking saccharine tone, Phyllis said Tara was playing this sweet mom, this victim of her own circumstances. Phyllis though it was obvious that Tara was using Harrison. Amanda asked if Phyllis was sure about this. Not only was Phyllis sure, she stated that Billy could see it too. Amanda realized that was what Phyllis and Billy were talking about earlier. Phyllis thought the fact that she was working with Billy should tell Amanda something. Phyllis got choked up talking about how Tara preyed on Summer’s deepest insecurities and got her to fly to another continent for peace, so Tara could clear a path to Kyle. Amanda understood why Phyllis would want to intervene, but she asked if Phyllis thought about how that would affect Harrison. Phyllis said Harrison was an Abbott, and he’d want for nothing. Amanda said that if Phyllis’s plan was to run Tara out of town, she could take Harrison with her, and unless Kyle had a custody agreement, she could deny him access to Harrison. Phyllis dismissively said that would never happen – Jack and Kyle would fight it, especially if they knew Tara wasn’t the saint she pretended to be. Amanda asked Phyllis to be careful and make sure she was right about Tara’s agenda before she did something rash. Phyllis was adamant that she was right, and she vowed to take Tara down in a steady calculated way.

Phyllis changed the subject and asked how Amanda was doing. She knew that Naya confessed and that Amanda thought Sutton was guilty. Amanda said the latest shock was that her biggest ally in all this was Victor Newman. Phyllis briefly left to deal with a customer complaint. She returned and said this place would be great if she didn’t have to deal with the guests. Amanda said they were trying to find weaknesses in Sutton’s armor. Phyllis said Victor was very good at finding weaknesses in people. Sally walked over. She was all dressed up, and she told Phyllis that she and Jack were going out tonight. Phyllis took it in stride. She said Jack knew how she felt about him dating Sally, and it didn’t seem to matter to him, which was his choice. Sally wanted to believe Phyllis was sincere. Phyllis said that she was sincere. She said her opinion had no impact on Jack, but it did have an impact on her friendship with him, so she was out of it. She told Sally to do what she wanted.

Lauren and Tara returned, and Lauren asked if there was something going on between Tara and Phyllis. Tara said it was complicated because Summer left, which Tara pretended was the last thing she ever wanted. Tara said she thought she and Phyllis were kind of becoming friends. Lauren was one of Phyllis’s closest friends, and she was funny, caring and amazing. “Except when you get on her bad side,” Tara said. Lauren said when she and Tara got to know each other better, she might tell her some things about Phyllis.

Phyllis told Sally that she was fostering friendships. She gestured toward Tara and said Tara was happy to reciprocate. Sally said she was impressed by Phyllis’s new outlook, and she left. “Okay, what the hell was that?” Amanda asked. Phyllis didn’t know, but she was determined to find out what was going on between Sally and Tara. She knew it wasn’t a coincidence that Sally had Summer’s job and Tara had her man.

Tara went home, and she texted Kyle who came right back from the office. She’d made a decision about Harrison.

Victoria and Ashland were now home alone. She served wine, and he searched for words to tell her how happy and grateful he was. His attorney called. Ashland said he needed time to figure out his next move, then the call ended. He told Victoria that Tara filed for full custody of Harrison.

At Society, Sally told Jack she wasn’t sure this would happen again. He said he was a bit surprised too. She suggested they didn’t put pressure on themselves tonight – it didn’t have to be perfect. He told her she looked lovely, and she was glad they were doing this. Phyllis was walking by when she saw them through the window. She backtracked and pressed her face against the glass for a closer look.

Devon visited Amanda. There was no word from Victor yet, and she’d accepted that this would take longer than she thought. She said Sutton was smart, and Victor had to play it safe. Devon said Victor was no rookie.

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