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by Michele & Cheryl

Paulina from Days

The writers clearly want Paulina to look like a monster for saving Chanel’s life. Of course, the writers had to have Paulina responsible for Chanel’s baby possibly being in danger. Paulina did what any other parent on the show would have done if their children were in danger. We get that Paulina should have stayed at the hospital, but Chanel would still be in the snow if she didn’t rescue her. Now they want Paulina to look like the bad guy for saving her.

Chanel basically blamed Paulina for putting her life in danger. She said she was grateful to Paulina for saving her life. Now she basically blamed Paulina for the baby’s life being in danger. Would Chanel have felt better if Paulina left her to die? We understand that she’s pregnant and scared for her baby, but Paulina is the same person she wanted to live not too long ago. Fast forward weeks later and Chanel wanted to give Paulina the brush. She didn’t even want to spend Mother’s Day with Paulina even though she didn’t want her to die. We understand that Chanel is upset that Paulina risked her baby’s life, but she decided to keep the baby, so she didn’t need to blame Paulina anymore.

We applaud the writers for Sloan revealing the truth about Jude to EJ. Sloan predictably wanted to work with EJ to keep the baby a secret, but we’re surprised the truth came out. We personally wouldn’t mind seeing Sloan and EJ work together to keep the secret from Nicole and Eric. It’s not the ideal opinion, but we’re curious as to what EJ will do about the baby.

Kristen made it seem as if Brady didn’t have any money because Victor cut him out of the will. What happened to John’s money? John’s rich so Brady should have his money. Are we supposed to believe John suddenly lost his money? Also, Brady lives with John and Marlena, so he doesn’t have to pay for anything other than child support. He should be able to give Kristen money.

We applaud the writers for giving John, Marlena, Steve, and Maggie a story. It’s nice to see the veterans on the show in a major storyline for a change. Despite how long it has taken to reveal the truth about Konstantin, it’s nice to see them in a story. We know it won’t last long so we will enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully it won’t take the writers a long time before they get a storyline again.

We liked Johnny bonding with EJ over the baby. It was the least Johnny could do since he didn’t invite him to the wedding. Anyway, we loved seeing them talk about the baby. Johnny is going through a lot knowing that the baby may have problems, so it was good that he had someone to talk to. It’s not as if he talks to anyone else in his family so luckily EJ was around to talk to. Speaking of Johnny’s family, you would think he would talk to Sami about the baby. She knows what it’s like to have a child who isn’t healthy so she could have told him what to do about his situation.

You would think Maggie wouldn’t have been hesitant to listen to Marlena, Steve, and John about Konstantin using her. Maggie has known them for years so she should know they wouldn’t have lied to her about Konstantin. If anything, they would have had her best interests at heart. They wouldn’t have lied to her. We know Maggie must be clueless for Konstantin’s plan to work but it didn’t make sense for her to think the best in Konstantin and the worst in her friends.


Chanel from Days

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