Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Lily is worried about Nate’s judgement if he continues his flirty friendship with Audra. Nate later tells Devon and Lily that Audra has broken up with Tucker.

Jordan tells Cole that if he sets her free she will leave town and never return to Genoa City. Jordan tells Cole that, if he wants to, he can call the police so they can put her in a proper jail but he should turn Victor in to the police too. Cole calls Michael and tells Michael he needs to talk to him.

Alan tells Jack and Traci that he thinks Ashley went through another trauma in Paris after her argument with Tucker but he hasn’t found out what the second trauma is yet. Alan says it is important that Ashley get professional help. Tucker tells Ashley she needs professional help and the Belle personality tells Ms. Abbott to let go because her plan isn’t working.

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