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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan went to see Melinda. He wanted to congratulate her on her new job. Melinda wasn’t sure how to react, but she warned him that she would make him pay if he tried to get rid of her the way he did EJ. At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie and Maggie talked about the house being quiet. While they were talking, Alex and Theresa came in. Alex told Bonnie and Maggie they were moving in the mansion together. Bonnie was shocked that they were moving in together since he didn’t tell Justin. Maggie was happy that Theresa was there. EJ asked Nicole to forgive him for not believing her about their son being alive. She said there was only one person to blame. Nicole thought Nicole couldn’t have done it herself. She thought someone helped Sloan. Rafe put out an APB on Sloan. Eric saw Sloan’s passport and keys on the desk. Rafe said that meant Sloan left in a hurry. He told Eric that the police would use their resources to find Sloan. Stefan asked Melinda about Li’s murder case. She read the evidence but let him know she wouldn’t be pushed around. Stefan said he wanted to bring his wife home. Melinda said it might take a long time to bring the case to the judge. She said she didn’t believe Gabi was innocent.

Theresa was shocked that Alex set up separate rooms for them at the Kiriakis mansion. He said he wasn’t ready to define what they were to each other. He took her to her room. While Bonnie talked to Maggie, she wondered what was going on between them. When Bonnie and Theresa were alone, she told Theresa about the money she saw when she first got involved with the Kiriakis’. She encouraged Theresa to go after what she wanted. Bonnie wondered if Theresa loved Alex as much as she loved the money. EJ told Nicole the only thing that mattered was getting their son back. She decided not to let her anger ruin the moment. Rafe and Eric went to the DiMera mansion to let EJ and Nicole know that Sloan was gone. Rafe wondered if Sloan had money to help her get away since she didn’t have her ID, passport, or credit cards. EJ didn’t think she had any help. He flashed back to his conversation with Sloan. Rafe said Sloan didn’t have the resources, but EJ did. He asked if EJ could reach out to his connections to find out who helped Sloan. EJ said he would make some calls. Nicole asked Eric if he wanted to say hi to Jude, but he didn’t want to wake him. Eric left the mansion. When Eric was outside of the mansion, Rafe asked if he was okay. Eric said Jude was where he was supposed to be. He said Jude felt like his son. Rafe said he would be there for him. EJ asked Nicole about her job. She said she would take maternity leave. He said he knew she loved her job but wanted her to take advantage of this time. She said she felt guilty after everything Eric lost. EJ said he felt bad for Eric, but Jude was their son. Rafe went to see Melinda to talk about Sloan. Melinda acted as if she didn’t know about the baby switch. Rafe reminded her that she helped arrange the adoption. He asked if he was supposed to believe she didn’t know anything about it. She asked if Sloan mentioned her name. He said she didn’t, but he needed to know if he could trust her to see it through. She said she was on the side of justice.

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