GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Alexis begins her hearing to appeal her disbarment. Alexis’s appeal is opposed by Fergus Byrne who believes his brother Neil would be alive today if it weren’t for Alexis.

Dante tells Sonny he won’t protect him anymore. He committed a crime and he must pay for his crimes. Dante tells Sonny to stay away from Dex.

Michael and Josslyn ask Dex not to press charges against Sonny so Kristina won’t have the stress of testifying against Sonny because she is pregnant and the stress could affect the baby. Kristina later talks to Dex and tells him she will testify against her father if he decides to press charges against Sonny.

Gregory’s friends and family begin to grieve his loss. Elizabeth arrives at Finn’s apartment to comfort Finn. Elizabeth notices that Finn has been drinking so she tells him that she will take Violet home with her while he goes to a meeting. Finn tells Elizabeth that the only thing that takes away the pain of losing his father is a drink. Elizabeth tells Finn that she can’t stop him from drinking if he wants to but she won’t let him drink while his daughter Violet is in the apartment with him.

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