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Stephanie and Everett go to the Brady Pub after playing pickleball. They joke about the time they had until Stephanie gets a cramp in her leg, so Everett massages her leg which she admits feels good. Stephanie says she’s glad they did this and that he suggested it.

Rafe joins Jada at the police station and informs her that the results came from the crime lab on the black book that Harris gave them and they are processing it further now. Jada calls it their first potential break. Rafe talks about how Clyde needs that book, but they weren’t able to crack the code as the department is not used to seeing that. Jada hopes Harris has better luck with his Navy buddies.

Kristen and Ava have coffee together at the DiMera Mansion. They talk about how long they have been friends. Kristen recalls when they were in the convent in Italy. Ava questions why she invied her over. Kristen claims she just thought they could catch up but Ava is not buying it. Ava asks Kristen what she really wants.

Nicole and Eric go to the park. Nicole complains about the look in Holly’s eyes when she said she hated her. Eric encourages that she’s just angry. Nicole cries that she’s just trying to protect Holly because the thought of her partying at prom triggers her in to remember that Holly almost died. Eric understands. Nicole wishes that Holly understood. Eric suggests just giving her time to cool off and says he’s sorry that she had a difficult Mother’s Day. Nicole knew it would be but didn’t think it would end with her daughter hating her.

Sloan watches over Jude at home and wonders how this is it how will always be, with Eric working with Nicole while they are alone or if it’s all going to come crashing down. EJ then shows up at her door.

Rafe decides to call the lab to give them a nudge but Jada convinces him not to as the lab will call when they have something. Jada encourages that it will be soon and says she’s even more motivated to bring down Clyde and Goldman. Rafe and Jada talk about a stack of cold cases. Jada doesn’t want Clyde to be found as a cold case decades later by some rookie cop wondering why they dropped the ball.

Sloan guesses that EJ got the DNA results which he confirms. Sloan says she knows the results are exactly what she told him they would be. EJ sits down and acknowledges that Sloan was not lying this time as Nicole is Jude’s mother and Eric is his father. Sloan declares that now the question is, what EJ is going to do about the truth.

Eric complains to Nicole that this guy was supposed to be here twenty minutes ago. Nicole suggests trying again later but Eric points out the guy they are meeting doesn’t have a phone. They then hear a noise and find what they believe is a homeless man lying behind the bench, but it turns out to be Leo.

Kristen asks Ava if she always has to have an ulterior motive. Ava calls it a little suspicious for her to invite her over out of the blue. Kristen then admits that she needs Ava’s help as she needs some information about the murder of Li Shin.

Rafe asks if Jada often goes through cold cases like a hobby. Jada says when it’s slow, she does and she hates when a case can’t be cracked. Jada talks about how hard it is on the families of the victims to not have any answers or closure and how that could really eat away for years. Rafe asks what is eating away at Jada now. Jada responds that it’s Bobby.

Stephanie and Everett go over the menu at the Brady Pub. Everett decides on a hot dog which reminds Stephanie of their first date in Seattle. They joke together and Everett recalls how badly he wanted to kiss her on that first date but he thought it was too soon.

EJ informs Sloan that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do as he doesn’t know if it’s quite sunk in yet. EJ tells Sloan that he is fascinated and questions how she pulled it off since it’s no easy task to taking a newborn baby, faking it’s death, and then passing it off as her own child. EJ assumes that she had help in this ambitious endeavor. Sloan responds that it was all her. EJ calls that quite an accomplishment. Sloan says she’s not excusing what she did, but she was devastated after her miscarriage and she and Eric wanted to adopt, but there were complications because of her past and that’s when by chance, Dimitri showed up at her door with the baby that Nicole had just given birth to on the side of the road. Sloan explains that Dimitri was supposed to bring the baby to the hospital but he was a fugitive, so he brought him here, knowing she was Leo’s lawyer and expected her to bring him to the hospital. Sloan recalls when she saw the baby and feeling like all the planets had aligned. Sloan felt she had a second chance to be a mother and help Eric raise his child. EJ asks about the adoption papers. Sloan explains that she fixed everything since she’s a lawyer. EJ questions how Leo found out. Sloan responds that Dimitri is a loose cannon and blackmailed her in to getting his charges dropped, then he told Leo all about it right before he was sent off to super max. EJ realizes that Dimitri thought the baby was his, but still chose Leo over family and calls him a backstabber. Sloan doesn’t want to talk about Dimitri and asks what EJ’s plan is for Leo.

