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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe let Jada know that the book was being investigated. Jada felt like it was the break they needed. She hoped Harris had luck tracing it. Ava wanted to know why Kristen wanted to meet with her. Nicole expressed to Eric how devastated she was that Holly hated her. Eric assured her that Holly didn’t hate her. She wanted Holly to understand why she didn’t want her to go to the prom. Eric told her that Holly understood, but she didn’t think so. Sloan wondered if Eric was always going to be with Nicole or was everything crashing down on her. EJ arrived at Sloan’s place. Rafe wanted to call the lab to find out news about the book, but Jada tried to stop him from doing that. She wanted to bring Clyde and Goldman to justice. Jada told Rafe that she had cold cases about Clyde that she wanted to solve. EJ knew Sloan wasn’t lying. He found out that Eric and Nicole are Jude’s parents. Sloan wondered what he was going to do about it now that he knows the truth. Eric and Nicole were talking and found Leo on the ground. Kristen admitted that she wanted Ava to tell her what happened to Li. EJ didn’t know what he was going to do yet. He wondered how she pulled off her plan. EJ assumed she had help with her plan. Sloan said she was the only one who did it. He didn’t seem to believe her. Sloan explained what happened after Nicole gave birth to Jude. EJ wanted to know how Leo found out about what she did. She told him that Dimitri told Leo everything. EJ couldn’t believe that Dimitri knew the baby was his and he still chose his mother over him. Sloan wanted to know what he was going to do about Leo. Rafe wondered why Jada was involved in cold cases. She was focused on Bobby. Bobby wanted her to investigate his mother. Ava didn’t know anything about what happened to Li. Kristen wondered if she was sure about that. She thought Gil and Li were killed within days of each other in the same apartment. Kristen wondered if there was something she didn’t tell the police. EJ planned on taking care of Leo. Sloan wondered if he was going to hurt him. EJ planned to take him to the desert and dig a hole for him. He was kidding and assured her that Leo would be fine. Sloan said the truth about Jude had to remain a secret in order to save their marriages. EJ thought Nicole would be ecstatic once she found out the truth about her baby. He thought he would be a jerk if he didn’t tell Nicole the truth. Sloan told him that Eric and Nicole would get back together. She thought they should keep quiet.

Eric and Nicole put Leo to bed. He told them he was heartbroken because he lost the love of his life. Nicole assured him that he would meet someone new. Leo wondered if things got better for them. They assured him they were happier. Leo didn’t believe them. EJ thought Nicole deserved to know the truth, but he didn’t want to lose her. He thought there could be a compromise. EJ thought he could tell Nicole that Jude was their son. Sloan thought Jude would grow up looking and sounding like Eric. She thought it was best for them to keep quiet. Leo said his heart was in the right place. He wondered if EJ told her about his conversation with him. Leo fell asleep before Nicole could get answers from him. Nicole wanted to know what was going on, but Eric said to let him sleep it off. Ava told Kristen what happened when she killed Gil. Rafe was surprised to hear Jada talk about Bobby in an empathetic way. She didn’t mean to talk about him so much. Jada realized that he wasn’t the man she thought he was. She was thankful he signed the divorce papers. EJ showed up at Leo’s place. Leo didn’t remember him being there. He mentioned how Nicole and Eric were there with him. EJ demanded to know why Nicole and Eric were there. Leo told him they found him passed out and brought him home. He remembered that he wanted to tell them the truth. EJ warned him not to tell him the truth. He wanted to know why. EJ told him the baby belongs to Eric and Nicole. He promised to pay him to keep quiet. Ava would help Kristen find Li’s killer, but she didn’t know how she could help. Rafe received a call that the book had a print of Gil on it. It also had Li’s blood on it. Leo agreed to keep quiet. EJ told him that he would have a wonderful life if he kept quiet. If he broke the promise, EJ would make sure he didn’t have a life. Rafe realized that Gabi didn’t kill Li. He thought Gil was the one who did it.

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