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Jack: Traci, let me know if or when you hear from ashley. Uh, I’ll do the same. I love you.

Devon: Oh, my gosh, I’m so sorry. Jack, it’s my bad. It’s my bad, my head was in another place.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no. Same could be said for me.

Devon: Work stuff for you?

Jack: Uh, mostly family.

Devon: Oh, man, I hope everybody’s okay.

Jack: Yeah, I do too. But that’s not anything I wanna burden you with. Tell me about you. What’s got you so distracted?

Devon: It’s work, mostly. It’s, uh, I’m sure you know with family businesses, the lines can get a little blurry.

Jack: Yeah, tell me about it. So, is my brother billy making it easier or harder for you over at chancellor-winters?

Devon: Uh, he’S… uh, exciting is the word. He’s making it exciting.

Jack: Well now, there is an evasive answer. What’s billy done now?

Cole: Jordan.

Jordan: Victor. I can’t even get a good night’s sleep.

Cole: What the hell’s going on?

Jordan: Cole? Cole, oh, my god. Oh, my god, cole, you’ve gotta get me out of here.

Nate: Never too early for ice cream. I hope you like vanilla.

Audra: What if I don’t?

Nate: Uh, then I will have to re-evaluate this whole friendship. ‘Cause it is the benchmark by which I judge all other flavors.

Audra: You know what, I couldn’t agree more. If you can’t make a good vanilla, don’t try to sell me on your chocolate chip or cookies and cream.

Nate: Hm, that is a relief.

Audra: Tell the truth. It’s the only flavor they had, isn’t it?

Nate: You got me.

Audra: So much for you needing to get back to work.

Nate: I don’t think the company would go belly-up if I’m a few minutes late.

Audra: Quite a different work ethic from when you were burning the midnight oil at newman.

Nate: I had, um, other reasons to work late then.

Audra: Yeah, I am aware.

Nate: Mind if I ask you something?

Audra: Shoot.

Nate: Before you said, um, you tried to bring out my bad side, when you should’ve focused on the good.

Audra: Yes, if I’d been paying attention, I would’ve seen the guy who gives it to me straight about tucker and buys me ice cream before lunch.

Nate: I kind of got the sense that you were– you were talking about yourself too. That you’re not this bad girl you pretend to be. You’re ready to explore your– your good side.

Audra: That’s quite a stretch.

Nate: So, there was no self-reflection in what you said.

Audra: Ah, I did all my soul-searching in my 20s. I indulged in self-improvement. Okay, I’m done with all that. I find it boring.

Nate: Okay. You sure about that?

[ Both laugh ]

Ashley: Really? You’re just gonna leave me hanging here? I know you’re wounded. And not just by me, but by audra. I saw her with nate. Boy, she’s moved on fast, huh? Here you are, feeling raw and vulnerable. Once again, I’m telling you, I’m wrong, I’m sorry. Please forgive me, please trust me. Please trust in us. Because no matter how many years go by, we always come back to each other. It’s the realest thing we’ve ever known. Come with me. Let me remind you how absolutely incredible we are together. With cascade platinum plus,

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Devon: I think it’s pretty funny that you assume that billy already did something.

Jack: Oh, I didn’t mean to assume the worst. Billy has a unique management style. Sometimes, it ruffles some feathers.

Devon: Oh, well, that’s nice to hear it’s not just with me because we haven’t really been seeing eye to eye on a lot of things lately.

Jack: Dare I ask what?

Devon: It’s mainly the fact that he’s convinced jill to hand over all of her power to him that’s caused a bit of tension in the office.

Jack: Wait, jill has ceded control to billy?

Devon: She sure has. Without telling me or lily before she did it, too. And billy says it was all her idea, which I’m not buying.

Jack: This is not something anyone could convince her of, including her son.

Devon: I completely agree with you, which is why I think this is 100% billy’s doing. The guy’s been trying to consolidate power ever since he’s come back.

Jack: I am shocked. It is, after all, called chancellor-winters. Neil and this family built something to be honored and respected, as did katherine. And jill has always led with that in mind.