Rafe tells Jada that he doesn’t get it. Jada explains that the cold case eating away at her is related to Bobby since when she met him in Seattle, he asked her to find information on his mom since she was a police officer. Rafe asks what happened to his mom. Jada reveals that she doesn’t know other than that she left when Bobby was little and that his father said she left one day and never came back which was traumatic for him. Jada says they would have days together where they were talking and he’d just start looking off and she knew he was thinking of her. Jada adds that it haunted him even years later.

Ava tells Kristen that other than Li being killed in the apartment she shared with her son, she knows nothing else about it or who else was involved. Kristen asks if she’s sure about that, calling it curious that there were two murders, Li’s and Gil’s, in the same apartment within days of each other. Ava calls it a coincidence and points out the police found nothing. Kristen suggests the police didn’t have enough information. Kristen asks if there’s anything Ava didn’t tell the police that could be useful.

EJ tells Sloan not to worry as he’s going to take care of Leo. Sloan asks if he means he’s going to hurt him. EJ responds that they will just take a drive to the desert where he will dig a hole about six feet deep. EJ then says he’s kidding and that Leo will be fine. Sloan reminds EJ that the only way their marriages can survive is for the secret to stay secret because he already knows if Eric and Nicole find out, they will leave them like that. EJ says they might, but Nicole is mourning the loss of a child that she thinks is dead but is alive and well, being raised by an amoral kidnapper. Sloan says she deserves the low blow shots at her, but the truth is that Nicole is going through the acceptance stage of the grieving process. Sloan questions why mess with that and open a wound. EJ argues that this would be the happiest news she has received in her life and she would be ecstatic. EJ questions what kind of amoral bastard he would be if he kept the news from her that her baby isn’t dead after all. Sloan warns that if he doesn’t keep the news, then Nicole and Eric will go live happily ever after. Sloan adds that if EJ suddenly gains a conscience, then his wife will dump him and never look back so it’s best for everybody if this just remains their little secret. Sloan states that EJ gets to live happily with Nicole while she raises her son with Eric, so everybody wins.

Eric and Nicole bring Leo to his hotel room at the Salem Inn. Eric puts Leo back in his bed which Leo questions happening again. Nicole asks about that. Eric explains that he helped Leo back to his room the other day. Leo talks about how he started drinking again. Nicole asks what’s going on and why he’s doing this to himself. Leo informs her that it’s because the love of his life sent him a Dear John letter and broke his heart beyond repair. Nicole encourages that his heart will repair eventually and he will meet someone new who is right for him. Nicole promises that things will get better. Leo questions if things got better for them. Nicole and Eric both say that it did. Nicole adds that they are now both happily married and feeling fulfilled in their lives.

EJ tells Sloan that he loves Nicole and she deserves to know, but he does not want to lose her. EJ suggests there could be a compromise where he could take the baby and tell Nicole that it’s their son, so she would be raising her child. Sloan asks if he really wants to be raising Eric’s son since he’s going to grow up looking and sounding like Eric. EJ admits he doesn’t want that. Sloan asks EJ to let sleeping dogs lie, calling it the most sane solution they have here. Sloan says it’s best for both of them and Jude. EJ questions if it is the best or most sane solution for Nicole and Jude. Sloan repeats that if the truth ever gets out, there is nothing stopping Eric and Nicole from being together. Sloan says Jude is her little boy as she’s raised him since he was born and she loves him with all her heart. Sloan asks EJ not to take him from the only family he’s ever known.

Leo complains that every time he tries to do the right thing, it ends up the wrong thing so maybe if he tries to do the wrong thing, it will be the right thing. Eric asks what he means. Leo swears he tries to do the right thing. Leo tells them about a time that he was catfished on a date. Leo tells Nicole that he just wants to help her and he wants her to be happier, but he doesn’t want to hurt Eric because he’s such a good man. Nicole asks what he’s talking about. Leo questions if EJ didn’t tell her. Nicole says no and asks what he’s talking about. Leo then complains of seeing double and passes out in the bed. Nicole tries questioning what EJ was supposed to tell her and what he’s talking about. Eric recalls the same thing yesterday where Leo tried to tell him something about Jude but then he fell asleep. Nicole wonders what is going on. Eric suggests they leave and let him sleep it off.

Kristen tells Ava that whatever she tells her, she will keep her name out of it. Ava explains that Gil came to the apartment with something Bistro related, he tried to sexually assault her, she shot him and he died and that was it. Kristen goes over how Stefan bought the Bistro and Clyde used Gabi as leverage to force Stefan to continue doing Gil’s handy work. Ava says she guesses that’s it. Ava adds that Stefan already told the police that he was working alone with Clyde and claims they were barely close, so she questions why Stefan would lie to cover for her. Kristen calls that an intriguing question. Ava doesn’t like that Kristen is implying she was one of Clyde’s minions. Kristen says they are old friends and she’s just trying to help her brother Stefan out. Kristen asks if they aren’t on the same page.

