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By Suzanne


Rumors still persist that Trevor St. John will be replacing Steve Burton, but ABC says they have no current plans to replace him.

Chad Duell (Michael) and his new wife Courtney Hope (Sally, Y&R) are rumored to be splitting up (after fewer than 2 months of marriage). They’ve both deleted a lot of photos of each other on Instagram.


Along with the rumor of Steve Burton quitting/being fired because of refusing the vaccination, there’s the rumor that Trevor St. John (ex-Todd/Victor) will be taking either his place, Ingo Rademacher’s place (Jax) or Jeff Webber (Richard Dean Anderson) – who hasn’t been on the show since 1981. Perhaps they meant Steven Webber, who was last seen in 2013, played by Scott Reeves.

Another rumor is that soap vet Karla Mosley (ex-Maya, B&B; ex-Christina, GL; ex-Amanda, Y&R) will be playing a recast Jordan.


Ingo Rademacher (Jax) has been fired, according to Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) on Twitter. He has posted many offensive things on Instagram, including many anti-vaccination posts, calling fans “bigots” and “morons,” and calling a 4-star transgender general a “dude.”  It’s rumored that he’s not vaccinated and that GH is requiring proof of vaccination for all employees, so that may be another reason. It’s also rumored that others may be fired for the same reason, including Steve Burton (Jason), who did have COVID this year but was not vaccinated (note: you can still get COVID even if you’ve already had it).


Fans are saying on Twitter that Ingo Rademacher (Jax) is not vaccinated and thinks that COVID is a hoax. He blames the Chinese for COVID and has said racist things on Instagram about both African Americans and Chinese. He says them on Instagram Stories, so they don’t last too long, but fans get photos before they disappear.


There’s a rumor that Spencer is Ava’s stalker and that he’s now played by an older actor, Nicholas Alexander Chavez.

There’s also a rumor that Cameron Mathison (who’s joining the show) will be playing Drew Cain.


I heard from another soap actress that soap vet Kimberlin Brown (Rachel, PC; Sheila, B&B and Y&R; Paige, OLTL, et al.) will appear on “General Hospital” soon.

Peter isn’t really dead. Cyrus will kill someone.  Sonny and Nina will get married and have sex. Anna and Valentin will have sex, but she’ll get back in Finn eventually.  Sasha will die.

Sonny, Brick and Carly

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The Young and The Restless Rumors & Predictions

What People Are Saying and What We Think Might Happen

Kevin, Michael and Gloria

By Suzanne 4/7/24

There are rumors that CBS will pre-empted the show on Monday for the eclipse (which ABC is doing for GH), but only one newbie (not too reputable) site has said it so far, so it’s probably not true.

Courtney Hope (Sally) leaving is another rumor.

Nikki’s going to start drinking again (how many times is that?).

Claire is really in league with Jordan.

By Suzanne 12/12/21

Courtney Hope (Sally) and her new husband Chad Duell (Michael, GH) are rumored to be splitting up (after fewer than 2 months of marriage). They’ve both deleted a lot of photos of each other on Instagram.

Abby will divorce Chance, and Mariah will sue for custody of the baby.

By Suzanne 11/10/20

Chance (Danny Boaz) was shot, so the rumors have started that he’s being written out of the show. Other rumors have him paralyzed. It’s rumored that Chelsea shot Chance and framed Adam for it.

Boaz has posted, liked and retweeted some right-wing tweets, so some left-wing fans are objecting to him being on the show.  Camryn Grimes (Mariah) and Cait Fairbanks (Tessa) said some dismissive things on Twitter when Y&R tweeted fans to send some love to Chance (because of being shot). Graimes and Fairbanks are very left-wing. Anyway, this whole thing is another factor in why people are spreading the rumor that he might leave the show.

There are also rumors going around that Mark Grossman (Adam) is leaving and that Sally will be paired with Jack.

By Suzanne 6/17/20

Predictions: Gloria will return to cause trouble for her sons with some big news.  The Newmans will try to help Adam, but he’ll still be in denial until something drastic happens that makes him remember what happened when he was 11. Chelsea will stand by him.  Victoria and Victor will still have a strained relationship for awhile. Mariah and Theo grow closer. Billy hires Theo at Chancellor.

