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Finn: Marry me. Right here. Right now.

Steffy: You wanna get married right now like… this is our wedding? Really?

Finn: Yeah, I mean, if you want it to be. Yes. I mean, let’s just do it with Hayes as our witness.

Steffy: He’s a baby, Finn.

Finn: I know he’s a baby, but he’s our baby. And with Kelly, we’re this beautiful little family. Steffy Forrester, you take this ring, and will you make that commitment to me?

Singer: I’m gonna take my time because I need to got to see through I’m done with the smoke and facing my own fears now, it’s all clear

Ellen: Looks really good.

[ Camera shutters ]

Singer: There’s nothing that reminds me of you

Ellen: Okay. Let’s do this. Beautiful. Great. Amazing. Yes. Gorgeous.

Brooke: Thank you so much for doing this. When the magazine asked me who I wanted to photograph me, of course, I said you, because you’re the absolute best.

Ellen: Oh, thank you.

Brooke: And I just wanna thank you so much for fitting me in. I know how in-demand you are.

Ellen: Oh, never too busy for a friend.

Brooke: Aww, thanks. I would have waited, you know, because only you can make me look so formidable.

Ellen: [ Chuckles ] No, come on. You’re such a legend and you’re gorgeous. Look at you.

Ridge: Couldn’t agree with you more. Hey, heard you were in the building. [ Speaks German ]

Ellen: Hello. Good. So good to see you again.

Ridge: [ Speaks German ]

Ellen: Oh, yes.

Brooke: Hey, Ellen agreed to do that article that I was telling you about.

Ridge: That article. Yeah, yeah. How is that going, good?

Brooke: Uh, good. Yeah, this is going good, I’m a little bit rusty, so Ellen is being really patient, but I’m kinda getting it. Yeah.

Ellen: Don’t listen to her. She–she still got it.

[ Laughter ]

Ridge: I know that better than anyone.

Ellen: Yeah. Oh? [ Laughs ] Look at that. A little flirty.

[ Camera shutters ]

[ Birds chirping ]

Carter: I just had to do that one last time.

Quinn: I’m so glad you did.

Paris: Well, can I put it in storage for now? Okay. Thank you. That’s great. I’ll see you soon. Moving company.

Zende: You found a new place?

Paris: Not yet. And the lease on Zoe’s place is up, so…

Zende: Is she really not coming back here?

Paris: Not any time soon. I mean, honestly, I can’t even blame her. Especially with the way things went down with Quinn and Carter? I’d be trying to put that behind me too. I know you’re friends with Carter, but honestly, what was–what was he thinking getting mixed up with Quinn? They hurt so many people.

Quinn: Eric really told you to throw my portrait away?

Carter: Uh-hmm. Yeah, he asked me to get rid of it, but I couldn’t.

Quinn: Hmm, aww, that’s very sweet of you. But haven’t I gotten you in enough trouble as it is?

Carter: [ Chuckles ] Don’t worry, Eric and Ridge will never see it.

Quinn: I’m not just talking about the portrait.

Carter: I know.

Quinn: Uh-hmm.

Carter: I wish there was a way around it, but Eric was very clear.

Quinn: Uh-hmm.

Carter: Uh-hmm. I can’t have anything to do with you, if I wanna be with him and the Forresters.

Quinn: That’s… totally understandable.

Carter: Uh-hmm. I am representing him in his divorce from you with, uh– it’s a major conflict of interest.

Quinn: [ Sighs ] Yes. It would be… if this would going to continue. But it’s not. But–

Carter: Uh-hmm.

Quinn: –If all we have is this moment… then I’m going to make the most of it.

Steffy: You are the craziest, most romantic man, Dr. Finnegan.

Finn: We have the rings. We have the witness. We can do it right here.

Steffy: Okay. I–

Finn: We can go to the beach.

