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Recap written by Eva

Congressman MacConkey thinks that Drew is the right person to take over his seat in Congress. The congressman suggests that if Drew decides to run for Congress he should change his last name to Quartermaine.

Sonny’s pharmacist calls Valentin and tells him he doesn’t want to alter Sonny’s dosage anymore because his wife, a beautiful blonde woman, knows the truth. Valentin talks to Nina and finds out she and Sonny don’t talk anymore but Ava lives with him. Valentin tells the pharmacist that he will take care of the woman who claimed to be Sonny’s wife.

John questions Ava to see if she knows anything about Sonny’s business but Ava tells John Sonny doesn’t talk to her about his business. John tells Ava that Sonny is a person of interest in an FBI investigation and, since she is a member of the Jerome crime family, the FBI will be watching her too.

Anna tells Jason they will use Carly’s mistake with Brennan to their advantage and wait for Brennan to make a mistake and then take him down.

Anna and Valentin begin their cat and mouse game to get information from each other.

Danny goes to The Coffee Warehouse office to give Jason a message from Monica. Monica wants Jason to go to Chase and Brook Lynn’s wedding in her place because her ankle still hasn’t healed. Jason tells Danny to tell Monica that he will go to the wedding in her place.

Alexis advises Gregory to talk to Finn as soon as possible and apologize to him and explain that he was frustrated about his situation and he didn’t mean to take his frustration out on him.

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