Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, May 15, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Sally asks Audra for advice if she should give up on her design business. Audra tells Sally she is a very talented person that is good at many things. What she needs to do is decide which of her talents she is passionate about and stick with that as her job.

Billy texts Lily that he is taking a trip to the Chancellor-Winters regional offices in order to get to know them better.

Devon asks Tucker if he has any leverage on Jill so he can use it to kick Billy out of Chancellor-Winters. Tucker tells Devon that he never had any leverage on Jill. Tucker tells Devon he can find a way to get Billy out of the company and nobody will ever need to know he asked him for help to get Billy out of the company. Devon makes it clear that if he got Billy out of Chancellor-Winters that might change the relationship between them, but Devon doesn’t want Tucker to do that for him. Devon also tells Tucker that just because he asked him for advice doesn’t change their relationship at all.

Tucker misunderstands the conversation with Devon and later tells Audra that Devon told him that if he found a way to get Billy out of Chancellor-Winters it would change the relationship between them.

Alan sees Ashley change from the Belle personality to the Ms. Abbott personality and later tells Traci he thinks she has disassociate identity disorder and they need to get the real Ashley to come out so she can agree to get psychiatric help in a controlled environment. Ashley’s Ms. Abbott personality comes out while Ashley is at the park and she says she has to kill Tucker.

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