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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina wanted to meet with Melinda. She told her that she fired EJ. Paulina asked her if she wanted her old job back. Melinda told her that she had to say no. Nicole kissed Eric just as EJ opened the door. Eric stopped her and told her they couldn’t do that. She apologized for what she did. He wanted to take her to bed. EJ wondered what was going on. Chanel and Johnny were going to meet with the doctor about her baby. Holly met with Tate. She told him about the things she said to Nicole. He thought she was being too hard on herself. She informed him about the things she told her mother. Holly didn’t understand why she hurt her mother the way she did. Eric told EJ that she got into another argument with Holly. EJ realized that Holly hurt her since she found a way to numb the pain. Nicole admitted that she drank too much. EJ wondered why Eric was there. He said they were supposed to meet for work. Nicole told EJ how they ended up together. She thanked Eric for bringing her home. EJ thanked him too. Nicole apologized to EJ for getting drunk. Paulina reminded Melinda how she reacted when she lost her job. Melinda corrected her and said she fired her. Paulina thought she was more pleasant than EJ. Melinda wondered why she changed her mind. Paulina thought she was easier to handle than EJ. She wanted to know what she had to do for Melinda to change her mind. Tate tried to make Holly feel better about her conversation with Nicole. Holly didn’t feel any better. Leo showed up when Tate and Holly kissed each other. Eric went home and Sloan wondered what took him so long. He let her know that he had to work. She thought he was working with Nicole. Eric assured her that he’s just friends with Nicole. Nicole told EJ that Holly said her dead babies were lucky because they didn’t have her as a mother. EJ couldn’t believe how harsh she was. He was upset on her behalf because Holly hurt her. Nicole thought she was right. He assured her that she’s a good mother who was trying to protect her.

Chanel and Johnny gave them the information they needed about the baby. The doctor thought the baby was doing well. They talked about having to wait to find out more information about the baby. Chanel and Johnny said the radiation exposure could make them lose their child. Johnny realized he was talking about himself and wondered how she was doing. Chanel wanted him to talk about his feelings. She hoped their baby would be okay. Chanel was upset that Paulina exposed their baby to radiation, but she understood why she did it. Paulina continued to talk Melinda into taking the D.A. position. She told Melinda that EJ couldn’t touch her as long as her hands were clean. Leo’s phone rang while Holly and Tate were kissing. They realized that he saw them. Eric told Sloan that he wanted to get a house with her. EJ wished Nicole came to him when she needed help. She apologized for not reaching out to him. Nicole told him that she was still hurting. She thought she was getting punished for the things she did. Melinda agreed to take the job as D.A. Paulina was glad she took the job. Melinda saw the press Paulina got for leaving the hospital. They had a heart to heart about what they would do for their children. Tate pleaded with Leo not to show their picture to anyone. Holly said they wouldn’t be able to see each other if their parents found out they were together. Tate offered to pay Leo not to show their picture. He didn’t want any money. Tate and Holly wondered if he would tell on them. Leo needed a story, but he agreed not to print the picture. Johnny and Chanel went to a restaurant and saw Paulina and Melinda there. Chanel wanted to eat something else. Paulina saw Chanel walk out the restaurant. Nicole dreamed about kissing Eric. EJ went to Sloan and demanded that he and Nicole raise Jude as their own.

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