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Rafe meets Ava at Wendy and Tripp’s apartment. Rafe thanks her for meeting him there while Ava notes it’s good that Wendy and Tripp left her a key while they are in Hong Kong. Ava mentions that she does need to get back to the Pub because she can’t let Roman down after quitting the Bistro. Rafe points out that he wasn’t aware that she quit. Ava says it was for the best. Rafe says this won’t take long and assumes Harris has her up to speed on the lab analysis of Clyde’s black book. Ava confirms that Harris briefed her on it. Rafe says the working assumption is that Gil stabbed Li but the question is why and the other question is can Ava help them prove it.

Eric goes to the Spectator office and finds Chad’s son Thomas. Thomas says it’s take your kid to work day. Eric asks if that means he’s going to be his boss. Thomas responds that he doesn’t want to be the boss, he wants to be a reporter like his mom as Chad comes out from the back.

EJ enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and is surprised to see Nicole as he thought she’d still be at the Spectator. Nicole says she’s going back and just took a break as she was hoping to see Holly after school so she could try to mend fences. Nicole says that Holly is with Sophia, studying and avoiding her after their blowout which she understands. EJ apologizes for his role in that. Nicole tells him that he has nothing to be sorry for as he was just trying to help like he always does.

Stefan works at the Bistro. Kristen joins him and asks for the latest. Stefan says he has as list of ex-associates of Clyde and Rafe couldn’t track anyone down, so he’s trying to come up with any kind of lead. Stefan toasts to finding Li’s real killer and Gabi coming home. Kristen knows Stefan loves Gabi and she can’t figure out why, but she knows they hadn’t really had a chance, so she hopes they have that chance now. Stefan jokes about her being a romantic. Kristen says she’s always been a hopeless romantic and tells Stefan to just keep that bitch away from her.

Sloan finds Leo drinking in the park and says she’s been looking all over for him. Leo mentions getting the good stuff thanks to EJ’s bank account. Sloan asks if he’s out of his freaking mind. Sloan questions if his plan is to drink himself in to a coma. Leo asks if she just came to judge him or if she has something to say. Sloan says that he lost his one true love like billions of others and asks if it was really true love since Dimitri dumped him on his ass. Leo calls that cruel while Sloan complains that Leo blew up her life. Leo argues that she chose this path, not him. Sloan remarks that he might as well have published the truth in his gossip column. Leo argues that he’s been good and loyal to her. Sloan cries that was until he opened his drunken mouth and jeopardized everything for her including her family, her marriage, and her livelihood. Leo insists that he kept his word and didn’t tell Eric. Leo feels she’s being overdramatic since aside from the people who already knew, EJ is the only other one that knows.

Nicole tells EJ that she didn’t expect Mother’s Day to go like it did and says she knows she’s made a lot of mistakes with Holly. Nicole brings up that Chloe was the one who actually carried her and then they had a custody battle. Nicole worries that Holly could sense the trauma and even when she got custody, she became a single mother. EJ encourages that she showered Holly with love and kids can sense that too. Nicole still wonders if things would be different if she raised Holly from the day she was born and she was hoping to have that chance with their son but it wasn’t in the cards for her.

Ava asks Rafe how she can help since she knows nothing about Li’s death. Rafe points out that since Wendy and Tripp are in Hong Kong, Ava is the only person in Salem who was living in the apartment when both Gil and Li were killed, so maybe she knows something without even being aware of it. Ava jokingly suggests hiring a hypnotist which Rafe says is not a bad idea. Ava insists she’s been doing nothing but thinking about this since Harris told her about the fingerprint. Ava swears that she knows just as much as Rafe does and that she really has to get back to work. Rafe suggests he come see her later or tomorrow then as there’s no chance he’s giving up on this. Ava says she’s trying to protect herself from reliving this. Rafe understands that this is difficult for her but he really needs her help here, badly. Ava then agrees to do what she can to help.

