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Cole: Good morning, victor.

Victor: Hey, you’re bright and early.

Cole: Yeah, I was down at the stables, making all the arrangements for claire’s first riding lesson.

Victor: Oh, that’s nice. Glad to hear that.

Cole: So, how have you been?

Victor: How have I been? I’ve been fine.

Cole: And any word from nikki?

Victor: Yeah, she’s progressing well.

Cole: Ah, well, certainly glad to hear that. So, it’s just you here. All by yourself, huh?

Victor: Why are you asking all these questions?

Cole: Ah, I’m sorry. Um, I just was wondering who the tray is for.

[ Jordan panting ]

Jordan: Oh, god, it stinks in here. It stinks in here. It stinks in here. Victor, victor, you bastard! Oh, you knew. You knew, didn’t you? You knew about brussels sprouts. You knew they would make me want to vomit. But you know what? You know what? You know what? You’re not gonna break me. You’re not gonna break me. No, you’re not gonna break me. But first, I’ve gotta find a way out of here. I’ve gotta find a way out of here. I gotta find a way out of here. How did this happen to me?

Chelsea: Hey. Well, that was a nice surprise for us both this morning. An email from connor’s team?

Adam: Yeah. Must mean he’s getting better. He requested a video call.

Chelsea: Right, right. But what if it isn’t good news, adam? What if there’s a problem?

Adam: What? Chelsea, no, come on. We can’t always assume the worst. Yes, I know that– that is usually my reaction to everything, but I’m trying to break that habit. If he wants to see us, it probably means that he’s getting stronger.

Chelsea: Well, let’s call him. Okay.

Adam: Okay. Hey, connor. How’s it going?

Chelsea: Hi, sweetheart.

Connor: No, no, what are you doing? You can’t call now.

Adam: What? I…

Audra: So, I was right, wasn’t I?

Nate: Whatever it is, you know I’m gonna say yes.

Audra: About you being interested in me as… more than a friend.

Nate: Did I ever deny it?

Audra: Well, you didn’t confirm it.

Nate: It’s probably been there below the surface for a while. But either the timing has been bad for me or there was tucker.

Audra: Yeah, well, that ship has definitely sailed and all I can say is… bon voyage.

Tucker: This is very subtle, audra. The public morning after breakfast.

Audra: Hello, tucker.

Tucker: I’m surprised you didn’t send out invitations to the whole town. Or is this all just for my benefit? (Vo) dan made progress with his mental health…

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Chelsea: What just happened?

Adam: I don’t know.

Chelsea: Why was connor so upset?

Adam: I’m gonna call his team leader. I’m gonna find out what’s going on. Hold on. Oh, wait a minute.

Chelsea: Oh, wait. Hi, connor, sweetie, are you all right?

Connor: You called too soon.

Adam: Too soon?

Connor: It was 9:13.

Adam: Okay.

Connor: You don’t understand.

Adam: Okay, okay, well, I wanna understand, buddy. Your mom and I, we both do. So, why don’t you tell us what that means?

Connor: Not only was the number 13 in the time, all the digits add up to 13. Can’t you see how bad that is?

Adam: I’m sorry. I, uh, I hadn’t even considered that. Look, we didn’t mean to upset you.

Chelsea: You know what, sweetheart? I think we were just so excited to see your handsome face and hear your voice that we jumped the gun a bit.

Adam: But we promise we won’t do that again.

Chelsea: I think what your dad’s about to say is that that won’t happen again, but that would be giving reassurances and we’re not supposed to do that. So, can we just move past this timing issue?

Connor: Okay.

Adam: So tell us what’s going on. How are the classes? How’s your therapy going?

Connor: Not great.

Cole: I thought I smelled brussels sprouts.

Victor: That’s right. Food for the horses.

Cole: It’s certainly not hay and oats.

Victor: Excuse me. I got a text here. So… you know, those brussels sprouts were left over from last night and I don’t like them to go to waste.

Cole: That’s more fancy than what we were feeding back when I was working the stables.

Victor: Yeah, well.

Cole: And delivered on a tray from victor newman, no less.

Victor: Isn’t that something? Times have changed.

Cole: Yes, they have.

Victor: Yeah.

Cole: So, I could go down with you and help you feed.

Victor: No, no, that’s perfectly fine, okay? I love to go down to the stables and feed my horses. Relaxes me, you know? So cole, let’s cut to the chase. What do you want to know?

Cole: Okay. I think you’re hiding something. I don’t know what it is or why you’re doing it, but every time I talk with you lately, I don’t feel like I’m getting the whole truth.

