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Of course, he’s not.

Oh, hey. Good morning, handsome. Mom. And good morning, little handsome. You’re here early. Yeah, I had to come and get Judy this morning because Dad and Kate, they watched him for us last night. Oh, that’s nice. You know, John and I would love to do that, too, if you ever have a need. Of course, thank you. Listen, I hate to cut this short, but I really need to get this little guy home, if that’s all right.

Of course it is. Okay, wonderful. Hey, wait a minute. Take off your glasses. Take them off.

What happened to you? Everett Lynch happened. I got here as fast as I could. Where’s Eric? He’s, uh, he’s with Jude. Look, you have to help me before he gets back. Help you with what? What’s going on? Last night, EJ gave me 24 hours to tell Eric that Jude is Nicole’s. What? That’s not all. He wants me to lie to Eric and tell him that EJ is the father.

Eric loses everything. Oh my god, including you. And the first thing Eric will do is have you arrested. No. First thing he’s going to do is give the baby back to Nicole. EJ is banking on that. But the two of you had a deal. Yeah, well that was before EJ saw Nicole kissing, drunk kissing Eric last night. So he thinks that it’s going to take a baby to Samantha’s marriage now.

He’s that insecure? He understands. The bond that Eric and Nicole share, just as much as I do. There has to be a way to stop him, I mean Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t, but Sloane, whatever you do, you have to promise me you will keep my name out of this. If, if EJ knows that I am involved in this, I will lose everything too.

Yes, keep me posted, I must, I must run. Oh, hey, there you are. Um, how are you doing? I’m fine. Me? It’s you I’m concerned about. I had no idea you were up. Oh, well. Hangovers end. Eventually. But you still haven’t told me how you’re doing. I’m fine. Why would you think otherwise? Well You haven’t seen this?

Mayor Price revealed via press release that she has relieved E. J. DiMera of his duties as district attorney. Effective immediately. E. J., honey, I, um, I’m so sorry.

We put in a call to get a comment from E. J. Yeah, no, we haven’t heard back yet. Um, look, I gotta get going. Stephanie just came in. Um, I’ll, yeah, no, I’ll, I’ll have her reach out. Okay, thanks. How’s the mayor? Ah, I think he got the article in this morning. Yeah, uh, online edition. Thanks for the scoop. Mm hmm.

Everett’s usually, uh, usually in by now. I haven’t heard from him. I doubt anyone’s heard from him, actually. Okay, I’ll just give him a call. Oh, don’t bother. I know where he is.

What do you mean you need more personal time, Harris? You’ve already used all your days, and we’re shorthanded as it is. Oh my God. Let me call you back. What is it? The assault arrest from last night at the small bar? It says here that the perp’s name is Robert Stein.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So I ever just hit Eric in the face? Out of the blue? Well, yes and no. We were at the small bar, celebrating. Leo was with us. And we had a few shots of tequila by this point, but everything was fine. And then Sloane Peterson showed up and, uh, she, uh, put us all to shame, started knocking him back like you wouldn’t believe.

What was she celebrating? Well, she seemed pretty miserable, so I doubt she was celebrating anything. Anyway, Eric showed up and tried to get her out of there, but she wasn’t interested, to put it mildly. And next thing we knew, Everett was in the middle of it, and Dex, Eric. I, I only can assume that he thought he was a threat.

Eric. E Eric, the ex priest Eric. Yeah, that Eric. How long did it take the police to get involved? It was chaos by the time that they showed up. And, I felt bad because I couldn’t give a statement before they threw the cuffs on Everett and just took him away. Yeah, but why would you feel bad? Because they, they didn’t have to arrest him.

He was only trying to help. You sure about that?

So, Sloane was drunk. I wish she had a few, alright. And you were trying to get her to go home. Right. Everett thought I was manhandling her. Tried to help her out, apparently. So I see. Listen, Mom, Sloane is home right now waiting for me, so I, uh Oh, wait. Yes, yes, yes. Go, go, go. Go, sweetheart. Thank you. Oh. One more thing, just please.

Please be careful, okay? Okay.