Eric asks Thomas if he has any ideas what kind of stories he wants to cover. Thomas says he wants to be a crime reporter and jokes about his school cafeteria. Eric sends Thomas to the photography room and says Chad will show him how to use the camera. Chad talks about Thomas getting it from his mom.

Stefan tells Kristen not to get ahead of themselves since Gabi isn’t out of prison yet and reminds her that he’s the one who found the black book. Kristen questions if he’s going back on a promise over a technicality. Stefan says he wants EJ out of the CEO chair as much as she did so the mission is plugging Kristen in and getting EJ out, but the priority is getting his wife out of prison.

Rafe tells Ava that the evidence points to Gil stabbing Li but questions what his motive was. Ava asks how she would know anything about that. Rafe says he’s just trying to piece things together and asks if there was any chance that Li was working with Clyde. Ava says absolutely not. Rafe asks how she could be so sure unless there’s more she’s not telling him about what Clyde and Gil were doing. Ava complains that it sounds like she needs a lawyer. Rafe says he’s not interrogating her but she did run a drug ring for her father. Ava argues that was decades ago. Rafe suggests maybe Clyde knew that and was capitalizing on her experience. Ava remarks that anything possible doesn’t mean they are. Rafe brings up Ava running a management position at the Bistro despite having no restaurant experience. Ava declares they are done here. Rafe questions why Stefan would take the fall for her when she’s the one with the drug DNA. Ava tells Rafe that his accusations are baseless. Rafe shouts that it was happening right below her and she’s smarter than that. Rafe says he just needs to understand why Stefan took the fall for her and asks if something was going on between them. Rafe questions if Stefan was cheating on Gabi with Ava. Rafe asks her to help him understand and make sense of this.

Nicole asks EJ to tell her the truth as she asks if he expected so much drama when they got together. Nicole talks about EJ having to deal with Holly’s attitude and her occasional mood swings. EJ jokes that he does the same and she still puts up with him. EJ adds that after being with Sami, this has been a cake walk which Nicole takes as a compliment. EJ assures that he adores her and is so grateful that he gets to spend his time with her. Nicole asks EJ to let Holly know that she’ll be working late tonight and that she did come by on her break to see her. EJ informs Nicole that a City Hall fundraiser is on the horizon, so her being on his arm when he shows up will make him look like visiting royalty. Nicole agrees to go and says it will be an interesting and a chance to do something good. EJ calls her optimism infectious. Nicole says it’s really sad that so many charity programs are underfunded so maybe she can pick up something for her article. EJ comments that she and Eric seem to have really thrown themselves in to this. Nicole assures they believe these stories need to be told. EJ declares that his wife has everything as they kiss. Nicole tells EJ that she will see him later as she then exits the mansion.

Eric tells Chad that Abigail was an amazing person. Chad says she was perfect to him and he misses her. Chad talks about there being a lot of Abigail in their kids. Eric is sure she’s smiling down on them.

Sloan tells Leo that maybe this was all her fault since she left him alone at a bar to drown his sorrows in booze. Leo calls that a huge mistake on her part. Sloan asks how long after she left did he go to EJ’s. Leo tries to recall how long it took but says he doesn’t know because he was drunk and still is along with being heartbroken, so he wasn’t thinking. Sloan asks if he’s ever thinking. Leo responds that he’s thinking now and something isn’t adding up.

Stefan declares that he’s going to EJ to compel him to open Gabi’s case because she’s been locked up long enough. Kristen tries to stop Stefan and says she knows it’s hard to be patient but Rafe said he was going to EJ after he talked to Ava. Kristen says they will hope that Rafe finds even more evidence that points to Gil as the killer.