Nate: Come on. Take it easy, tucker.

Tucker: I’m surprised you’re not hand feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries.

Audra: You’re embarrassing yourself.

Tucker: Am I? I apologize. Oh, hey, would you do me a favor? Take these back and pour just a whole bunch of chocolate over them. Put it on my tab.

Audra: It’s all right, nate. Tucker is just having one of his tantrums. This happens to him when he doesn’t get what he wants. But not even you can ruin my mood this morning, especially after the glorious night I just had.

Tucker: All right, all right. I– I didn’t think the relationship was over, audra. But all right. I guess I know now why you didn’t accept my marriage proposal.

Audra: It’s wonderful. You know, I tell you I don’t believe in marriage, so you decide to make this all about marriage? That’s how well you understand me. Good to know.

Tucker: You know what I also understand? Whatever you feel or… felt for me was obviously conditional. I love you, tucker, as long as I get to go to paris. So, you were never really in this 100%, were you? First little sign of trouble, you cut and run.

Audra: First little sign? Are you serious? After all the times you strung me along and then pulled the rug out?

Tucker: I will grant you how I handled all the drama with ashley, I regret that. I’m sorry for it. But now when all I want to do is give a little bit of deference to my son, my own flesh and blood. That’s a rejection of you?

Audra: You know what? You can just think whatever you want. I told you I was not gonna marry you or anyone else, but you just thought that you could just change my mind and force everything on me. Okay, what about what I want? Even more reason why ending this relationship is a good idea. Can we please go now?

Nate: Yep, you read my mind.

Tucker: What about your career?

Audra: What about it?

Tucker: Do you think that you’re gonna have anything to do with glissade after this? No. No, that’s over.

Ashley: Hi. You want to come with me?

[ Tucker laughs ]

Rsv is out there.

Victor: I’ve invited you into my own home. I’ve given you the run of the place.

Cole: And I appreciate that.

Victor: Well, you have a strange way of showing your appreciation.

Cole: Where do you keep disappearing to, victor?

Victor: None of your business. You’re a guest in my home. You’re soon becoming an unwelcome guest. What do you think I’m doing?

Cole: I don’t know what you’re doing. That’s what I’m trying to find out.

Victor: Don’t you question me.

Cole: Claire is my daughter and she’s living here and I want to make sure that she is safe.

Victor: Then, we want the same thing. Have a nice day.

Cole: Just so you know, after having this conversation, I’m even more suspicious that you’re hiding something.

Victor: I said goodbye.

Chelsea: Tell us what’s going on, connor.

Connor: Just a lot of stuff I’ve been dealing with this week. It’s no big deal.

Adam: Well, of course it’s a big deal. You know, what kind of stuff?

Connor: Memories, feelings, that kind of thing.

Chelsea: Okay.

Connor: I don’t really want to talk about this. I’m sorry.

Chelsea: Well, sweetie, I think you do want to talk about it or else you wouldn’t have asked us to call you.

Adam: Yeah, and we want to listen, buddy. We would like to help.

Connor: I don’t know if anybody can.

Adam: Well, how about you– how about you just try?

Connor: During my therapy this week, I started having all these bad thoughts about how if I wasn’t around, everyone would be happier.

Adam: No.

Chelsea: Connor. No, that’s– that’s not true.

Adam: No, it’s just the opposite of that, connor.

Connor: Yeah, well, the ocd tells me not to believe you, that you’re just saying it because you’re supposed to. Tells me that I’m a bad person, that I’m useless.

Adam: No, connor. No.

Chelsea: Is your team helping you with this?

Connor: They have some ideas. And I’m trying. I really am. But I don’t know. I wish I could be normal, that I wasn’t so much trouble for everybody. I’m sorry I’m not a better son.

Tucker: I shouldn’t be around anyone right now. Especially you.

Ashley: Nice. Why? You think I’m a nutcase?

Tucker: No, I’M… just not in the mood.

Ashley: Maybe I can help. I saw nate with audra. It’s all falling apart.

Tucker: Okay, no, no, no. That’s enough. Let’s cut this short. Go home, ashley. And I’m gonna– I’m gonna go somewhere else.

Ashley: Where are you gonna go? Why don’t we go someplace together? Wanna take a walk? Just the two of us?

Tucker: No.

Ashley: No?

Tucker: I need some time.

Ashley: Okay. You know what? You’re always taking time to think, aren’t you? I mean, you think too much. You and I are both so similar, tucker. We’re crazy when it comes to love, right? We find somebody, we think that person’s gonna fix everything. When they don’t, our worlds fall apart, which is so stupid. We’re both such strong individuals, right?

