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For Memorial Day Monday, 5/29/23, General Hospital will be showing a re-run, but the other 3 soaps will have new episodes. More Info!

NOTE: The Daytime Emmys been postponed due to the WGA strike.

Haley Pullos was arrested for DUi!

How the writer’s strike will affect the soaps!

Congratulations to the show for being nominated for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series, Writing, Directing, Lighting Direction, Costume Design/Styling, and Hair Styling and Makeup, Casting, and for Best Original Song for “Darling, Darling”. Congratulations to Finola Hughes (Anna) for Lead Actress, to Maurice Benard (Sonny) for Lead Actor, to Sonya Eddy (Epiphany), Brook Kerr (Portia) and Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) for Supporting Actress, to Nicholas Chavez (Spencer), Chad Duell (Michael), Robert Gossett (Marshall) and Jon Lindstrom (Kevin/Ryan) for Supporting Actor, to Eden McCoy (Josslyn) for Younger Performer, and to Ally Mills (Heather) for Guest Performance. The full list of nominations can be found here!

SOD 6/5/23

Anna is invited to the reading of Victor’s will, which has a warning to her that “the truth will come out. Only Anna knows what this could mean…something to do with her days at the DVX. Anna has told all of her secrets to the WSB, but still, they could hurt her. She runs into Sonny at the Metro Court with Nina and has a great chat with him. Nina is very grateful to Anna for rescuring Liesl and saving Willow. Some WSB agents come in just then and arrest Anna. They won’t tell her why. Then something “very intense” happens that is a turn of events.

Cameron Mathison (Drew) is featured in a short interview.

Early Editions: Something good happens that causes Elizabeth to want to celebrate. Port also has something good happen to her, which she wasn’t expecting. Carly realizes something profound.

Ratings, week of 5/1: 1.45

Alan Brooks plays Mr. Brown, Victor’s lawyer, who is seen at the will reading.

Jeff Griggs plays Agent Hursley, a WSB agent. He previously plays Jude St. Clair on Days 95-96.

Gavin Houston returns as Portia’s brother, Zeke, next week.

Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) will be seen on video this week when his will is read.

The Daytime Emmy Awards are postponed, due to the WGA strike. They were originally going to air June 16th and 17th.

Curtis moves back home, which makes Portia think that maybe they have a chance. He’s staying in the guest room, and things are awkward. They’re waiting to hear about Trina’s DNA test, and Curtis also hasn’t told her about his kiss with Jordan.

5/29 is a re-run from October last year. 5/30 Diane has a plan in mind. Scout and Sam are visited by Drew. Carly and Sonny have a private chat. 5/31 Carly is questioned by Joss. Laura works on a theory. Stella is comforted by Marshall. 6/1 Jordan is disappointed but hides her feelings. Someone interrupts Ava and Austin. Laura gets a surprise from Valentin.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for the recent Sprina adventures.

Jackie Zeman’s life, and kind words from her co-stars, is the focus of an article.

Actors answer trivia quizzes about their characters, including Finola Hughes (Anna).

What Will Happen: The Quartermaines gather to see how Willow’s transplant goes, as well as her friends like Sasha. Spoilers!


From The 50th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be held on Friday, June 16 at 9 p.m. ET. The Creative Arts & Lifestyle Emmys are scheduled for the following day, Saturday, June 17, also at 9 p.m. ET. The main Daytime Emmy Awards will be shown live on CBS on Friday, June 16, starting at 9 p.m. ET, also streaming live on Paramount+. The Creative Arts Emmy Awards, they will be streaming live on and the Emmys streaming apps starting at 9 p.m. ET on Saturday, Jun 17.

SOD 5/15/23

The main story was that the Daytime Emmy nominations were revealed.

Willow ends up in the hospital again after she and Michael wed. TJ says that she has to go into isolation because her immune system is so compromised, and they need to have her in the hospital in case she needs immediate medical attention. Because Willow is missing her friends and family, she may soften towards Nina.

Early Editions: Someone makes an interesting offer to Esme. Rober asks someone for help in the romance department. Scott looks for answers.

