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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ wanted Rolf to tell him the results of the DNA test. When he got off the phone, Sloan called him. She wanted to know if he got the tests results. EJ said he didn’t. Sloan said she told him the truth about the baby. She asked if he wanted to test the strength of his relationship with Nicole. Sloan wondered if he was worried about Nicole running back to Eric when she found out the truth. Before he could answer, Nicole and Holly showed up. He got off the phone. Chad took Thomas to Abby’s gravesite. Julie talked to Alice at the town square. She wanted a hint on how to open the time capsule. While she was talking, Paulina showed up. She told Paulina that she wasn’t feeling like a good mother. Julie told Paulina not to be too hard on herself. Johnny talked to Chanel about meeting Paulina. Chanel told him she didn’t want to see her mother. She didn’t want to be near Paulina because of her risking her life to save her. While they were talking, she wanted to call Paulina to tell her she wasn’t meeting her. Julie and Paulina talked about the grandkids. While they were talking, Chanel called her and said she wasn’t going to make it. Chanel lied to her about why she wasn’t meeting her. While Tate and Theresa were at the Bistro, Nicole, EJ, and Holly showed up. Theresa and Nicole thought Tate and Holly wanted to go to the Bistro so they could see each other.

Chanel talked to Johnny about it being a strange Mother’s Day for her. She said not too many people know that she’s pregnant. Johnny wondered what was going on with her. She said she was feeling guilty. He wanted to know why. She said children with birth defects need life-long care which could lead to stress on their marriage. Chanel wanted their marriage to be able to survive. Johnny said nothing would change between them. Theresa talked to Tate about the prom. She tried to pump him about his date, but he wouldn’t say much. Nicole told Holly that she wasn’t going to the prom. While Johnny and Chanel were talking about children changing their marriage, Paulina showed up to see Chanel. She said she was going to take care of Chanel. Johnny told Paulina that Chanel needed to rest and hang out another time. Paulina said she wouldn’t stay long. She said she would visit for a few minutes, but Chanel said she didn’t want her to. Holly wanted to know what Nicole meant about her not going to the prom. Nicole said the last time she went out was a disaster. She said Holly was still grounded. Holly said Nicole wasn’t involved in her life. Nicole said she was involved in her life. EJ tried to help the situation, but Holly ripped into him. Chanel ripped into Paulina for risking their lives. When Paulina blamed herself, Chanel continued to yell at her. She told Paulina she didn’t want her there and needed space. Paulina said she understood. Holly yelled at Nicole for not letting her go to the prom. She said she hated Nicole. Chanel told Johnny that she was a horrible daughter for yelling at her mother. Johnny assured her that she did the right thing. EJ found out the results of the baby and found out Jude wasn’t his.

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