Tucker: Yeah. I’m gonna go.

Ashley: Where you going? I mean, really, this place isn’t open for hours, so we have all the privacy in the world. Come on. Let’s just chat. Have a seat. Relax.

Ash: Oh, no. Are you gonna kill tucker right now?

“The darkness of bipolar

depression made me feel like Would love an old fashioned. Wine it is.

Tucker: It’s a little early in the day, don’t you think?

Ashley: Oh, my gosh. When did you become such a puritan, tucker, huh? I mean, really. People are so arbitrary, their beliefs about what’s acceptable behavior. I guess that’s why I’m radioactive these days. Loosen up.

Tucker: Is it poisoned?

[ Ashley laughs ]

Ashley: Want me to take the first sip? Will that make you feel better? Aw, you poor baby. Audra really did a number on you, didn’t she? Well, come on. I know you so well, I bet you thought you had the upper hand. And then she pulled a fast one, right? But does it make you feel any better to know that I’m so sad that your heart’s broken?

Belle: You are too smart to kill him right now. People saw you slip downstairs with him. Now, you think about this, ms. Abbott. You think real hard.

Ashley: There you go. What do you think? It’s perfectly safe. No tricks, nothing nefarious. Drink up. Come on. Go ahead. If you’re lucky, pretty soon you’re going to be feeling no pain.

Nate: You okay?

Audra: Just thinking about, you know, everything.

Nate: Tucker can be a handful.

Audra: Don’t get me started on that subject.

Nate: I did find it interesting you, uh, you allowed him to believe we spent the night together.

Audra: I didn’t mention anything about our sleeping arrangements, did I?

Nate: True, but you conveniently left out the fact that you spent your glorious night alone in your bed.

Audra: Hm. Details.

Nate: It’s a pretty big one.

Audra: Yeah, well, tucker deserved that. After all the times he’s jerked me around, it seems only fair for me to return the favor. And I did have a wonderful night with you, nate. It’s just been such a long time since I felt so easy and free talking to someone, felt like a respected equal.

Nate: I had a great time too.

Audra: So, you’re not angry that I let tucker think whatever he wanted to think?

Nate: Oh, you did the world a service. Bullies and egomaniacs like tucker need to be put in their place every now and then.

Audra: You’ll be on his target list now. You know that, don’t you?

Nate: I can handle anything tucker can dish out. I’m more concerned about him going after you.

Audra: Oh, he’ll try. It goes against tucker’s nature not to seek revenge when he feels he’s been wronged. But I know his playbook pretty well and I plan to stay one step ahead of him.

Adam: Connor, listen to me. Your ocd is telling you lies.

Chelsea: Your dad is right, connor.

Adam: Okay, I don’t know why your ocd is saying things like that, but they are not true, okay? None of it. And if anybody needs to apologize, it’s me for– for not being a better father and not being there for you when you needed me.

Chelsea: Connor, nothing you’re going through is your fault, okay? And it pains me to think that you feel you have to be perfect in order for us to love you. No human being is perfect. And that’s– that’s why love is so special. It’s there, no matter what. And– and I swear to you on my life, there is nothing you could do or say to ever make us stop loving you. Ever.

Connor: I just don’t want to make you sad anymore.

Chelsea: No.

Adam: You don’t, connor. That’s what we’re trying to tell you, okay? All that we care about is making things better for you.

Connor: I think this call made it worse.

Chelsea: What? Connor, no.

Connor: I’ve gotta go now.

Adam: No, wait. Connor, wait a minute. Hold on. Will you just give us a few more minutes, please?

Connor: I can’T.

Chelsea: Connor, please, just wait.

Connor: Goodbye.

Victor: Brought you some new brussels sprouts. Oh, but wait a minute. You haven’t even finished the ones I brought yesterday. Wow.

Jordan: Because I hate them.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Maybe they’re full of vitamins and fiber. My goodness. How? What? Come on.

Jordan: Oh!

Victor: There. See?

Jordan: Get me some real food.

Victor: I have!

Jordan: Not the damned sprouts, victor.

Victor: You don’t decide what you get. I decide what you eat and when you eat, you got it?

[ Jordan laughs ] Oh, you’re drinking at this hour?

Jordan: This hour?

Victor: Uh-huh.

Jordan: I don’t even know what day it is. How long have I been down here?

Victor: Oh, not that long, really. Not nearly long enough to pay for what you have done to my wife. And the entire family!


Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Adam: Yes, I know that you were monitoring all the kids, but– connor seemed particularly upset today. Okay, I would appreciate that. Thank you. They said they’re gonna keep a closer eye on him and they’re gonna make sure he’s all right. Well, as all right as connor can be these days.

Chelsea: Thank you for handling that.

Adam: Of course.

Chelsea: I think I would have been a mess. Our son is really suffering, adam.

Adam: I know.

Chelsea: I mean, to hear him say he feels useless, like he’s a burden to us, it’s ripping my heart out.

Adam: He sounds so hopeless.

Chelsea: We can’t give up on him, adam.

Adam: I won’t give up on him, not in a million years. But he’s not getting any better under their care. I mean, if anything, he’s gotten worse. Maybe this facility is not the right place for him.

Chelsea: What is our alternative?

Adam: That’s the thing. I don’t know, okay? Today was supposed to be a turning point. I mean, he reached out to us. He wanted to talk to us. I thought it was going to be a breakthrough. And then, he just turns up to tell us how miserable he still is.

Chelsea: Maybe we were just wishing for too much too soon.

Adam: Yeah, maybe. Look, chelsea, you don’t have to stick around here, okay? I’m probably just gonna drag you down right now. I’m sure that you want to go spend some time with billy and tell him what’s going on.

Chelsea: Billy’s away on a business trip.

Adam: Oh. Well, maybe you want to call him.

Chelsea: I do. I mean, billy’s been amazing. He’s been so supportive and understanding. I just– I just feel bad. I feel like I’m constantly unloading all of my problems on him.

Adam: Well, I’m no fan of billy’s, but I’m sure he wouldn’t want you to feel how you’re feeling right now.

Chelsea: What about you?

Adam: What about me?

Chelsea: Do you bombard sally with every bad phone call or issue connor has?

Adam: I try not to.

Chelsea: Well… we are together in this as parents. Our partners are incredible and they want to be there to support us, but connor… is our son. Remember that not too long ago, you said there are going to be moments we need to reassure each other?

Adam: Hm. Maybe this is one of those moments.

Tucker: I don’t think either of us need a drink right now.

[ Phone chimes ] Is that your friend, alan?

Ashley: Mm, no, he’s long gone. On his way back to europe.

Tucker: Really?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: Last I heard, he was sticking around a while.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, he told me that you were asking him for information about me.

Tucker: Yeah. Did he tell you that I was doing it out of concern?

Ashley: Aw, you don’t have to be concerned about me. Alan gave me a very clean bill of mental health.

Belle: Oof. You are a good liar. He might actually believe you.

Nate: You were smart to finally walk away from tucker.

Audra: Yeah, well, if I’d been smarter, I wouldn’t have opened up my heart to a man like that to begin with.

Nate: We’ve all been there. We’ve all been there.

Audra: Look, I don’t know why I kept thinking he’d change or that I could change him.

Nate: Not your problem anymore, is it?

Audra: Yeah, that’s right. Well, enough about tucker. Don’t you have work to do, or… an office to get to?

Nate: I’ve still got some time.

Audra: Well, lucky you. Looks like I’ll have nothing but time these days.

Nate: So, tucker was serious about cutting you out of glissade?

Audra: Tucker would sooner blow that company up than to let me take any credit or reap any rewards.

Nate: What are your options then, audra?

Audra: I don’t know, nate. Why? Are you offering me my job back at chancellor-winters?

Victor: Oh, they smell wonderful. Well, I guess you don’t want any of this, do you?

Jordan: You said that you had a special assignment for me.

Victor: Oh, I must have forgotten.

Jordan: Whatever it is, whatever it is, I will do it. I will do it. You know that I’m fully capable of doing it, but I just– I’ve got to get out of here. I’m begging you, victor.

Victor: You’re begging me? Really? Is that how nikki begged you for help and for mercy after you fed her alcohol into her veins, huh? How does it feel to be on the other side of it now?

Jordan: I am so sorry.

Victor: Not good enough.

Jordan: No, no, no. Don’t leave, don’t leave. Come back! Come back. Bring nikki down here, okay? I will apologize to her myself. I’ll apologize. I will. I will beg. I will grovel. I will do anything. I just have to get out of here. Victor!

Victor: I love to hear that. I really do. Isn’t it beautiful?

[ Jordan groans ]

[ Victor laughs ] I want you to grovel, okay? Just grovel. I love to hear that.

[ Jordan screams ]

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Times may change, but

somethings remain timeless.

Chelsea: Oh, my gosh. Remember this one?

Adam: Thanksgiving.

Chelsea: Our first family portrait.

Adam: Our little peanut dressed up like a turkey?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. Oh, his birthday in france.