You’d lose everything? Excuse me? Maybe you missed the news this morning, but Mayor Price fired EJ and gave me back my old job as DA and you and I both know that EJ will be out for blood if he even has a hint that I was involved in this. Look, I told him I took care of all the paperwork, the adoption paperwork, myself.

Thanks. If you can just help me think. I have something to get out of this sticky corner.

Girl, EJ’s got you beat.

I can’t believe you were fired, EJ. My God, why didn’t you tell me? I thought it could wait. You weren’t exactly in any condition to process the news last night. I wasn’t in any condition to do much of anything. But it’s all behind you, yes? Today is a new day, and yesterday is but a memory.

Yes. Yes, but a memory. But now that I know that you are going through something, I feel terrible that I wasn’t there for you. Well, I feel terrible that I wasn’t there for you after your fight with Holly. I feel if I was around, you wouldn’t have felt the need to drink yourself into a stupor, and Eric wouldn’t have felt the need to play the hero.

So he decks Eric, the cops show up, and then he gives him the name Robert Stein. Yeah, they booked him as Everett Lynch because that’s what his ID says. But it says here that he kept insisting that he was Robert Stein. I mean, granted, he’d been drinking, but still. The plot thickens.

You know, maybe Dr. Evans can help. I mean, she is his therapist. Shouldn’t hurt to follow.

This is Dr. Evans. Good morning, it’s Jada Hunter. Oh, hi. Is everything alright? I’m here at the station and we have one of your patients in custody. We were hoping that maybe you can come down and see him. Oh, uh, yes, I’ve got some free time right now. Who is the patient? Well, that’s a bit tough to answer.

It’s Everett Lynch, but he insisted that he was Robert Stein. I’m afraid your information is a little out of date. I’m no longer seeing him. Oh, right. You know, Stephanie didn’t mention that you discharged him. No, no, that’s not right. I he quit. Against my advice. Oh, I see. Um, well do you think that you can still come and see him anyway?

This isn’t something we run into often, and any help you can give us, we would much appreciate it.

Sure I do.

This is no time to give up, Melinda. I wouldn’t give up if I knew how to help you, but what the hell can I do, Melinda? I mean, EJ is holding all the cards. Okay. I just cannot let him take. Jude, I Not only is he taking my precious little baby boy, but I’d be losing Eric. Forever. Yeah, well, you may have no choice.

Don’t say that, Melinda. There has to be something we haven’t thought of, like some Hail Mary pass. I can throw it. Look, Eric and Jude, they’re my life. I can’t lose them. Melinda, you’re all I have. Help me be EJ. Please. Help me.

EJ, uh, I’m sorry that you weren’t the one to come get me, but Eric was hardly a hero. I didn’t show up for work, so he was concerned. Well, you’re feeling better today, I hope. About your fight with Holly? No. Not really. I keep going over it in my head and her telling me that my babies that I didn’t have are lucky that they died.

Lucky not to have a mother like me.

I mean, that’s the worst thing that she could ever have said to me. I’m so sorry, Nicole. So yeah, you know, trying to dull the pain in the booze, man, it worked. It worked while I was wasted. But my God, I feel plenty of it now. What are you saying? Do you think Ever got what’s coming to him? I mean, yeah, I think there tends to be consequences when you go around punching people in the face.

I get that. Chad, he was reacting to what he thought was physical abuse.

Okay. Look, I wasn’t there, so whatever. I’ll just stay out of it. No, you weren’t there. Anyway, he’s going to be getting released soon. I called down to the station to see what his status was, and because I paid his bail, he will be released soon. You paid his bail? Why would you pay his bail? Because I wanted to.

Look, I know that Everett isn’t your favorite person. But, just so you know, he and I have been getting along really well lately.

What? What’s that look? Look, Steph, I care about you, okay? And even though we’re not together anymore, this guy has violent tendencies and Whoa, he doesn’t. He doesn’t. He’s not violent, Chad. What happened last night was an aberration. Sloan was making a scene and he overreacted, but that wasn’t him. All right, then who was it?