Ava tells Rafe that the only woman that Stefan loves is Gabi and she thinks Rafe knows that. Ava thought they were trying to get evidence to clear Gabi’s name, not have an interrogation in to her past. Rafe understands her resistance to her past but says it’s relevant because anyone can look up Ava’s history and see that she’s a criminal. Rafe argues that he’s trying to get the truth and the whole story. Rafe’s theory is that the killings are connected as he thinks Gil came looking for Ava but ran in to Li and Li was in his way, so Gil took him out, then Gabi came in and stupidly picked up the knife after seeing the body. Ava calls that definitely a theory. Rafe tells Ava there’s no more dancing around it. Rafe declares that Ava was the intended victim and he thinks she knows that.

Chad tells Eric that kids make it all worthwhile. Eric agrees, talking about Jude being his world. Chad says genetics have nothing on that kind of love. Eric calls Thomas amazing and a great kid. Chad talks about him growing up too fast. Chad tells Eric to make sure to cherish every moment he can with Jude. Eric assures that he does and that he’s so blessed to be his dad.

Sloan ask what Leo means by something not adding up. Leo says he told EJ the truth out of the goodness of his heart which Sloan laughs at. Leo says he didn’t go there for a payout, but EJ spearheaded that so he wouldn’t talk. Sloan tells Leo to just do as he’s told. Leo argues that he had no choice after Eric cut off his money. Sloan asks if that’s why he went to EJ. Leo reminds her that he told her that he would if his allowance stopped coming. Sloan complains that he more recently said he wouldn’t. Leo blames the drinking but Sloan says he’s the one who poured the poison down his throat, so he’s the reason they are in this mess. Leo tells Sloan that he’s sorry. Leo talks about how he cares about Jude. Leo thinks that Jude should be with his biological mom, who actually likes kids. Sloan declares that Jude is never going back to Nicole, ever, which Leo questions.

Ava questions Rafe thinking she was Gil’s target. Rafe confirms that he thinks so and with forensics evidence and a possible motive, they have a much better chance at getting Gabi her freedom, but he needs the whole story and whatever her relationship was with Gil. Ava responds that she didn’t have a relationship with him. Ava calls Gil a snake who was always coming onto her and wouldn’t take no for an answer and that is it. Rafe asks why Gil had to come back here to do that. Ava asks if she has to spell it out for him. Ava says there’s always the chance that someone could be at the Bistro so it’s not the ideal place for sexual assault. Ava asks if it’s hard to get in the head of a predator. Rafe goes over Gil killing Li and then coming back for Ava, but she killed him. Ava flashes back to shooting Gil and shouts that it was in self defense.

Leo doesn’t understand and questions if Sloan is saying EJ doesn’t want his kid back. Sloan says she didn’t say that. Leo argues that if Nicole never gets her baby back, then EJ won’t either. Sloan reminds Leo that EJ told him to keep his mouth shut and not ask questions but he’s doing the opposite. Leo argues that he’s a journalist. Sloan says this is none of his concern. Leo says he’s a sensitive guy with a big heart and a ton of guilt for stealing a child and letting EJ and Nicole think their child was dead. Leo admits he’s having a hard time living with himself because he’s feeling so guilty. Leo questions Sloan lying to Eric all this time and how she’s sleeping at night or living with herself.

Chad asks Eric how his feature is coming along. Eric says it’s coming along well. Chad asks if it’s going alright with Nicole. Eric says it is and asks why it wouldn’t be. Chad acknowledges their history and jokes that he knows what it can be like to work with an ex. Nicole then arrives and asks if she’s interrupting. Chad says no, so Nicole says for them to get back to work. Chad decides he will go track down Thomas. Nicole gives Chad a notebook that she found at her desk this morning. Chad opens it and Nicole asks if everything is okay. Chad recognizes it having Abigail’s handwriting and that the last entry was just a few weeks before she died.

Ava tells Rafe that it still haunts her why she had to pull the trigger and it still follows her. Ava says now it’s the thought that Wendy’s brother was killed because of her. Rafe says Li was in the wrong place at the wrong time, just like Gabi was. Ava says maybe that’s just a story he keeps telling himself. Ava cries that she can’t do this anymore. Ava tells Rafe that she doesn’t know anything and if she did, she would tell him, but she doesn’t. Rafe accepts that for now but tells her that as long as Gabi’s freedom is on the line, he’s not going to stop digging by a long shot.

