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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena, John and Steve got Maggie to come over to listen to them. She didn’t to hear what they had to say. Marlena wanted her to listen. Xander went to see Stefan at the mansion. Stefan wondered why he was there. Xander knew he was on Clyde’s payroll. He thought he was focusing on the wrong DiMera. Xander realized that he might be the one who set him up. Maggie was surprised that Konstantin was brainwashing him. John explained what happened when he and Marlena figured out what Konstantin was up to. He let her know that Konstantin wanted him to steal the prenup that she had him sign. John showed her the original version of the prenup. Steve and John informed her that he thought he was getting away with it. John told him that Konstantin told him to steal it. Maggie realized they were telling the truth. Konstantin went to see Sarah and Victoria. He told her that he was going to be her grandfather. Konstantin was happy to have her support. Sarah admitted that he didn’t have it at first. She was glad that he made her mother happy. She warned him not to hurt her mother. Stefan told Xander that he didn’t set her up. Xander told him that he had the money and the means to get the track suit he wore. Maggie couldn’t believe that Konstantin didn’t forgive Victor. She was upset that he showed up there to steal Victor’s money. He wanted to steal her too. Konstantin messed with the wrong red head.

Harris and Ava talked about trying to figure out the book. They were determined to bring Clyde down. Ava wished Harris didn’t have to go. He said he was all in. She wanted to convince him to stay. Ava was going to miss him. He was going to miss her too. Stefan let it slip how much money was offered to Xander. Xander let him know that he didn’t say anything about it. Stefan said it was in the paper, but Xander told him it wasn’t there.Ā Konstantin promised never to hurt Sarah’s mother. Maggie wanted Konstantin in jail. John and Steve told her they had a plan to set up Konstantin. Maggie said he couldn’t get money even without the prenup. She realized he was planning to kill her. Konstantin told Sarah that he would never hurt Maggie. Sarah planned to hold him to that. He thought she was admirable to share her wealth with Victor’s family. He said he remembered Katarina at Victoria’s age. Konstantin wanted to go home to Maggie. Maggie agreed to work with John, Steve and Marlena. They wanted to set her up so they could track everything. Xander went home and told Sarah that he was convinced Stefan set him up. Stefan felt like Xander was getting too close to comfort. Stefan let Gabi know they would find Li’s killer and they would be together. Konstantin met with Maggie. He wanted to know how it went with Marlena. She told him that she had a lot of things to share. Maggie thought it would be a wedding to remember.

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