Days Short Recap Tuesday, May 14, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady let Marlena know that she was always like a mother to him because she always cheers him on. He gave her a Mother’s Day present. Jada was shocked that Li’s blood was on the black book. Rafe said it connected Gil to Li Shin’s murder. Jada wanted to know how they were going to prove it. Rafe said they had to do something to clear Gabi. Kristen told Stefan that she had evidence that proved Gabi didn’t kill Li. She said he was going to have his wife back as a free woman. Alex told Theresa about the things he bought. He said he was using the money to get over the anger he had towards Victor. Theresa thought it was good that he was letting go of his anger, but Alex said he wasn’t entirely over it. Alex talked to Theresa about the shock of finding out that Victor was his father and not Justin. He told her he was still upset about Justin not being his father. Spending money eased the pain a little. Brady told Marlena that he was grateful to have her as a mother in his life. He loved how she made his father happy. Brady told her that she meant everything to the people in their lives. Kristen told Stefan that she invited Ava over to see if she knew anything about Li’s murder. She said Ava told her about the blood on the black book. Stefan asked if it had anything to do with Li’s murder. Kristen said after the book was analyzed, Li’s blood and Gil’s fingerprints were on the book.

Alex continued to tell Theresa about the things he bought. Theresa wondered if he was going to save some of the money for heirs. He said he didn’t think he was going to have kids. Brady told Marlena about his trip. While they were talking, they talked about Rachel. Marlena said she wished Brady had custody of Rachel. Brady said it killed him that Alex got to see Rachel more than he did. Marlena said she didn’t think Alex and Kristen were serious. Brady said he didn’t think it was at first. Marlena asked if Theresa liked it. Brady said she didn’t. Kristen told Stefan that Gil was looking for Ava but killed Li instead. She said Li was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Brady told Marlena how he felt about Alex. Marlena didn’t agree with him about Alex. Stefan asked Kristen how they were going to prove Gil was Li’s killer. Kristen said reasonable doubt. While they were talking, Rafe and Jada showed up. Rafe told Stefan that they needed a list of everyone who worked at the Bistro when Li was killed. Stefan brought up the black book. He said they were on the same page and agreed to give Rafe the records. Alex told Theresa that he was moving back in the mansion. He told her she could stay in the apartment for as long as he wants to. She was upset about living in the apartment without him. He said he thought she would want time to herself. Theresa said that didn’t make her happy because she liked being with him. Marlena advised Brady to have an honest conversation with Alex. Brady said Alex told him he wasn’t interested in having a relationship with Rachel. Marlena said he sounded jealous of the time Alex spent with Rachel. They talked about Nicole not letting Holly go to the prom. Rafe and Jada told Stefan that he was going to free Gabi from prison. Stefan said he was willing to do whatever it took to help Gabi. Theresa told Alex she never wanted to break up with him. She said she was hurt and embarrassed when he didn’t propose to her. Theresa said she regretted the way she treated him.

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