Devon: Yeah, you’re telling me. I just don’t think billy sees it that way.

Jack: I’m just surprised to hear that, given his respect for family.

Devon: Oh, I know he respects his own, ’cause he wanted to add your family name to the company. Yeah, that’s how much respect he has for neil and katherine and us and what we built. The fact that he wanted to rebrand the company to add abbott to it says everything I need to know about that guy.

Tucker: Ashley, I’m not going anywhere with you.

Ashley: Why not?

Tucker: Because this isn’t you.

Ashley: So we can recapture what we had before it all fell apart. I know we can.

Tucker: But it didn’t just fall apart, did it? It blew apart. Do you remember that?

Ashley: Of course, I do. And I’ve asked you to forgive me, so please forgive me so we can move on.

Tucker: Except that it’s not just about the fight because you’ve been ping-ponging back and forth between wanting me back and never wanting to see me again since we’ve been back from paris.

Ashley: Losing you made me lose my center, tucker, okay? So yes, I became volatile. I tried to push you away. I tried to tell myself I needed to walk away from you, but how could I walk away from my– my soulmate? I can’t, and neither can you.

Tucker: No, no, that’s a very nice thought. But, ashley, there is something seriously wrong here. This is not about love. You’re going through something right now. And I just have to… I’m sitting here watching it happen and–

Jordan: Oh, thank god you’re here. You’re here, aren’t you? You’re here, am i hallucinating? No, you’re here, aren’t you? I mean, I’ve been hallucinating. I’ve been– I’ve been seeing– I’ve been seeing rats and spiders and I don’t know if they’re here. Maybe they’re just running amok. I don’t know. Let me hold you. Let me hold you.

Cole: I’m not going anywhere near you.

Jordan: Oh, oh, oh, but you’re here, aren’t you? I can see you. I can see you. Your dear mother would be so happy that you’re gonna get me out of here. My beloved nephew. Oh, you’re gonna get me out, aren’t you? Aren’t you, cole? Yeah, because– because your mom raised you the right way. She raised you to be a good man. She raised you to understand the importance of justice, didn’t she? And you’re gonna get me out of here. Do you have the key?

Cole: There is no key. How did you get in here?

Jordan: Oh…

Cole: We heard that you drowned in that river.

Jordan: No, no, no, no, no. That was all victor. That was victor. He set everything up, okay? And he’s gonna keep me in here. You see, I’m his trophy. He comes down here to gloat at me in all my misery. So, you have to help me find something. Get something to get me out of here, okay? Why aren’t you moving? Come on, help me. Help me, please. Help me. Get me out of here. Hey, I– I need some food. I need some food, desperately. I’m just caught down here. Please, cole. Please help. I’ve learned my lesson. I’m– I’m reformed. And so if– if you can get me out of here, I’ll– I’ll– I’ll leave town. I’ll leave town. And I’ll never return, okay? Okay?

Cole: Do you think that I would actually believe you after everything that you’ve done?

Jordan: Okay, then. Call the cops. Call the cops. On me, but on victor, too. He’s insane. Get me into an actual prison because I can’t take this anymore. Head & shoulders bare clinically proven dandruff

Jordan: Did you hear me? You can’t just stand there. Are you dense? Do something.

Cole: I can’T.

Jordan: Oh, ha, ha, ha.

Cole: And I can’t call the police either.

Jordan: Cole, I’m all the family you’ve got left. The newmans drove your mother to an early grave.

Cole: Claire and victoria are my family. And you– you took them from me once. And you’ll never stop trying to do it again. That I know.

Jordan: Well, you can’t just leave me here, can you?

Cole: I need time to think.

Jordan: There is no time. I told you, victor is a madman. You come back here. Cole! Cole! Don’t leave me here, oh, god! I am not a caged animal.

Jack: Billy said that? He wants to put our name on your company.

Devon: Yes, sir. Wanted to call it abbott- chancellor-winters. And he said that was jill’s idea, too. And judging from your response, I’m gonna guess he never told you about it.

Jack: No, that this is the first I’ve heard of it.

Devon: Yeah, well, I’m not surprised. He was so busy, focused on his power grab, that he never thought about how his actions could affect other people.