Look, there were some strange circumstances. All right, well, you know what? Forget the extenuating circumstances. He used violence in a situation that absolutely didn’t need it. How do you explain that? Ooooooooooooooo

Yeah. Hey! Nice to, uh, nice to see you. You look good. Like, really good. It’s nice to see me too. A little bit. Just, uh, just a little bit. What is going on with you? With me? Right now? Uh, a lot. But having you show up here definitely, uh, made your upside to be in. Throw it in the bucket, you know what I’m saying?

That’s enough. What’s enough? Turn around. I was just telling her that she looks good, you know? What, you don’t think she looks good? Turn around. Step back. Turn around. Okay.

Is that really necessary, Rafe? You read the report, Jada. All right. Let’s go. Dr. Evans is with me. Wow. Thanks for sticking up for me. No

word? You know how things can get down there. But Lacey’s getting out. Hey.

So how are you feeling after all that tequila last night? Huh. I’m okay. I, uh, I had a few cups of coffee. Oh yeah? Was that your hangover cure? Steady as a rock. Works every time. That’s dicey.

What about you? What about me? You seem a little off. Yeah. Am I wrong? No, you’re not wrong. Very perceptive. You feel like talking about it?

Nicole found, uh, found something the other day. It was um, notes on a story that Abby was working on before she died. Apparently she was on to Clyde Wesson’s drug operation before anybody else was. And now it has me, you know, has my head spinning, making me, um, making me think that maybe her death wasn’t the accident we all thought it was.

That maybe she, uh, wasn’t collateral damage when we collided after Belle. That maybe, maybe she was the target all along. Wow. Yeah. And knowing you Knowing me what? You think that you could have done something, right? That if you’d only known that you could have protected her. Something like that. Well, I will only say what I know that the people who love you have been saying since Abby’s death, and that is, Chad, you never could have predicted what would have happened.

And beating yourself up about it, Abigail would not want that. You know she won’t. All A distraction, something positive.

Well, there is something. We, uh, finally moved back into the horn house with Doug and Julie. That fast? That’s amazing. Yeah, Doug and Julie are very happy. And, uh, I went to the room. You know, mine and Abby’s room at the DiMera house and, um, where everything happened.

Closure? Yeah, maybe.

But now that, uh, Now that we’re back at the, at the, the Horton house, Me and the kids, I’m, uh, more sure than ever that that’s where I’m supposed to be.

It’s the only place I feel close to her.

Okay. So. Let’s start with the easy stuff. Name? Are we really doing this again? I went over all of this with your cops last night. Uh, Robert Stein Bobby.

Okay, so why do you insist on us calling you Robert Stein? Because that’s my name. Isn’t that what you keep telling me? Oh, except for the fact that you were going by Everett. Am I interrupting? Dr. Evans, please, come in. Everett? Is that alright? Dr. Evans? What are you doing here? Scratch that. What am I doing here?


What’s going on?

There you go.

I’m so sorry that you’re hurting, sweetheart. You’re welcome. But I know that in time, you and Holly will work things out. Oh, I don’t know. EJ, you didn’t hear her last night. Holly is a teenage girl. She’s strong willed, like her mother. She wanted to go to the prom, you said no, and so she lashed out. You have showered her with love.

When she was in that coma, you couldn’t be dragged away from her bedside. Yeah, and now I’m the one that’s keeping her from the guy she’s crazy about, so it’s a mixed bag. She will realize that in time, being kept away from Tate was in her best interests. You really think that? I have no doubt.

Nicole, you are the most amazing woman. I have ever known. You have battled to get where you are, but with that battle has made you a strong independent woman that Holly will learn to appreciate. And besides, any child would be lucky beyond measure to call you mother.

Thank you.

And I know that you will prove it again. I promise.

Sloane, promise me, promise that you will not take that little boy if you go on the run. I, I know you love him, but you just can’t do that. Don’t, don’t worry. I mean, maybe I can outrun the FBI, Exactly.

If I do what E. J. says, Maybe I get something out of it. If I admit that Jude’s Nicole’s. If I make Eric believe the lie that EJ’s the father. Uh, EJ helps me disappear. And you’ll be safe.

