Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, May 14, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Tucker talks to Alan about Ashley’s personality shifts and asks him to stay in town and help Ashley because she needs help. Tucker asks Alan to guess what he is thinking right now. Alan tells Tucker he doesn’t do parlor tricks, but since he asked him to do it, he thinks that he feels guilty. Alan thinks Tucker feels guilty for the pain he caused Ashley and he thinks that pain is what is causing Ashley’s current problems. Tucker likes Alan and he thinks he is a good doctor. Tucker hopes Alan can help Ashley.

Audra has a talk with Ashley’s Belle personality who wishes her the best with Tucker. Audra tells Tucker about her talk with Ashley and then Tucker and Audra decide to move on with their lives and not talk about Ashley. Tucker and Audra decide to go to Paris earlier then they had planned.

Daniel once again asks Lily to let him keep the Princess Louisa video game but she says that the board voted no because it would be bad for the company. Lily talks to Jill on video call and Jill explains to Lily that she transferred her power at the company to Billy so Devon wouldn’t be able to kick Billy out of the company. Jill thinks this will give Billy equal footing at the company and he, Devon, and Lily will have to work together. Lily calls Devon to tell him Billy was telling the truth because Jill called her and told her that Billy is replacing her and she will remain a consultant. Devon tells Lily that he will be at the office in a little while because he has to make a stop before going to the office. Devon goes to the Athletic Club asks Tucker if he has time to talk.

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