Ratings, week of 4/10: 1.42.

Marcus Taggert (Réal Andrews) waits, along with Portia, to see if Trina will return safely.

Constance Towers (Helena) appeared in Valentin’s nightmares for two days and is gone again.

Sofia Mattsson (Sasha) is expecting her second child, due this month. It will be a girl. She and her husband had a boy in July of 2021.

Drew accuses Ned of being the one who turned him and Carly into the SEC. They get into a fight. Even though Drew punches Ned, Ned still denies it. After Drew calms down and realizes that it doesn’t make sense for Ned to have done that while Drew was out trying to rescue Liesl, to save Willow’s life. Drew is desperate to save himself and Carly.

5/8 A body is found. Dante has a serious conversation with Carly. Dex and Josslyn get some quick alone time. 5/9 Sam and Dante confer. Nina gets worried. Someone surprises Robert. 5/10 Portia gets a warning from Taggert. Maxie requires assistance. Tracy tells someone her theory. 5/11 Esme gets to the hospital quickly. Selina is sought out by Cody. Chase devotes himself to his job.

James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) is chosen as Performer of the Week.

Eden McCoy (Josslyn) and Laura Wright (Carly) are featured in an interview.

Actresses answer questions about being moms, including Emma Samms (Holly), Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Cynthia Watros (Nina).

What Will Happen: Laura faces something horrible. Nina promises something. Portia and Elizabeth can’t figure something out.

Tony Geary (Luke) speaks about Jackie Zeman’s Death

Jackie Zeman (Bobbie) passed away after a short battle with cancer.

Haley Pullos (Molly) had a small accident (she’s fine), but she will be temporarily replaced by actress Holiday Mia Kriegel.

Kelly Thiebaud (ex-Britt) left the show because she moved to London to be with her boyfriend. More Info

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Did Spencer Survive?

SOD 5/8/23

Valentin, Laura, Curtis and Drew are racing to stop Victor at his Greenland bunker as he prepares to kill most of the world. Victor is determined to see his plan come to fruition, so he can save the world. They’re not only trying to stop Victor but save Liesl, so she can save Willow. Meanwhile, they have to make sure that Victor’s captives are safe: Ac, Liesl, Spencer and Trina.

Early Editions: Portia is warned by Taggert. Ned is put in an uneasy position. Diane is asked for help by Sonny.

Ratings, week of 4/3: 1.41.

James Ryan’s stay as Ethan Lovett is over.

Carly thinks that Ned is the one who turned her and Drew in to the SEC. She can’t think of anyone else who knows that would be turn them in. She’s worried that the police will find Drew, who is trying to rescue Liesl and get her back in time to save Willow.

5/1 Ann sets her mind to do something. Holly does something extreme. Obrecht refuses to give in. 5/2 Dex and Josslyn have hope. Valentin offers something to someone. Robert gets in between people. 5/3 Brook Lynn and Tracy join forces. Laura does something bold. Michael starts to lose it. 5/4 Nina tries to make it so Sonny is distracted. Felicia sticks up for someone in her family. Trina and Spencer worry greatly.

The last day of the Nurses’ Ball was this week’s Editor’s Choice for best storyline.

Upcoming stories: This month we see what will happen as the result of Victor’s plotting, to both the Earth and his hostages. Scott gets the WSB involved, which might threaten the gang in Greenland and cause problems for Robert, Anna and Holly. Those three race to Greenland to prevent disaster. Felicia tries to get help from the WSB, using her personal influence. Meanwhile, someone or something from long ago threatens Laura. Michael gets proof against Sonny that could hurt him, but he has to decide whether he really wants to use it now. Nina realizes that her phone call was a mistake because it may prevent Drew from rescuing Liesl (and thus Willow). The Quartermaines find themselves in trouble because of Drew’s SEC problems (particularly Ned). Tracy has her own ideas of what to do, and she gets help from Brook Lynn. Tracy helped her with Chase getting his cop job back. Josslyn and Dex think that maybe they can be together and not in Sonny’s world, but things might prevent this from happening. Mason has dangerous work for Ava and Austin, just when they thought they were out of the woods. Sashas has to go back to Deception and face what happened to her there.