Jack: I hope it hasn’t made things untenable.

Devon: It’s not fun. I’m not gonna lie to you, jack. I think that billy thrives on conflict, which just fuels his agenda. But you wouldn’t be able to have a word with him and maybe ask him to relax, would you?

Jack: Look, I am sorry for all this tension, but jill putting her trust in billy, I mean, that’s a big deal. And I can’t agree with you that he engineered that. This is not something jill would do lightly.

Devon: So, I’ll take that as a no?

Jack: Look, you’re all professionals. You’ll find your way through this, hopefully without the abbott name on your building.

Devon: Oh, yeah, we’re not gonna be adding that to anything as long as I have a say, which I do.

Jack: Look, let me give you a little piece of advice about billy. Any push for power is usually insecurity. He feels undervalued. Maybe he feels you and your family have not accepted him.

Devon: Well, he’d be right.

Jack: Perhaps there’s a disconnect in goals and communication, or maybe it’s as extreme as you make it out to be, but look, everyone at chancellor-winters is looking for a way to move the company forward and billy now has to be part of that vision. Wait, you can set the tone. Think of what neil would do. And I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be your best step forward.

Audra: If you know me at all, you would know I am seldom unsure about anything, especially of what I want.

Nate: Maybe.

Audra: Okay, I’ll bite. What is it you think you know about me?

Nate: It’s more about what I don’t know about you, audra, and what you don’t know about yourself. I get the feeling that you’re still searching for something.

Audra: Yeah, a new job.

Nate: You’re ambitious, no doubt about that. I’m– I’m curious about what’s behind that drive. I mean, you came to genoa city ready to take it by storm.

Audra: Yeah, I had an agenda, driven by tucker.

Nate: And maybe by heartbreak.

Audra: You mean noah newman? That was a lifetime ago.

Nate: Losing someone you love can change you, audra. Trust me, I know it all too well. And it could take some time to realize its impact. But it can make you put some walls around your heart.

Audra: Are we talking about me or you and victoria?

Nate: Could be, or me and elena. I’m still figuring it out. But I do know I used ambition as a distraction.

Audra: It seemed more like an aphrodisiac for you and victoria.

Nate: Hm, is that how it works with you and tucker? Or is it transactional?

Audra: How did we get back to tucker?

Nate: I’m sorry, I take it back. I just hope this latest crash and burn was a wake-up call, audra. One that will stick this time, because from where I sit, everything with that guy is transactional.

Audra: Or you’re totally off the mark. And maybe this is transactional. You know, maybe I’m just hanging out with you for the ice cream and job prospects.

Ashley: So, that’s it, huh? I spill my guts to you, and you’re just gonna casually observe me and my mental health?

Tucker: That’s not what I’m doing at all.

Ashley: I know exactly what you’re doing. You’re trying to convince yourself that I’m unbalanced, right? So you can ignore how you really feel about me. But if you would just stop fighting and come with me.

Tucker: And if you would stop deflecting, you would see that everybody around you right now is trying to get through to you. Everybody’s trying to help you.

Ashley: Being apart from you is not helping me!

Tucker: I know you believe that you’re being sincere, but it’s coming from a broken place, ashley. You need help. (Avo) kate made progress with her mental health…

Traci: Alan, I just don’t know what else to do.

Alan: Yeah, ashley’s, uh, radio silence is concerning.

Traci: I can’t get any sleep. I just keep going over and over in my head, every interaction looking for clues about what’s going on with her. I mean, trying to figure out what I could’ve said to– to coax her into getting treatment.

Alan: Well, I would tell you that’s pointless, but I’ve been doing the same thing.

Traci: It’s the worst, isn’t it?

Alan: Unfortunately, I am well-acquainted with second guesses. It’s a hazard of my profession.

Traci: Yes, I suppose it is. So, here we are, two of us, sitting in a psychotherapist’s office, waiting to be seen. She decides she has to use the ladies’ room. She never comes back. Why didn’t I know to not let her out of my sight?

Alan: Well, one thing I have learned is that people do not seek help until they’re ready.

