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Y&R was renewed for four more years!

Scoops and Spoilers

Note: Dates mentioned may not be accurate due to pre-emptions.

This week’s Spoilers from DISH Network’s guide:

Monday, April 8, 2024: Victor sets a trap for Jordan; Victoria and Claire make a move; Audra sees a new side of Ashley.
Tuesday, April 9, 2024: Nikki breaks a promise to Victor; Daniel asks Lily for a second chance; the Abbotts work together to help Ashley.
Wednesday, April 10, 2024: Tucker travels outside of his comfort zone; Ashley engages in a power struggle.
Thursday, April 9, 2024: Sharon receives a distress call from Jack, Summer stands her ground with Kyle, and Ashley struggles in a new environment.
Friday, April 12, 2024: Family and friends gather to celebrate a special milestone for Victor and Nikki.

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Preview: A Night To Remember!

Soap Opera Digest is no longer printing a paper magazine, but you can still read their magazine online. Spoilers



Monday, 3/25/24 Victor is concerned about Nikki’s decision making; Lily settles unfinished business with Heather; Phyllis sounds an alarm for Danny and Christine.

Tuesday, 3/26/24 Jack and Traci worry about Ashley’s behavior; Danny romances Christine; Audra makes a shocking decision.

Wednesday, 3/27/24 Daniel and Heather worry about their future; Adam and Chelsea disagree on how to help Connor; Lily takes charge at the office.

Thursday, 3/28/24 Nikki confides in Jack; Sally gives Adam moral support; Diane and Kyle navigate their relationship at Jabot.

Friday, 3/29/24 Victor reveals a plan to distract Nikki from her problems; Claire catches the eye of someone new; Adam receives unsolicited advice from Nick.

B&B and Y&R will not air on Thursday, March 21st and Friday, March 22nd, due to the usual CBS coverage of March Madness basketball.

This week’s Spoilers from DISH Network’s guide:

Monday, 3/11/24: Victor backs Jordan into a corner; Phyllis commisserates with Nick; Nikki gives Claire a history lesson.

Tuesday, 3/12/24: Victor reveals his plan to retaliate against Jordan. Victoria comes to Claire’s defense. Nick makes a bold move.

Wednesday, 3/13/24: Devon stands his ground with Billy. Daniel receives a surprise visitor. Victor goes to great lengths to protect Nikki.

Thursday, 3/14/24: Ashley sends Tucker mixed signals. Daniel is forced to make a tough decision. Abby struggles to keep the peace.

Friday, 3/15/24: Chelsea and Adam work together to help Connor. Summer and Kyle are challenged as parents. Audra stands her ground with Tucker.

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Preview: Lily Gets a Shock!

This week’s Spoilers from TV Guide:

Monday, 3/4: Danny and Christine make a decision about their future, Chelsea and Adam receive information to help Conner, and Billy opens up about his past struggles.

Tuesday, 3/5: Nikki keeps a secret from Victor, Amanda addresses unfinished business, and Jordan assumes anew identity.

Wednesday, 3/6: Victor and Nikki receive disturbing news, Danny sets the record straight with Phyllis, and sparks fly between Summer and Chance.

Thursday, 3/7: Jack worries about Ashley’s state of mind, Devon makes a promise to Abby, and Jordan targets Victoria.

Friday, 3/8: Victor gives Jordan an ultimatum, Tucker sees a new side to Ashley, and Nikki makes a distress call to Jack.

Monday, 2/26/24: Jack and Traci discuss how to help Ashley, Tucker makes a promise to Audra, and Esther tries to keep the peace between Billy and Devon.

Tuesday, 2/27/24: Audra settles unfinished business with Ashley, Phyllis reconnects with Amanda, and Jack gives Tucker an ultimatum.

Wednesday, 2/28/24: Victor enlists Claire to set a trap for Jordan, Ashley has a troubling experience, and Victoria faces a tough decision.

Thursday, 2/29/24: Victor and Victoria reach an understanding about Claire, Devon stands his ground, and Chelsea loses patience with Adam.

Friday, 3/1/24: Victor makes a promise to Victoria, Nikki learns shocking news, and Phyllis has a proposition for Danny.

