GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 15, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

The much-anticipated wedding of Brook Lynn and Chase begins and everyone is happy to be celebrating the day with the happy couple. Traci gives Brook Lynn a broach that belonged to her great grandmother Lila and tells her she has the same positive attitude as her great grandmother.

Traci also apologizes to Ned for not attending his wedding to Lois years ago and gives him a hug. Ned tells Brook Lynn that he is very proud of her and that she will always be his little girl.

Jason, Ned, and Spinelli see each other for the first time since Jason returned to Port Charles and they hug. Jason apologizes to Spinelli for not going to see him sooner.

Ned walks Brook Lynn down the aisle and gives her hand to Chase. Gregory welcomes friends and family to the wedding on behalf of Brook Lynn and Chase. Gregory begins his prepared speech, but he be starts experiencing difficulty breathing.

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