Traci: Okay, but please, no offense, but not a lot of comfort there.

Alan: Well, I’m sorry for the platitude.

Traci: No, I appreciate the gesture.

Alan: Look, obviously, you care a lot about ashley, and this is a lot to process, so it’s very understandable.

Traci: Jack! Oh, good, you’re home.

Jack: No word from ashley?

Traci: No, nothing yet.

Jack: When was the last time you saw her?

Alan: Well, we had lunch together yesterday. She was charming and seemed to want to spend more time with me. And then we had a misunderstanding, and I haven’t seen her since. And she’s not been returning my messages either.

Traci: Alan and i have been talking. I think our sister might be worse off than we think.

Jack: In what way?

Traci: That’s the terrifying part. Ashley’s really unpredictable right now. She could go anywhere, do anything, and it’s because she’s literally not herself.

Ashley: You’re such a coward. Pretending to be a hero. You’re pathetic.

Belle: Yeah, now that’s better. Push him away. We don’t need him.

Ashley: You’re so afraid of how you feel about me. That’s why you ran to audra, isn’t it?

Tucker: Let’s leave audra out of this, shall we?

Ashley: She was a rebound chick, wasn’t she? She didn’t accept your marriage proposal, so what else do you need to know? I heard all about it. This big romantic gesture. The big ring you wanted to give her, but she’s not wearing it, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out. She doesn’t want you. She doesn’t want what you want, but I do. She could never give you what you need, but I can.

Nate: You’re not working me for a job. We’ve established that would be a waste of time.

Audra: Look, I know I burned all my bridges at chancellor-winters. They may have forgiven you as their cousin, but I’m definitely persona non grata.

Nate: And there will be no coup attempt, at least not with the two of us planning it.

Audra: Who said anything about a coup? Just because tucker says that I’m out of a job at glissade doesn’t mean I’m gearing up for a hostile takeover.

Nate: Not at chancellor-winters, at least.

Audra: What does that mean?

Nate: That means I think you’re up to something, audra. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it had to do with glissade.

Audra: What makes you think that?

Nate: Well, you did approach me about joining you to make a move against tucker a while back. Or don’t you recall?

Audra: Oh, I remember our conversations very well.

Nate: So, call it an informed hunch on my part. Because in spite of you joking around, you don’t seem terribly worried about finding a new job. So, that leads me to believe that you have some kind of plan in the works, or at least the seed of one.

Audra: Something will turn up. I always land on my feet.

Nate: This is true. Because you are extremely desirable.

Audra: Hm, am I?

Nate: As an employee.

Audra: Is that all?

Nate: I’m just pointing out that I’m not offering you power or position. And you know that. And you’re spending time with me because you want to, not because you’re getting something out of it.

Audra: Yeah. No quid pro quo.

Nate: You seem to be enjoying it. And so am I. But to be clear, I know we’re just friends. No strings.

Audra: Just ice cream.

Nate: Oh.

Audra: There you go.

Victoria: Anyway, does she really have a bedtime? Or are you just like, faking it?

Claire: I was not faking it.

Victoria: I’m sorry. Oh, hey, there you are. We just had the best time ever.

Claire: We groomed midnight blue. Or should I say, mom groomed him and I watched.

Victoria: No, that’s not true. She was dying to help. She practically ripped the brush out of my hands.

Claire: There’s just so much to learn. I haven’t even gotten on a horse yet. Would it be weird to say that I love everything about the stable? Including the smell.

Victoria: No, it’s not weird at all. It’s wonderful.

Claire: It’s just– it feels really familiar. Even though I’ve never set foot in one in my life.

Victoria: Well, I think maybe you might be a natural. You know, I’m just thinking. She really bonded with blue and she hasn’t even had her first lesson yet. I think that he really responded to you.

Claire: Yeah, I mean, horses are so thoughtful, aren’t they?

Victoria: Yeah, well, don’t let it fool you. I mean, it’s not always smooth, you know? You have to earn their trust. That’s exactly what you were doing, by the way.

Claire: I’m just excited for an actual lesson.

Victoria: I know. I know you are. I think your father’s probably pretty excited too.