Rumors: Chadam wedding that may or may not come off. Gina Tognoni (ex-Phyllis) may return as another character. Hope was really the one who killed the man, not Adam. The show will skip ahead a few months when it returns. Kyle and Lola will reunite.  Summer and Kyle get married.  Lola tries to wreck the wedding day. Summer will get pregnant.  Theo will also cause trouble for Skyle. Things will turn passionate for Billy and Amanda.

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The Bold & Beautiful Rumors and Predictions


Days cast members

By Suzanne 9/28/23

I think Eric has more than just arthritis. I think he has Parkinson’s disease. First, there are the tremors. Secondly, he has forgotten some names. Thirdly, Ridge mentioned that Eric seemed “more lucid today.” Lastly, he has been a little cranky. Parkinson’s is a form of dementia and has those symptoms.

I think this new girl, Luna, may be Ridge’s daughter, or at least, Eric’s grand-daughter. She definitely has some ties to the Forresters. She’s going to break poor RJ’s heart.

RJ won’t tell Ridge or anyone else about Eric’s health because he promised he wouldn’t. They will have their fashion showdown. Eric will collapse after winning. Or it could be a tie. Hopefully he won’t die!

Ridge and Brooke happen to run into Deacon and Sheila having a date.

Hope will stand up for Deacon’s having a relationship with Sheila, after Deacon explains why he cares for Sheila and thinks she deserves a second chance. Thomas will be forced to agree, since he’s had so many second chances.

Finn will be tempted to kill Sheila, but instead, he’ll save her from death again.


By Suzanne 12/12/21

Courtney Hope (ex-Sally) and her new husband Chad Duell (Michael, GH) are rumored to be splitting up (after fewer than 2 months of marriage). They’ve both deleted a lot of photos of each other on Instagram.

Prediction: Brooke will choose Deacon over Ridge.

By Suzanne 6/17/21

Rumor has it that Justin is the one who killed Vinny and then framed Bill and Liam for it. He wants to take over Spencer Publications.

By Suzanne 10/12/20

A very good source tells me that Ally Mills (ex-Pam) was fired before her husband passed away.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason the show let Karla Mosley go is because they decided to focus on younger people (like Zoe and Zende).  Karla will be missed.

Prediction: Ridge and Brooke will break up again before the pandemic is over.

By Suzanne 6/14/20

Rumors: The  show will start back to work next week.

Brad Bell (showrunner) is being pressured by CBS to add more diversity to the cast.

The new rules because of COVID-19 may demand that actors don’t get too close to each other, no hugging, no kissing and no love scenes.

Wyatt may go darker and take Thomas’ place as the new bad boy.

Ridge might go back to Shauna for good.

By Suzanne 5/29/20

Predictions: Ridge will go back to Vegas and spend time with Shauna for a while. He’ll ask her to marry him.  Katie won’t forgive Bill, Brooke or Quinn any time soon. Wyatt won’t catch Sally and Penny hiding Flo’s body any time soon. Eventually, Flo will talk Sally into doing the right thing.  Sally will get out of going to jail because of temporary insanity. Flo and Wyatt won’t press charges. Sally will keep her job at Forrester. Penny will feel slighted and get revenge.  Maya will finally reveal why she and Rick split up. Pam and Charlie will wed. Zoe and Carter will date.

Rumors: Liam and Hope will continue to focus on their family. Someone may teach Flo a lesson about being Beth’s fake birth mom. Brooke may turn to Bill again for comfort. Thomas may get his revenge on Liam and Hope for stealing Douglas. The show may start shooting again in June. Billy Miller (ex-Drew, GH; ex-Billy, Y&R) will be cast as a new love interest for Steffy.

By Suzanne 3/7/20

After Thomas’ plans are revealed, he’ll be depressed. Someone will kill him, and there will be a long list of suspects: Liam, Hope, Steffy, Zoe, Ridge, and Brooke head the list.   The murderer will turn out to be either Zoe or Vinny.

Wyatt will fall in love with Sally all over again. Sally will get a treatment or cure, so she won’t really die.  Flo will be left out in the cold.

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