Steffy: I know, baby. I adore you for thinking about this and I do think it’s really sweet. The way you love me and Hayes, and Kelly, it really melts my heart. But having a wedding right now, like getting married? You really wanna just race into this?

Paris: I had no idea what Eric would do when the truth came out. I knew the marriage would be over. But Carter is the COO of the company.

Zende: And he’s been a major player at Forrester for a long time. The family relies on him.

Paris: Making his betrayal even worse in a sense, right?

Zende: So much worse. Uh, this could have been devastating for him. I mean, he risked everything, Paris. I mean, it’s definitely gonna have an impact. The fact that he still works here, I mean, that must feel like a miracle in itself.

Paris: Yeah, well, I mean, that’s just a testament to what kind of man Eric is, he’s generosity.

Zende: Yeah, but he is no push-over. I mean, Carter did not get away with anything. Nobody, I mean, nobody is gonna feel the same way about him again. Or trust him this much.

Paris: Especially around Quinn.


Quinn: I have never believed in silver linings before, but… I don’t know, I feel so lucky to spend this time with you. You are such an honest man. You’re strong, smart… oh, you’re sexy. [ Chuckles ] You know, thanks to you, a part of me feels so free.

Carter: From what?

Quinn: What? From– [ Sighs ] From being Mrs. Eric Forrester. I’m always feeling like I can never measure up. Always scared that my marriage is about to end and that I’m just– just not good enough.

Carter: I’m sorry you felt that way.

Quinn: No, me too. You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about– about Eric, our marriage and what happened. Then I think about you… everything between us. Brooke made it seem so ugly and shameful. I’m sure Eric did too, but–

Carter: But it–it wasn’t. And even if we can’t see each other anymore, I won’t stop thinking about you. Or what we mean to each other.

[ Camera shutters ]

Ellen: What do you think?

[ Camera shutters ] Oh, you know, I want your eyes to meet across the room.

Ridge: You want me to look at my hot wife? I can do that, one of my favorite things to do.

Ellen: Yeah. But, you know what, actually instead of if you go in you look closer. Oh, come on.

Ridge: Okay. I’ll do one.

Ellen: Yes, please. Just like that. [ Laughs ] Oh, there you go. Yeah, don’t forget about me. I’m still here. Yes. [ Laughs ] Okay. And why don’t you do a little dip?

Brooke: [ Giggling ]

Ellen: Oh, my god. [ Laughs ] Amazing. Okay. Wonderful. I think you got that.

Brooke: We got it? Thank you so much. Yes.

Brooke: Oh, wow. See? Told you it wouldn’t take so long.

Ridge: Of course, because you and you’re a pro.

Ellen: Listen, you both are wonderful and it was so much fun and such a pleasure to work with you.

Brooke: Thank you again for doing this, really.

Ellen: Yes, and soon you have to come to Paris.

Brooke: Of course, we’d love that.

Ellen: Yeah. And visit some [ Indistinct ] We look at the Eiffel Tower.

Ridge: Sounds lovely.

Brooke: That would be amazing. But at least we got to catch up now here in Los Angeles.

Ellen: Yeah, exactly. And I’m so proud I got to be part of the Ridge and Brooke legacy.

Ridge: The legacy is [ Indistinct ]

Brooke: Oh, thank you. Your legacy, honey.

Ridge: [ Speaks German ]

Brooke: Oh, hug.

Ellen: So–so much fun.

Brooke: Thank you so much.

Ellen: Thank you and see you soon. Yeah. Mwah. Can you take this down?

[ Laughter ]

Steffy: I’m not saying no. But we really got to think about this, because we just had a baby and we are so busy right now. And we’re exhausted half the time plus, I haven’t even met your family. Look, we don’t have to rush into saying our vows, just yet. Unless there is a reason you don’t wanna have a big wedding. Is there?

Ridge: Well, it was fun, it was good to see Ellen.

Brooke: Oh, yeah, it was.

