Days Short Recap Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie told Alex that they were going to make room for Konstantin at Titan. Alex said Konstantin wasn’t working there. Theresa told Brady that she was back together with Alex. Brady asked if that was what she wanted. Theresa said it was what she wanted. Brady asked where that left Alex and Kristen. Theresa told Brady that Alex and Kristen weren’t a thing. She said it was an attempt to make them jealous. Brady said it was a good thing they didn’t fall for it. He said he was disappointed that his vacation from Kristen was over. Theresa asked if there was a chance that he would change his mind. He said there was no way he would go back to Kristen. Theresa told him he deserved better. Brady said he used to think there was someone for him but not anymore.

Maggie told Alex that she didn’t need his permission to get office space. She told him Konstantin could distribute funds at the company. Alex said Konstantin could work from home, but Maggie said he wouldn’t be able to concentrate. When Alex didn’t rush to change his mind, she reminded him that she had control over Titan, and he was in no position to deny her. She threatened him if he did. He warned her he would be watching out for Konstantin. When Julie called Maggie and told her the Horton house was ready, Alex let her know he was moving in the mansion. Theresa told Brady love would find him when he least expected it. While they were talking, they talked about chaperoning the prom. Chad talked to Julie about Abby working on the story about Clyde. He blamed himself for not doing anything. Julie advised him about not having control over everything. She said Abby wouldn’t want him to suffer. Julie told him to move on for the children and focus on the future. Maggie asked if Alex was moving back to the mansion. Alex said it made sense. Maggie said she thought he would move into his own house. Alex said the mansion was his birthright. Before Maggie left Alex’s office, she said she would keep him in the loop about Konstantin. When Alex went home, he let Theresa know he was moving in the mansion. While they were talking, she implied they should move in together. Alex asked if she wanted to move in with him. She said she wasn’t going to invite herself. He said he invited her twice to live with him. She said that was platonically. He asked her to move in the mansion with him. She said she did.


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