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Recap written by Eva

Finn and Alexis talk about Gregory since they got to their AA meeting early. Finn tells Alexis he drank half a bottle of bourbon the day his father died. Alexis tells Finn she wanted to take a drink when Chase told her that Gregory had died but she managed not to take a drink for now.

Diane reads Gregory’s will to Finn and Chase. Gregory makes Chase the executor of his will. Gregory divides his estate evenly between his two sons except for his library which he leaves to his granddaughter Violet.

Gregory wants to be cremated and his ashes are to be scattered by his favorite tree at the park. Gregory wants family and friends to have an open-air ceremony to remember him before his ashes are scattered.

Gregory names Alexis as his literary executor and she is happy to do it.

Willow encourages Drew to run for Congress.

Ava is angry with Nina because she didn’t run a story on an up-and-coming artist in Crimson Magazine like she promised to do to promote the exhibition of art at Ava’s gallery.

Maxie tells Nina that she shouldn’t antagonize Ava because Ava has killed people in the past. Nina tells Maxie she isn’t scared of Ava.

Alexis also confronts Ava and tells Ava that she will make sure she pays for having her disbarred.

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