Claire: Dad? You’re awfully quiet.

Cole: Ah…

Claire: What’s wrong?

Cole: Yeah.

Victor: Well, now, look at this happy family.

Victoria: Hi, daddy.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. Even cole came back to the main house.

“The darkness of bipolar

depression made me feel like

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue…

Victoria: What are you doing up here, anyway? I thought we were all gonna meet down at a stables.

Victor: Yeah, did you get lost?

Cole: Ah, actually, I got caught up on a call to england and I came here to see if victoria and claire would like to have lunch.

Victor: That’s nice.

Claire: Works for me. Turns out grooming is really hard. I worked up an appetite. I’m actually starving.

Cole: All right.

Victoria: Yeah, that sounds lovely.

Victor: Sounds healthy, right?

Cole: That sounds great. A two-hour drive.

Victoria: All right, sure.

Cole: Let’s go.

Victoria: Daddy, do you wanna come with us?

Victor: Sweetheart, I have things to do.

Victoria: Okay.

Victor: Okay. You enjoy yourselves, okay?

Victoria: All right, we will. All right, sweetheart.

Cole: Let’s go, let’s go. I actually skipped breakfast myself. Here, after you.

Lily: Nate, audra.

Nate: Hey.

Audra: Hello, lily.

Lily: Um, we have a call with the business division. Are you gonna be joining or are you busy?

Nate: Uh, yes, I’ll be there. I was just, uh, taking a little break.

Lily: Yeah, I can see that. Well, don’t be late.

Audra: Uh, definitely not getting any job offers from her.

Nate: Lily really knows how to make a point, doesn’t she?

Audra: I mean, I can take it. Your cousin doesn’t like me.

Nate: Does it matter to you?

Audra: Not if it’s not a problem for you.

Nate: No, no. There’s only one issue I have.

Audra: What’s that?

Nate: If I, um, spoiled your appetite for lunch later, I was hoping you’d join me.

Audra: You know, you clearly need to get to know me better if you think I can be deterred by a scoop of vanilla.

Nate: So? It’s a date?

Audra: I’d be delighted.

Jack: Ashley’s not herself in what way? How did you reach that conclusion?

Traci: Alan, would you mind explaining?

Alan: Sure, um… like I said, yesterday she was charming at lunch and then we went to chancellor park and when I referred to the namesake, she evaded as if she couldn’t remember.

Jack: You’ll remember that happened with us as well when i asked how the two of you met.

Alan: Exactly. She seems to have issues with full recall of events from her past.

Jack: Could that just be a memory issue?

Alan: I don’t think so. Yesterday, she also tried to kiss me and when I resisted, she became petulant and stormed off.

Traci: And she arrived at home upset, very short with me.

Alan: Right, I followed her here. I tried to smooth things over. She wouldn’t engage, but then I witnessed a pretty profound personality shift. All of a sudden she was calm, cool, in control. She shut me down, said our friendship was over and then she left.

Traci: And neither one of us have heard from her since.

Jack: Okay, that is in line with the personality shifts we’ve witnessed. Is it possible she just felt rejected?

Alan: Well, I also had an enlightening conversation with tucker.

Jack: I would prefer we leave him out of this.

Alan: Well, I did not share any of our concerns with him despite his probing, but he did share some of his concerns. He’s also witnessed these personality shifts, but there was a specific event where ashley referred to herself in the third person.

Traci: Yes, he’s told us about that as well.

Jack: And what do you think that means?

Alan: Well, it’s becoming clear to me that we are dealing with different personas here. That ashley has created to protect herself but in different ways.

Jack: Protect herself from what?

Traci: Well, that’s the question. And I’m so afraid of what the answer might be.

Tucker: I understand you’re trying to provoke me by bringing up audra. It’s not gonna work any more than talk of a future with you is going to work. You are not gonna dissuade me from my knowledge that something is wrong with you, okay?

Ashley: What do I have to do to convince you that I’m fine? And that I mean every word I’m saying?

Tucker: I can think of one thing.

Ashley: Hm. Name it.

Tucker: See a legitimate therapist.