Chad says he can almost hear Abigail’s voice in her writing. Chad thought he read everything she wrote but he’s never seen this before, so she must have been working on it right before she died. Eric asks how they can find out or if anyone else might know. Chad suggests Abigail probably confided in Jack. Nicole points out that Jack was editor-in-chief so maybe he knows something. Chad decides there’s only one way to find out and calls Jack. Chad tells him that everything is okay and the kids are good. Chad says he just had a question about Abigail. Chad asks Jack if Abigail told him or Jennifer about a piece she was working on before she died.

EJ sits at home with a drink until Stefan and Kristen come home. EJ jokingly calls them two of his favorite people and offers a drink. Stefan says he’s good for now while Kristen says she’ll take one herself. EJ and Kristen start to argue. Stefan asks them to stop. EJ asks Kristen if she noticed the DiMera stock going up and calls that enough for the board to vote him as permanent CEO at the next election since it’s all about the bottom line. Stefan questions him being sure while Kristen mocks him. EJ remarks that the rising tide lifts all boats. Stefan says that Chad and Tony want nothing to do with the company and he’s persona non grata so it looks like EJ has it buttoned up. EJ agrees and toasts to family.

Sloan tells Leo that guilt is a waste of time as nobody gets medals for suffering. Leo mocks her having no conscience. Sloan says she has come to terms with what she did, so he should too and they should put this dark time behind them. Leo argues that they told a woman that her son was dead when he wasn’t and that woman will probably grieve for the rest of her life. Sloan calls that sad, but insists that she will get over it. Sloan points out that Nicole is in a very happy marriage to a rich and powerful man, she has a daughter and a job, so she thinks she’s doing fine. Sloan tells Leo to get over his guilt and warns him to keep his mouth shut or else she will tell EJ that he’s not holding up his end of the bargain, so losing all that money will be the least of his troubles.

Ava goes home and calls Harris, leaving a message telling him that she’s not feeling so great so she told Roman that she couldn’t work tonight but she needs to talk to him. Ava hangs up and tells herself that she can’t do it. Ava questions how to tell Wendy that it could be her fault that her brother is dead. Ava prays that Rafe is wrong.

Chad thanks Jack and says they’ll talk soon as they hang up. Chad informs Eric and Nicole that apparently Abigail was working on something pretty heavy before she died and she was just about to break it open but she never told Jack what it was, so he just assumed she dropped it, but based on the dates and her notes, she didn’t drop it. Eric asks if Chad has a guess. Chad guesses it was on the increased drug trafficking in Salem. Eric brings up that Clyde was released from prison right before Abigail died and Chad points out that Salem police are still trying to dismantle that drug operation. Nicole acknowledges that as the drugs that nearly killed Holly. Chad realizes that Abigail was on to Clyde but the question is if he knew about it.

Rafe goes to the DiMera Mansion. EJ questions him making house calls. Rafe points out that he’s never in his office and asks if they can talk. EJ assumes he has no choice. They head in to the living room where Rafe points out Stefan and Kristen. EJ asks what this is about. Rafe reveals there is new evidence that points to Gabi being innocent in killing Li Shin. Rafe hands EJ a folder as EJ remarks that Gabi is far from innocent. Rafe explains to EJ that it’s photos of the black book, lab results, and fingerprints which is Gil’s fingerprint in Li’s blood. EJ argues that it could’ve been there for years and proves nothing, especially since it was found by Gabi’s husband. Stefan argues that he found the book knowing it belonged to Gil and immediately turned it over to the police. EJ feels there’s nothing substantial to justify reopening the case. Kristen calls that insane, arguing that the book couldn’t have been there for years since the Bistro was only open under Gil for a few months. EJ declares that as district attorney, the decision is his, so they will not be reopening the case, end of story. EJ walks out, leaving Rafe, Stefan, and Kristen upset.

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