Adam: Yeah. Party in the middle of the night?

Chelsea: Yup. Just trying to grab a little piece of happiness.

Adam: Mm. Before things changed again for the three of us.

Chelsea: Because they always did.

Adam: Which moment was it? When did it happen? We were always able to make him feel better.

Chelsea: Checking under his bed at night for monsters, telling him he was safe.

Adam: I mean, are we ever gonna know when we were able to stop keeping the monsters away? ‘Cause… we can’t now.

Chelsea: No. Now, we just have to hope and pray he can fight them off himself.

Adam: With our help.

Chelsea: With our help. He’ll always have that.

Nate: I’m not sure about a job, audra. I can’t imagine devon, lily or jill being anxious to bring you back in the company, especially after the way you duped them the last time. Hell, I’m only there because I’m family.

Audra: Nate, relax. I was kidding.

Nate: You sure about that?

Audra: Well, if you had a job for me, I’d probably grab it. But I understand if I’m a little too toxic right now.

Nate: So, what are you gonna do?

Audra: That’s the billion dollar question.

Nate: You told me about making a move for glissade not too long ago. Is that still on the table?

Audra: Well, I don’t want to make any decisions until I’ve had time to process everything.

Nate: Wise move. Let the dust settle for a little while.

Audra: Yeah, but not for too long. I’m also not the type who sits around waiting for something to happen.

Nate: Or you could be wrong. And tucker gets over it and realizes he can’t do the job without you.

Audra: No, we’ve tried that. Worked as a team, whether we were sleeping together or not. But this time, it feels different. I think it’s finally time to say goodbye.

Tucker: So, alan says you’re cured now.

Ashley: I guess he realized that just because I’ve been a little unpredictable lately, it doesn’t mean I need to be committed anytime soon. And I’m not gonna bore you with the rest of our conversation, but, um, I think we both felt better afterwards. Yeah.

Tucker: And did he offer any, uh, observations or suggestions for you moving forward?

Ashley: Why? Are you shopping for a shrink?

[ Ashley laughs ] I personally think you could use a little time on a shrink’s couch. However, I don’t think alan would be a good fit for you. A little bit too messy.

Tucker: What does that mean?

Ashley: That means that if I’m reading you right, you want to know where things stand with alan and me personally.

Tucker: I thought you were friends.

Ashley: He wanted something different. Didn’t feel right for me.

Tucker: Ah… he wanted to pursue something romantic with you?

Ashley: Of course.

[ Tucker laughs ] How does that make you feel?

Tucker: Does it make a difference, ashley?

Ashley: It does, actually, to me. I’ve tried. I can’t let go of the dream. You and I were gonna conquer the world, tucker. I believed that. I believe in you and I want it back. Known for nights to remember.

Nate: This seems like a pretty big moment for you.

Audra: Yeah, a world without tucker?

Nate: He’s been a part of your life, one way or another for, a lot of years now and it can be hard to let that go, even if it is the right move.

Audra: Yeah. It’s just time, nate. It’s finally clearly time to move on.

Nate: And I’m here for you, whatever you need.

Audra: You have been there for me. And sometimes, I wonder why.

Nate: What do you mean?

Audra: Well, I haven’t been such a great friend. I never listened to you when you gave me great advice. I even got you in trouble with your family.

Nate: It’s a new day, new beginnings.

Audra: I’ll drink to that.

Nate: What?

Audra: I was just thinking back to all those times I tried to bring out the bad side of you. When it turns out, I wanted the good side all along.

Tucker: I don’t know where you’re going with this, ashley, but I’m not coming with you.

Ashley: I know you still have feelings for me. That’s why you’re always trying to save me and you’re always trying to rescue me. Because you still love me.

Tucker: Well, you need to concentrate right now on your own well being. Not me, not us. I have… something else I want to focus on.

Ashley: Oh, forget about audra. You don’t need a little girl. You need a woman. You need someone that can meet you. I am your perfect partner, tucker. Come with me. Let me show you how much I love you.

Tucker: See, you keep doing that. You tell me you love me, and the next second, it’s as if you’re happy I’m gone. Why?

Ashley: Because I’ve been tied up in knots over you, over losing you, wanting to be with you. Afraid of getting hurt again, afraid of upsetting my family. I’ve put that behind me completely.

Tucker: And– and this clarity came after a few conversations with alan?

Ashley: No. I realize that we have been through the worst. We’ve done it. We went through the fire and we had to go through that fire to get where we are right now. Standing on ground with our eyes wide open. I want a real life with you. I know you want that, too.

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