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Preview: Nikki Hits Rock Bottom!

Exclusive Preview: Sharon Case Previews Y&R’s Sharon-Centric Show

More from Soap Opera Digest

Monday, January 1st is a re-run for New Year’s Day, as usual…

Tuesday, January 2: Victor forces a truce between Nick and Adam; Victoria makes a shocking decisions; Nikki takes matters into her own hands.
Wednesday, January 3: Sharon confronts Summer about her feelings for Chance; Daniel and Heather clear the air; Danny gives Daniel unsolicited advice.
Thursday, January 4: Nikki fights the temptation to drink; Chance makes a confession to Sharon; Victoria works on her relationship with Claire.
Friday, January 5: Sharon relies on the past to make a decision about her future.

Thanksgiving episodes: Thursday’s show is a re-run, Friday is pre-empted for football.

Preview: Claire Sets a Trap for Nikki

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Nikki Falls Off the Wagon!

SOD 11/13/23

Adam arranges for a meeting at the GCAC with his family to try to show that Victor is incompetent. He has a psychiatrist sitting nearby to judge how Victor acts. Victor praises his sons for working well together at their new company, where they merged McCall Unlimited and Kirsten Inc (playing along that he’s losing it). Nick then tells Victor that Adam has set a trap for him to be diagnosed by a psychiatrist. Adam doesn’t know that Nick and Victor are working together. Victor demands to know if this is true, so Adam confesses that it is, but he wanted to help his dad. Of course, it doesn’t look that way. Victoria arrives and is also worried about Victor’s state of mind. Victor orders everyone to go back to his office. Nate and Nikki are also called there. Victor tells them all that there is a traitor there, and he has a test that will prove, finally, who it is.

Early Editions: Nate is defended by Mamie. Tucker is cornered by Jill. Nick has decisions to make. Victor’s family gets yet another ultimatum from him.

Ratings, week of 10/9: 2.06.

Gloria (Judith Chapman) returns this month to Genoa City.

Mattilyn R. Kravits plays Dr. George, who examines Aria 11/6.

Greg Rikaart returns as Kevin this month.

Devon and Lily meet up to talk about how Mamie wants Nate back in their company. Mamie wants the cousins to fix their relationship. Lily wonders if Mamie also wants Jill out, but she thinks that would be too disloyal. They discuss whether forgiving Nate would be a big risk.

11/6 Tessa and Mariah’s parenting is put to the test. Claire doesn’t tell Nikki something important. 11/7 Lily isn’t sure about Daniel’s feelings. Devon wonders if Nate is being honest. 11/8 Nina is thrown by something Chance says. Danny tries to keep Chris and Phyllis from fighting. 11/9 Chris tells Danny that he can’t cross a line. Nate and Victoria disagree. 11/10 Lily is wooed by Daniel. Summer and Sharon refuse to back down. Phyllis looks at her choices.

Bring back Heather is given a Thumbs Up!

November preview includes secrets from people with an agenda, warring factions and love. The Newmans don’t agree on how to handle Victor’s behavior lately. Victor will move into the next phase of his plan to test their loyalties. Those who don’t back Victor will be in big trouble. Nikki doesn’t approve of how he’s treating his children, so that will cause problems for their marriage. Claire gets more and more involved in Nikki’s life. The Abbotts join together to protect themselves from Tucker, so his plans fail. Ashley makes a decision about her and Tucker. Diane has this chance to prove herself to them all. Abby and Devon find themselves unexpectedly drawn into this war. Kyle tries to balance things between Audra and his family. Danny finds himself in the middle between Chris and Phyllis. Nina stays in town because of something that happens. Sharon and Summer each decide how they feel about Chance. Jill returns to town and wants to expose why Mamie is really there. Nick keeps having problems with how he feels about Sally and Adam. Chelsea comes back and wants to start things up with Billy. Heather and Daniel’s relationship bothers Lily. Lauren wants to know what happened in Singapore with Gloria and Michael. Tessa and Mariah work together. to get their daughter the best medical care.