Ashley: I did remember, alan.

Tucker: Hey, come here. Am I speaking to ashley right now? I know it’s difficult to hear, but for me, it’s been hard to keep track lately.

Lily: Hey.

Devon: Hey! Glad I ran into you before we have this video call.

Lily: Yeah, me too. I ran into nate and audra at the park, looking very flirty.

Devon: Really? They’re just friends, though right?

Lily: Oh, no, it seemed like more than that. As if we don’t have enough to worry about.

Devon: I don’t think you need to worry about nate’s personal life.

Lily: Really? If it’s the woman who tried to take us down with tucker?

Devon: He wasn’t involved in that.

Lily: No, ’cause he had his own scheme going on. I mean, what if they team up?

Devon: They’re not gonna do that. I don’t think that nate is dumb enough to ruin his second chance of being in the family over her. The way I see it, they knew each other when he worked at newman, and they stayed close. And he told us about them hanging out. It’s not like he’s trying to hide their relationship. So much as we don’t like the woman, if he wants to waste his time with her, it’s his business.

Lily: I don’t know, I don’t trust audra. And I don’t know if I trust nate’s instincts if he’s drawn to her. ( )

Victoria: And after a few lessons, we could probably do a longer ride. Maybe, uh, you’ll be ready by the time katie comes home.

Claire: Yeah, so my kid sister can leave me in the dust. Doesn’t she win ribbons, dressage?

Victoria: Yeah, she does. Mm-hmm. And I’m sure she’s gonna be thrilled to show off for you. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure she takes it easy on you.

Claire: Hey, dad, when you worked in the stables, what was your favorite thing about it? Dad.

Victoria: I think your father’s like a million miles away right now. We must be boring him.

Claire: Oh, that’s not possible. He finds us endlessly fascinating. Or you, at least.

Cole: No, no, no, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Uh, claire’s right, claire’s right. I just– just enjoy hearing you two talk and just seeing the smiles on your faces. So claire, so what’s next after you master horseback riding?

Claire: I would hope to get a job. If kyle had his way, I would’ve started as harrison’s nanny.

Victoria: And I would actually love nothing more. I’ve been pushing for it, actually. I think that you’re just so good with kids. You really are. And clearly, harrison adores you. You two were so cute in the park the other day with the ducks.

Claire: Yeah, it would be a dream job. I’d do it for free.

Victoria: No, well, I wouldn’t go that far. I mean, you deserve to be paid. Childcare can be very strenuous. It’s not always ice cream and ducks.

Claire: Yeah, well, I know that. And I’m sure kyle would’ve been more than generous, but I said no.

Cole: What? You just told us that that was your dream come true.

Claire: It’s not fair to summer.

Victoria: Well, I’d think that she’d want a nanny that harrison likes as much as he likes you.

Claire: Come on, mom. You know better than anyone what summer went through when harrison was missing.

Victoria: We know that. She was terrified. We all were, but everything’s back to normal now. Harrison is home. Jordan is gone.

Claire: Yes, but summer thought that I had something to do with what jordan did. And I don’t blame her. She only knows the stories she’s heard about me.

Victoria: Well, that is because she refuses to get to know you. And if she spent any time with you at all, she would see that there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

Claire: And maybe that can happen in time, but I can’t push it. I think it’ll take time for all of us to realize that we’re finally safe.

Ashley: What are you even talking about? Of course, it’s me.

Tucker: Is it?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: Because lately, whenever I speak to you, I think to myself, “which ashley am I speaking to?”

Ashley: Oh, god. What is it with you people?

Tucker: No, is it whoever you are for that day.

Ashley: Oh, right. So, I just changed my mind and suddenly I’m a completely different person. Give me a break.

Tucker: This has gone on too long now. I’m not the only one who’s noticed it. That’s why your friend, alan, came to town, is it not?

Ashley: Alan said I was fine.

Tucker: Because he’s worried about you.

Tucker: No, he didn’T.

Ashley: Alan said I was fine.

Tucker: You sent him away.

Ashley: You’re right. I did send him away. You know why?

Tucker: Why?

