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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe and Ava met at Tripp and Wendy’s apartment. While they were talking, he found out she quit the Bistro. Rafe told Ava that Gil stabbed Li and asked if she could help prove it. EJ and Nicole talked about Holly. He apologized for how Holly acted. She told him he was trying to help like he always did. Stefan told Kristen about Clyde’s ex-associates. He said Rafe couldn’t find them. Stefan said he was trying to help find them. Sloan ran into Leo. She told him that he blew up her life. Leo told her she chose her path. Sloan said he should have printed the truth in his article. Leo said he was good to her. She said he ruined everything. He said he kept his word and didn’t tell Eric. Leo said EJ was the only one who knew about the baby. Nicole talked to EJ about Holly and how Chloe carried. She said she thought she would get another chance at being a mother, but it wasn’t in the cards. Rafe questioned Ava about Gil, but she wanted to protect herself. He said he needed her help. She said she would do what she could to help. Stefan reminded Kristen that the lead fell in her life because he found the book. He said he wanted to kick EJ out of DiMera Enterprises, but his priority was getting Gabi out of prison. Rafe said it looked like Gil killed Li, but wondered what the motive was. He asked what Clyde and Gil wanted. Ava asked if she needed a lawyer. Rafe said he didn’t. He said there were other issues. Rafe wondered why Stefan would take the fall for her. He asked if something was going on between them. Rafe asked if Stefan was cheating on his sister with her.

Sloan asked Leo when he told EJ about the truth. Leo told her it was about five minutes. He said he was drunk and heartbroken. Leo said something wasn’t adding up. Stefan told Kristen he was going to make EJ open Gabi’s case. Kristen said to let Rafe handle it. Ava told Rafe that Gabi was the only woman Stefan loved. She said she thought they were talking about Li’s killer, not her past. Rafe said anyone could look up her past and know that she’s a killer. He said he thought Gil came to the apartment looking for her. He said Li came in and Gil killed him. Rafe said Gabi picked up the knife. He said Ava knew she was the intended victim. Leo said EJ paid him to keep quiet about the baby swap. He said he didn’t have a choice when Eric cut off his money. Sloan said he was the reason why they were in this mess. Leo apologized. He said Jude was always smiling at him. Leo thought Jude should be with his biological mother. Sloan said Jude was never going back to his biological mother. Rafe said he needed Ava to help get Gabi out of prison. Ava said Gil was the kind of man who wouldn’t take no for an answer. Sloan told Leo to keep his mouth shut. He ripped into her for lying to herself and sleeping at night for keeping Nicole from her baby. Sloan told Leo that Nicole was going to be okay. She warned him to keep his mouth shut or she would tell EJ that he wasn’t holding up his end of the bargain. Rafe went to EJ and showed him the evidence that Gabi was innocent of Li’s murder. EJ said he wasn’t opening up the case.

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