But, Eric would never know the truth. That he’s a father. Never. Unless No, Sloane, there is no unless. Well, sure there is. There I mean, I could just, I could just say to hell with it, you know? To hell with EJ and just Eric deserves to know the truth. Oh, come on! You, and you would double cross EJ? Sloane, use your head!

You cannot help Eric without screwing over EJ, meaning you’d be screwing yourself. Bottom line, you need to move and start your life over somewhere very far away, or Eric knows that he’s a daddy and your life is essentially over. That is the choice that you have to make.

Alright. First of all, how are you feeling? Um. Confused? I mean, last night, it’s a, it’s a blur. I have this massive headache. So, whatever this is, can we just get it done quickly? I’d really like to get out of here and start it on my hangover cure. Would you like some water? Thank you, but I’m, I’m fine there. I just, I’d like to go, but these things keep getting in the Why, why, why am I, why am I here?

Why am I here? For starters, what should I call you? Uh, my name? If it works, uh, we’re, we’re past Mr. Lynch, right? Do you, uh, remember going by Bobby? Or by Robert Stein. Ugh, this again. Um, no, I don’t. Why, why are you asking me this now?

Well, what’s even more important to me is to ask you why you attacked my son Eric.

Do you know why I had this photo printed up? It’s a lovely picture. It’s more than that. Look at Eric’s eyes. He is completely content. He’s more than content. He’s, he’s, He’s joyous. Because he’s, he has all he ever wanted. He, It finally all came together for him. All of it.

And when that was threatened, I paid good money to Leo to keep it that way. Sloane, I know all of that. Is that where I went wrong? You know, I Did I get involved with the blackmailing? Hey, hey, just take it easy on yourself, okay? You paid it because you were cornered. No. I paid it because I loved Eric. More than I’ve loved anybody in my whole life.

I didn’t want to lose him. I I still don’t want to lose him. I Eric! Let’s see if we have company. Yeah, I was um, I was in the neighborhood and I just couldn’t resist to say hello to my cat son. Hey there cutie pie. He was a little fussy when we left this morning, so it might not be a good time to visit.

Sure, of course, I’ll call first next time. In the meantime, I will get out of your hair. I’ll catch up next time, little guy. I’ll, um, let myself out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I guess it goes without saying.

We need to talk. Yes. Yes, we do.

You take such good care of me, EJ. Well, you’re my wife. My priority. Always. Yeah, but still. And you have your own headaches, and here I am making a scene, and you just lost your job. One that means a lot to you. I’ll survive. Still. EJ, I know you’re hiding your feelings for my sake, and please don’t. Now listen, that article didn’t say why Mayor Price fired you.

And she’s been unpredictable these days. So, if it’ll help. I could talk to Abe. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I don’t want you fighting my battles for me, sweetheart. I’m Oh, oh, oh, nope. But you have hit on something. The mayor’s unpredictability. That’s all coming from her health issues and the ill advised stunt on Smith Island.

I have heard rumblings from our fellow citizens about the questionable Salem leadership.

And I feel that this latest questionable act could be the final straw, one that sparks real change. What are you talking about? I’m going to initiate a recall petition, collect enough votes that will force a new election, one that I would win handily. You want to become mayor? Haha. EJ, you were busy as D. A.

This’ll double your workload, at least. True leaders delegate. And I see myself more as a figurehead. The face of the city. Except when it comes to making the rules, of course.

I’m going to call Rita. Let her know what I’m thinking. Get the ball rolling on logistics. Okay. What? I, I mean, this, this is I’m going to call Rita. Just so fast. Abrupt, don’t you think? When you know what you want, why procrastinate? Acting fast is the best way to get the outcome you desire. Give me the latest.

Eric too? And Melinda left. So now it’s only Eric and Sloane in the building. And the baby too, of course. Finally. So the next person you should see leaving that building is Sloane herself on her way to me. Stay put, and let me know when that happens.

You don’t remember. I don’t. The last thing that I remember is I was, I was downing a, a, a shot. Right as Eric walked into the bar. And he, you know, he was trying to get through to his, his wife. She was um, she was drinking quite a lot. And um, he kept pressing. She ignored him. Um. Um, they were, they were, they were yelling, and, and then

And then?