Ashley: He wanted to do something really inappropriate with me and then I made him leave.

Tucker: No, you sent him away because you’re afraid of what he’s gonna find out about you.

Alan: I just wanna stress that this is my opinion based on observation only. She needs a– a proper diagnosis in the clinical setting.

Jack: Of course, and we appreciate any insights you can share with us.

Traci: Especially since we couldn’t get her to go see a doctor.

Jack: Ashley has had issues in the past. You know that.

Alan: Yeah, um… you said that event was different. Could there be any similarities?

Jack: Completely different. Wouldn’t you agree?

Traci: Absolutely.

Alan: And when did you first start noticing these changes in behavior?

Jack: A while after she came back from paris, after the struggle with tucker.

Traci: Ashley stayed for quite a while in paris after the fight with tucker.

Alan: It’s hard to imagine something like this happening as the result of a breakup.

Traci: Alan, I know that we’ve both said that her behavior was very different in the past incidents, but is it possible that this has something to do with the brain tumor she had? Like a recurrence?

Alan: Well, um, she certainly should have a full medical exam, including a brain scan, but I– I don’t think this is a tumor. The symptoms just don’t fit.

Jack: You really don’t think this could’ve been triggered by her marriage ending?

Alan: Well, it could’ve played a role, but no, I think it has to be something more traumatic than that.

Jack: That some larger trauma happened in paris after tucker left?

Traci: And how are we gonna find out what that is? Ashley won’t talk to any of us.

Marshalls buyers have a very

particular set of skills.

Claire: Between spending time with the kids at the hospital and harrison, I feel like I’ve found what it is I wanna do. I’ve been reading into the different schools of thought about early childhood education. It’s really fascinating. There’s so many different theories about what works best, and of course, different kids need different things, so it can take some time to find the right one.

Victoria: Oh, yeah. I mean, katie and johnny’s school is great like that. They tailor the process to each kid specifically, whereas katie has more essays, and johnny would have more project-based assignments.

Claire: Yeah, exactly, and then for younger kids, there’s the play-based approach to learning. I am seriously considering pursuing a masters in early childhood education.

Victoria: Ah, wow. So what is the play-based approach?

Claire: Okay, well, I’m oversimplifying, but basically, it’s getting kids to learn through doing, so they stay engaged because they’re having fun, and they’re using their imagination.

Jordan: He comes down here to gloat at me in all my misery, and so if you can get me out of here, I’ll leave town, and I’ll never return, okay?

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Cole: Uh, excuse me, I’ll be right back.

Claire: I’ve never felt so passionately about anything in my life.

Victoria: I just love seeing you so happy.

Cole: Michael, it’s cole. I need to see you. How soon can you meet me?

Lily: Okay, you handle the introduction and I’ll pick it up from there.

Nate: And I will cheer you on from the sidelines. Here to answer any questions. What, I’m not late?

Lily: Barely.

Nate: I’m just trying to find a work-life balance, okay? Who doesn’t need a little fresh air every now and then?

Lily: I’m sure you can understand why I don’t like the idea of you and audra getting cozy.

Nate: You act like it’s some scandal to see me spending time with her. I haven’t kept our friendship a secret. I’m not offering her a job here, okay? Look, audra’s going through a rough time and I offered her my support.

Devon: Really? Doesn’t involve tacker, does it? ‘Cause I hope she’s not trying to pull you into a battle with him.

Nate: You have nothing to worry about on any front. We’re hanging out because we enjoy each other’s company. That’s all. Okay? And as for her rough time, yes. She broke things off with tucker.

Ashley: This wasn’t the romantic reunion I was hoping for.

Tucker: Oh, well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but believe it or not, I’m acting out of concern and affection for you.

Ashley: Oh, please, just save the bs.

Tucker: No, I’m not gonna save it. The real ashley would want to get help. She would want to heal.

Ashley: God, I am so sick of you and your sanctimonious crap. Just take it and shove it.

Tucker: Stop running away from this, ashley. Listen to me. You are not safe.

Belle: You tried it your way and you failed. Now, let go.

Tucker: Hey. What is wrong? My god. Ashley, ashley.

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