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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stephanie told Everett and Leo that Paulina fired EJ and replaced him with Melinda. EJ went to Sloan and told her that he wanted to take the baby. Sloan told him they agreed to let her, and Eric raise the baby. EJ said that was before he saw Nicole and Eric kissing. Sloan didn’t believe it. She asked when he saw it. EJ told her he saw them at the mansion. Chad went to Steve to talk about Clyde. When Leo said EJ was having a bad week, Everett wanted to know why. Leo lied about what he meant. Everett invited Stephanie and Leo out for drinks. Leo didn’t want to go, but Stephanie talked him into it. Chad told Steve that Clyde not staying behind bars kept him up at night. Steve said Clyde was caught before and would be caught again. Chad told him that Abby was writing a story about Clyde’s drug cartel. Steve asked if Abby told him about it, but Chad said she didn’t. Chad said Jack confirmed Abby was working on the story. He asked if Steve thought Abby was Clyde’s target all along. Sloan asked EJ if Eric and Nicole knew he saw them kissing. EJ said they didn’t. He said Jude would be better off being with him and Nicole because she would quit her job to focus on him and the family. It would be a miracle and drive a stake in the heart of her lingering feelings for Eric. Sloan told him the problem with his plan is that Jude wasn’t his son. EJ said Nicole would never find out. Sloan said she would tell everyone who Jude’s father was if he went through with the plan. Steve thought Chad should take his proof to the police, but he didn’t want to. Chad said the police wouldn’t work on it. He said Clyde going after Belle didn’t add up. Steve said it wasn’t much to go on but he would see what he would do. He said going after Clyde was personal for him.

EJ warned Sloan not to stop him from getting Jude or she would go to jail. Sloan thought she would go to jail anyway. He said she would be able to avoid prison with his help. EJ said he would get her a new identity. Sloan wanted to know what would happen if she didn’t go along with what he said. He said she would go to prison. Steve went to the pub to see Ava. EJ told Sloan that she had to decide what she was going to do. Sloan said she needed more time. He told her she had 24 hours to decide and warned her not to double cross him. She said she would do anything. He said he knew she would but she did enough. When he brought up her kidnapping the baby, she reminded him that she lost her baby. Sloan told him that Nicole would find out he wasn’t the father. Eric said by the time she said something, she would be exposed as a liar. He left the apartment. When Eric went home, he found out Sloan and Jude were gone. Roman called him to say the baby was with him. While they were talking, Eric told him he would look for Sloan. Sloan ended up at a bar with Leo, Everett, and Stephanie. Steve and Ava went to the town square. He asked her what she meant about permanently ended the Clyde problem. Ava said Clyde needed to pay for what he did to Tripp. She warned him not to stand in her way. Chad went to see EJ for guidance. He told EJ that he came across evidence that he didn’t know what to do about. EJ wanted to know about it. Chad gave him Abby’s notes. He said it looked as if Abby outted Clyde as part of the drug ring. EJ wanted to know what it meant. Chad said Clyde was going after Abby and not Belle. He blamed himself for it. When Chad explained why it was his fault, EJ assured him that it wasn’t. Eric found Sloan at the bar. She told him every woman he knew drowned their sorrows. Eric wanted to know what he was talking about, but she didn’t say. When he tried to get her to go home, she told him to take his hands off of her. Steve let Ava know that he was okay with whatever she did to Clyde. When Eric couldn’t get Sloan to calm down, Everett thought he would hurt her. He punched Eric.

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