Camryn Grimes (Mariah) is featured in an interview about her impending nuptials and baby.

Photos of Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) in different outfits are featured.

The Daytime Emmys Will Now Air December 15 on CBS.

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Preview: Chance Is Shot!

SOD 11/6/23

The show will be dedicating an entire episode to Christine (Lauralee Bell) and her life. She’s at a crossroads because her divorce from Paul has gone through. There will be many flashbacks as Chris walks around town. She runs into Phyllis, and they have a difficult conversation (as usual). She also chats with Lauren, Danny and then Nina (who shows up unexpectedly). Bell hopes to have stories that are about more than being a lawyer.

Early Editions: Nate gets some news that he didn’t expect. Summer confesses something. Danny keeps someone from fighting. Victor stuns everyone with what he decides.

Ratings, week of 10/2: 2.13.

Nina (Tricia Cast) visits 11/2, as noted above.

Doug Davidson (ex-Paul) had a very serious bout of COVID that he posted about on Instagram. No word yet on how he’s doing now.

Mamie tells Tucker that she wants out of their agreement. She doesn’t trust him any more, after chatting with Ashley. Tucker tries to persuade her to stay, so he can help her against Jill, but she knows she can face down Jill herself.

10/30 Jack has no more patience for Kyle. Nate gets an ultimatum from Mamie. Tucker is confronted by Ashley. 10/31 Kyle is manipulated by Audra. Ashley is forced to help out Jack, since she owes him. 11/1 Something makes Adam see the truth. Billy gets a surprise from Chelsea. Victoria and Nick are tested more by Victor. 11/3 Kyle gets shaken by Billy. Ashley confesses something. Victor has strong words for Nate.

Mamie’s get-together is this week’s “Editor’s Choice” storyline.

A pictorial shows various characters in “costume” when it wasn’t Halloween.

Billy Miller (ex-Billy) has passed away at the age of 43. More UPDATED: His mother posted a statement that cleared up any confusion about his death.

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Preview: Chelsea Returns!

SOD 10/23/23

Adam insists that Sally talk to him about whatever’s bothering her. She angrily admits that she’s having trouble getting him out of her heart.

Early Editions: Kyle is seduced by Audra. Chris confesses something. Nick refuses to be swayed. Victor promises something.

Ratings, week of 9/18: 2.08.

Nina (Tricia Cast) returns early next month.

Mark Grossman (Adam)’s real-life mom will be playing a patron in the background, in Crimson Lights 10/24 in a scene with Michael Damian (Danny) and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis).

Tucker and Phyllis play a game this week. She and Daniel celebrate her new job in Omega Sphere IT Department. Tucker chats with her in his suite, thinking he still has control over her, but she blackmails him with new information she found out (that he’s working with Mamie). She just wants a fresh start. The results of their game may be shocking.

10/16 Lily finds out what Heather has planned. Nick is tested by Victor. 10/17 Kyle hears a proposition from Audra. Billy and Jack try to trap someone. 10/18 Nate is given a clue by Mamie. Jack gets wise words from Traci. Diane goes too far. 10/19 Lily is surprised by Daniel. Victor speeds things up. 10/20 Jill tries to find out what Mamie has been up to. Nate is questioned by Devon. Victor plots to take down an old enemy.

The show is given a Thumbs Down! for the fact that Phyllis never learns from her mistakes.

A short article talks about highlights this week from the show in years past.

Congratulations to the show for being nominated for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series, Writing, Directing, Technical Direction/Camerawork and Video, Live Sound Mixing and Sound, Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design and Casting. Congratulations to Sharon Case (Sharon), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) for Lead Actress, to Peter Bergman (Jack) and Jason Thompson (Billy) for Lead Actor, and to Robert Newman (Ashland) for Guest Performance. The full list of nominations can be found here!

Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), Vincent Irizarry (ex-David), Eva La Rue (Celeste), Eden Riegel (ex-Heather), Chrishell Stause (ex-Bethany), Steve Burton (ex-Dylan) and many other soap stars appeared in “ABC Daytime: Back on Broadway” which was streamed Thursday, Feb. 11. You can see it now on YouTube. Spoilers


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