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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Marlena had gifts for Jude. They wondered if Eric was with him so Marlena decided to give Eric a call. Eric was in his bed and didn’t want to answer the phone. He texted her to say that he couldn’t meet her. Marlena believed something was wrong. Jada met with Steve at the pub. They talked about the station being short staffed since Harris went on leave. She mentioned how Harris went on leave again. Steve wondered where he and Ava went. Jada thought he was worried about something else. He admitted that he was worried about Stephanie. Lucas followed Ava and Harris to a rustic motel. He felt like a third wheel with Ava and Harris. Harris reminded him that they were there for Clyde. He brought him there as a lookout and a driver. Marlena and John went to Eric’s place. Eric cried and told them what happened with Sloan and Jude. They wanted to know what they could do for him. He wanted to be alone. Eric promised not to drink. Jada tried to downplay Everett’s arrest when Steve mentioned it. Since she and Stephanie were involved with Everett, he wanted to know if Everett was dangerous. She said he never hit her. Jada didn’t think he would hurt Stephanie. Steve felt like Jada wasn’t telling him something. She said that Stephanie what she’s getting into.

Lucas wondered why Harris didn’t call the FBI on Clyde. Harris wanted to deal with Clyde himself. He told Lucas that a librarian identified Goldman. Clyde was spotted in town too, but it was a false lead. Lucas wondered if Clyde had the local police in his pocket. Harris believed if they followed Goldman, they would find Clyde. Lucas thought they would turn him in when they find him. Harris confirmed he would do it. John and Marlena force Eric to eat at the town square. He wasn’t hungry so he didn’t eat. Marlena stopped Everett when he walked by. She told him they were looking for him. He said he was walking around. Marlena wanted him to tell her what happened. Everett got defensive as he said he didn’t remember punching Eric. He apologized to Eric for what he did. Everett thought he was hurting Sloan. Eric stormed off. Marlena asked Everett to let her help him. Steve called Ava and told her that he wanted to be involved in the search for Clyde. She was worried that Clyde would get tipped off if too many people were involved. He told her where Goldman could be. John comforted Eric in the square. He talked to Eric about having to give him and Sami up when they were young. John talked about staying in their lives and loving them. The pain went away over the years. Eric was glad John made the choice to stay in their lives, but he didn’t want to make Nicole’s life hard.

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