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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe went to Black Patch with a file on Clyde’s book. He hoped John and Steve could get the ISA to decode the book. Rafe thought the outside of the book could be the key to Gabi getting out of prison for Li’s murder. Rafe thought Gil was the one who killed Li. Harris arrived at the pub. Ava wanted to unbutton his uniform, but he wanted to focus on finding Clyde. She told him about her theory that Gil killed Li while looking for her. Ava didn’t want to tell Wendy and her family that Li died because of her. They had closure and she had to open up old wounds. Nicole wanted Eric to explain how Jude could be her son with EJ. EJ pretended to be concerned. Eric told them about Sloan’s confession. She remembered the first time she held Jude. She realized that she had a feeling he was her son. Eric looked at her with tears in her eyes. He apologized for everything, but Nicole told him that he was a victim too. She blamed Sloan for everything. Nicole wanted her arrested. EJ thought there was plenty of time for that. As Nicole went off about Sloan, Holly arrived. She found out that Jude was Nicole’s son. After Rafe left, Steve asked John how far they would go to get Clyde out of their lives. He wanted to take charge in Clyde’s case while John focused on Konstantin. John wondered if there was something he needed to know. Steve wanted to keep a close eye on Ava. He thought she was getting close to him. Steve thought about Ava’s threat to take care of Clyde permanently. John told him about Maggie’s plan to make it look like Konstantin was embezzling money from Titan.

Harris told Ava that his friends didn’t decode the book yet. He had encrypted images for her to send to him. As soon as Clyde opened the images, they would know his location. He wanted to check in with Rafe. Harris went to see Rafe and asked for more time off. Rafe couldn’t give it to him because they have a lot of cases. Harris said he was leaving anyway. Rafe wanted to know if he was okay, and he said he was. Rafe allowed him the time and hoped he had a job waiting for him when he got back. Holly loved the idea of Jude being her brother. She realized that Eric lost his son. Nicole apologized to Eric, but he said it wasn’t about him. He wanted them to be happy. Eric planned to make Sloan pay for what she did. Nicole asked him if he wanted to hold Jude before he left. Eric took him and promised to love him. He gave him back to Nicole. John warned Steve to be careful with Clyde. He wanted to see things through as partners and brothers. John said no one would drive a wedge between them. Nicole and Holly discussed her apology text. Holly didn’t mean the things she said to her. Nicole, Holly and EJ looked forward to their lives together. Rafe met with Eric outside of his apartment. He apologized for everything Sloan put him through. When they went inside, they saw the place was trashed. Everything was gone except the necklace Eric bought her for Mother’s Day. Eric realized that she left.

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