Ridge: Let me ask you something. This photo-shoot, you didn’t really tell me about that, did you?

Brooke: Uh, no. No, I didn’t actually.

Ridge: Uh-hmm. Why not?

Brooke: Uh, I had my reasons.

Ridge: Really? So this is gonna be a surprise or…

Brooke: Well, if I tell you, then it wouldn’t really be a surprise, would it? Anyway, it’s kind of a way to keep out marriage exciting.

Ridge: Uh-hmm.&

Brooke: By keeping you on your toes.

Ridge: I like being on my toes.

Brooke: Uh-hmm?

Ridge: Yeah.

Finn: No, of course not. You know, if it’s a– a big wedding that you want, that’s what you’ll have. Even if I have to wait. Look, I’m gonna ask you something and I want you to be honest with me. And also with yourself. You’re desired to hold off on our marriage. Does it have anything to do with Liam?

Quinn: Hmm, it’s happening again.

Carter: What?

Quinn: All the stress and anxiety that I’m feeling and then, I just– I look into your eyes and it just melts away. We can’t– we can’t be doing this. We can’t be together and… just for the record, I was the one who was at the door, but you’re the one who stopped me from leaving. It was you.

Carter: Yeah, it was me and I shouldn’t have. But I don’t regret it.

Quinn: No, there’s too much at stake. We need to move on. I will battle back like I always do. And you’re gonna rebuild your reputation and someday, you’re gonna see some beautifully young fit model walking down the halls of Forrester Creations and you’re gonna be like, “I’m gonna build a life with you.”

Carter: That’s not what I want.

Quinn: What do you want?

[ Phone beeps ]

Brooke: Oh, let’s see who that is. It’s Ellen. She said the editor loved the photos and she sent me a link to the article already. Wow. Okay.

Ridge: Wow.

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: She is so good. See, these pictures are incredible. But they’re all of you and me together, I thought this article is gonna be on you.

Brooke: Surprise. [ Laughs ] We’ve been through so much lately, Ridge, and I just thought this was a good way to honor our love and our relationship… and our legacy.

Ridge: Very sweet. Oh, here is the article. Oh, that’s not good. Brooke and Ridge Forrester, co-CEO’s of Forrester Creations, well, that’s a mistake. We gotta get that fixed. It won’t make Steffy very happy, will it?

Steffy: Is Liam the reason I–I don’t wanna rush into marriage? No.

Finn: Think about it, I don’t need you to answer it right away.

Steffy: I don’t need to think about it. It’s obvious.

Finn: Because I know how much you loved him, Steffy. And you have Kelly together.

Steffy: Yeah, he’s Kelly’s father. He’s always gonna be around, but I’m committed to you. We don’t need a piece of paper to validate that. I can’t wait to meet your family. Two parents who raised a young, successful doctor. I bet your father is– is handsome as you. [ Laughter ] So let’s do it, okay? But we invite your parents over because I need to meet them. The sooner, the better.

Quinn: If we keep doing this, I’m going to get the feeling that you are not quite done with me yet.

Carter: You might be right. But if anyone found out…

Quinn: No, no, no, no, no, no. That can’t happen. We don’t want that to happen again.

Carter: Okay. So what are we doing?

Quinn: I think we are living in the moment. Giving in to our impulses.

Carter: Uh-hmm. Or most reckless desires.

Quinn: Yeah.

Carter: We were doomed from the start.

Quinn: I just don’t want this to end.

Carter: And neither do I.

Quinn: [ Sighs ] You know, I know– I know I should be mourning the end of my marriage. I can’t help feeling so at peace. I’ve ruined so many lives like a human wrecking ball. And I don’t wanna do that to you. You keep trying to pull away and move on. I don’t wanna go. I just wanna stay… stay right here with you. But… I know that can’t happen. And this has to end. And eventually, we’re going to have our last kiss. And say… goodbye.

Carter: Just a kiss?

Quinn: Oh.

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