Rafe tells Jada that it’s the most he’s ever heard her talk about Bobby in an empathetic way. Jada knows she vented to him a lot about how much she detested him and she’s sorry if that got annoying. Rafe assures that he’s always there to listen and to have her back. Rafe says Jada and Bobby must have had some good times since she did end up marrying the guy. Jada says that’s because when she met him, he was kind, intelligent, and witty but then she discovered that he wasn’t the man she thought he was. Jada says she’s just happy that he finally signed the divorce papers so she can move on with her life and be with the most wonderful man who she loves with all her heart as she and Rafe then kiss.

Stephanie and Everett jokingly argue over their difference in opinion on a movie they saw. Stephanie thanks him for teaching her that card game years ago and they suggests playing it. Stephanie says they have so many memories. Everett responds that he remembers every single moment with her. Alana then enters the bar and greets him as “Bobby” as she heads on to the bar. Stephanie question who that was and if he knows her. Everett claims to have no idea who that is and suggests maybe it’s someone from Seattle. Stephanie guesses it’s a small world.

EJ goes to Leo’s room and gives him coffee to make him feel better. Leo questions why EJ is here. EJ asks if he doesn’t remember letting him in. Leo asks what happened to Nicole and Eric. EJ questions them being there with him which Leo confirms. EJ asks why they were visiting him. Leo finds a leaf in his hair and then remembers that he passed out in the park, so they brought him back. Leo remembers that he wanted to tell them the truth about Jude but he doesn’t think he got to it. EJ says thank God which Leo questions. EJ tells Leo that he doesn’t have to know why, but he is telling him that he is never to tell Eric or Nicole the truth about Jude, ever. Leo asks why they shouldn’t know. EJ declares that the baby is Eric and Sloan’s, period. Leo starts to argue but stops. EJ adds that in exchange for a lifetime of his discretion, he will transfer a very large sum of money to his bank account. EJ reminds Leo that’s what he wanted when he came to his house yesterday and says it could all be his, but only if he promises not to ask any more questions or utter another syllable about Jude ever to anyone.

Ava apologizes to Kristen for taking her question the wrong way and says she’s just a little touchy about Clyde and Gil. Kristen insists on believing Gabi did not kill Li. Ava says if she could help her, she would as Li never did anything to her, but there’s nothing she can do to help.

Rafe and Jada go over cold cases. Rafe then gets a call that the results are in and asks what they’ve got. Rafe asks if they are sure. Rafe says that’s great and hangs up. Rafe then informs Jada that the techs got a partial print off the black book and it matched Gil’s. Jada asks about the blood. Rafe then reveals it was Li Shin’s.

Nicole and Eric sit together in the town square to have coffee. Nicole talks about knowing what Leo is going through and she knows Eric does too. Eric is thankful that’s behind them. Nicole calls Eric such a good friend and says being with him really lifts her spirits. Eric tells her the same.

Leo says he could either be extraordinarily wealthy or he could be a person of integrity who tells the truth. EJ asks what it will be. Leo gives in and accepts the money so EJ informs him that the transfer is complete. EJ reminds Leo that if he keeps the promise, he will have a wonderful carefree life but if he breaks that promise, he will make sure he doesn’t have a life. Leo says he understands which EJ calls excellent.

Rafe finishes a call with Harris about the lab results. Rafe tells Jada that he believes this means that Gabi didn’t kill Li Shin and it had to be Gil. Jada asks how they prove it which Rafe calls the burning question.

Stephanie questions if Everett doesn’t want to at least talk to Alana and find out if she knew him from Seattle since maybe she could fill in some blanks. Everett says maybe he will, but he’s having a really good time and suggests they go to dinner which Stephanie accepts. Everett mentions recently discovering a sushi place in Chicago which she says sounds great. Stephanie realizes she has to get back to work, so Everett says he’ll text her. They say they’ll see each other soon as Stephanie then exits the Pub. Everett then approaches Alana at the bar and asks how they know each other and when they met. She reminds him that it was right here two nights ago and they had a drink. Everett says obviously he told her his name was Bobby. She decides to go have lunch somewhere else and exits the Pub.

Ava finishes a call with Harris. Kristen asks if everything is okay with him. Ava responds that everything is fine but it’s a coincidence that Kristen invited her over to talk about Li and Gil. Ava tells Kristen not to tell anyone about this, but Harris just got off the phone with Rafe regarding some evidence they found at the Bistro and what the lab found was unexpected. Ava reveals it proved Kristen right that Gabi didn’t kill Li. Kristen guesses Ava knows who did which she confirms.

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