Maura West (Ava) looks back on her time on the show.

Actors from each show are quizzed about their castmates, including Wally Kurth (Ned), Katelyn MacMullen (Willow) and Cameron Mathison (Drew).

What Will Happen: Holly finds out something shocking. Dex has to try not to show what he’s been up to. Michael accuses someone. spoilers

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Michael and Willow’s Wedding Explodes!

SOD 5/1/23

Holly returns to town, with Felicia, Ethan and Tracy. She wants to take Victor down. Holly visits Robert, interrupting his moment with Diane (and making a triangle). Diane gets annoyed that he didn’t tell her what really happened with Holly, so she leaves. Holly tells Robert that she’s learned some of Victor’s plan, so she’s very worried.

Josh Swickard (Chase) is featured in a short interview about his story on the show.

Early Editions: Michael gets desperate. Valentin offers something with a last ditch effort. Holly decides to take action.

Ratings, week of 3/27: 1.44.

AnaSofia Bianchi now plays Charlotte. She started 4/10. Amelie McLain has left the role.

James Ryan now plays Ethan, Holly’s son.

Brick (Stephen A. Smith) is seen again this week with Dex as they prepare to meet with the Pikemans.

Willow and Michael prepare to get married. They try to put a positive on things, even though she’s dying. She’s happy that he invited Sonny. Someone arrives unexpectedly, bringing a plot twist.

4/24 Carly says goodbye to someone. Laura and Drew confer on what they’ve discovered. Brook Lynn and Olivia are stunned. 4/25 Nina tries to show her happy side. Sonny is not sure what to feel about something. Alexis gives someone a message. 4/26 Carly tries not to show that she’s worried. Dante and Chase support someone. Victor is happy to be victorious. 4/27 Nina does something huge. Dante tries to keep the peace. Ava is straight-forward with her comments (as always).

Various GH actors talk about the big celebrities they’ve worked with on the show.

What Will Happen: Something makes Felicia worry. Carly and Drew bond when they get emotional. Ned is angered by Valentin.

SOD 4/24/23

Emma Samms returns as Holly this week, starting 4/17 in Venezuela, where she’s gone to rescue Ethan and Felicia helps her out.

Spencer and Trina work together to stop Victor’s insane plans.

GH producer Nneka Garland passed away recently.

Early Editions: Willow and Michael prepare to get married. Nina is warned by Ava to be careful. The re-appearance of Holly causes problems.

Ratings, week of 3/20: 1.43.

Tracy (Jane Elliot) is set to return 4/18. Constance Towers returns as Helena May 8th and 9th.

Jacqueline Grace Lopez (Blaze) has left the show but may return.

Chase finds out this week from the review board whether he’ll get his badge back or not. Dante and Brook Lynn both speak up on his behalf. She is there when he finds out their decision.

4/17 Someone offers Alexis something that warms her heart. Diane and Robert fight. 4/18 Tracy returns. Something shakes up Alexis. Holly’s life is in peril. 4/19 Carly thinks about something that Ava said. Austin gets a nice comment from Elizabeth. Curtis realizes something important. 4/20 Ned tells Brook Lynn what he’s upset about. Curtis asks Drew for some assistance.

The show is given a Thumbs Up! for their tribute to Sonya Eddy (Epiphany).

Newcomers are featured in an article, including Tabyana Ali (Trina), Tanisha Harper (Jordan) and Evan Hofer (Dex).

What Will Happen: Josslyn and Carly offer their help to someone. Sonny is chewed out by Robert. Chase is grateful.

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Kristen Alderson, Mark Lawson, Bree Williamson, Bradford Anderson, Brandon Barash, Steve Burton, Anthony Geary, Finola Hughes, Hillary B. Smith, Laura Wright, Cameron Mathison, and many other soap stars appeared in “ABC Daytime: Back on Broadway” which was streamed Thursday, Feb. 11. You can see it now on  YouTube.

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