And then everything went blank.

I’m sorry, I wish I could tell you more, but I, uh

Everett. I’m sorry. You know, we have a few pieces of information. We will just start putting those together. Got news for you, Lynch. Those are for the poster. Okay, then, uh, you get these off me. I’d like to go home.


Charger go through? Mm hmm. Bail posted 20 minutes ago, so I should be hearing from Everett soon. Unless he just shows up here first. You think he’s gonna, you think he’s gonna come here after spending the night in jail? Oh, Everett’s a pro. He knows he has a job to do. Just like he knows, he owes Eric a serious apology, especially if they’re going to be working together.

Uh, look, can, um, can you do me a favor? I, uh, I just got off the phone with Julie, and, um, I have to go pick up Thomas from soccer practice. The dad that was supposed to do it can’t make it, and, uh, Julie’s got a doctor’s appointment. Oh, yeah. Sure, you want me to keep an eye on the joint till Everett rolls in?

Yeah, please do. And, um, have him call me when he gets in, will ya? Definitely. Okay. Thank you.

What happened with Rita? Oh, I think she’s secretly excited about working for the future mayor, though she is concerned about the extra workload, of course. Well, I’m sure she is. Hmm. And on that note, I’m gonna go to the office myself and let you start working on your new endeavor.

You are leaving. Well, uh, I didn’t get much done yesterday and God knows I could use the distraction, so I will see you later. No, don’t. Why not?

How’s that? You glad you want to talk? You know, one of the most important things is communication in the marriage. Yeah, for sure.

So is it me? I mean, have I done something to upset you? No, you? God, no. No, it’s What?

It’s time I tell you the truth. About Jude. What about our son? That’s the case. Not our son.

Everett, do you want to go back to my office and finish our conversation? Right now? Thank you, Dr. Evans, but it’s been a long day. Sergeant, the desk. Your stuff. So, what did he tell you? Did he remember hitting Eric? No. No. All he remembers is Eric trying to get Sloan to leave and go home. And after that, it’s all blank.

Could he have been so drunk he blacked it all out? No, I don’t think so. I don’t think drinking had anything to do with what happened last night. But I’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s going on with him.

I know you’re worried about me. But I think I’ll go stir crazy sitting around here with nothing to do. Well, there’s nothing to do. And then there’s nothing to do. Huh. Okay. And the distinction? Well, it’s not really nothing when we’re doing it together. Look, you’ve had a rough night. I’ve had a rough night.

So why don’t we just Have a relaxing healing day here. Hmm? No plans, just the two of us on this side of the door. What do you say? Doing nothing. Just being. Sounds tempting. Hmm. Actually, it sounds divine. I do love taking care of you, Nicole. And I love being taken care of. Uh, I know I’ve told you this before, but how I wish that I was the one who tracked you down and found you while you were trying to drown your sorrows and bring you back here instead of Eric.

But it’s the two of us now. Better? You have no idea how much. Sloane, sweetheart, listen, I know Jude isn’t ours biologically. And I know you’re still mourning the loss of our child, but Just, Eric, stop. Okay? Just stop. Stop. Jude is not ours. He’s not ours biologically or otherwise. Is that why Melinda was here?

I mean, is there something wrong with the adoption? No! No. No. Okay, then. What is it? I’m confused, Sloan. What? And I’m trying to tell you. I’m trying to tell you what I did. With Jude.

Sloan, you’ve had a lot to drink last night. Let me get you some water, okay? He’s Nicole and EJ’s. Nicole and EJ’s baby, he didn’t die. He’s very much alive. And he’s right there.

Jude is their child. I’m

straight to voicemail, again.

Everett, it’s Stephanie. And I’m starting to worry. Where are you?

So you know why Everett was acting so strangely? Why he attacked Eric completely unprovoked? Look, you both understand that I can’t give you any information based on, on prior psychiatric sessions that I’ve had with him. I can only give you insights that I’ve gained from, from right here during the interview.

In this room, because I am no longer his psychiatrist. Understood. And since I am not his psychiatrist, I, I’m not privy to his latest thoughts or feelings.

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