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EJ is outside the DiMera Mansion, on the phone with Dr. Rolf, demanding the DNA test results. EJ questions how much longer he needs. EJ tells him to let him know the second he gets them. EJ hangs up and then gets a call from Sloan, who is in the park with Jude. EJ asks what the hell he wants. Sloan asks if he got the test results yet. EJ says he’s working on it. Sloan assures that she told the truth that Jude is Eric and Nicole’s biological child so he can run all the tests he wants. Sloan then questions if EJ really wants to test the strength of his relationship with Nicole by her finding out the truth. Sloan asks if EJ is worried that Nicole will go running back to Eric the second that she finds out they created a child together. EJ then hangs up when he sees Nicole and Holly coming out from the mansion and greets them. Holly talks about being ready for breakfast. Nicole asks if she’s sure she’s okay with going to the Bistro. Holly assures that the restaurant didn’t have anything to do with what happened to her and that she was really enjoying her time with everyone before then. EJ, Nicole, and Holly then head for the Bistro.

Tate and Theresa have breakfast at the Bistro. Tate comments on Theresa never giving up on him. Theresa assures that she will always be there for him and she will always fight for what’s best for him even if they don’t agree on it.

Chad brings Thomas to visit Abigail’s grave for Mother’s Day. Thomas leaves drawings for her and talks about how they were going to bring Charlotte but she’s too young to understand. Thomas talks about carrying Abigail in their hearts as Chad wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Julie visits the Tom and Alice plaque in the town square to wish Alice a Happy Mother’s Day. Julie talks about knowing Alice is always watching over them and how she’s doing her best to rebuild the house. Julie wishes for a hint about opening the time capsule. Julie cries about them being in Heaven with the saints and the angels where they belong. Paulina appears and wishes Julie a Happy Mother’s Day. Julie wishes her the same. Paulina mentions not feeling like such a wonderful mother these days. Julie encourages her not to be so hard on herself, pointing out that her children and grandchildren adore her along with everyone who knows her.

Johnny sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion, on the phone with Sami for Mother’s Day. Johnny says he’s glad she and Sydney had a great day. Johnny claims he has nothing new to report and wishes Sami a Happy Mother’s Day as he hangs up. Chanel comes in and asks how his mom is. Johnny says she’s great and explains that he made reservations for Sydney to take Sami out to eat for Mother’s Day. Johnny asks if Chanel is going to be late meeting her mom for lunch. Chanel then reveals that she decided to cancel. Johnny questions why and if she’s feeling okay. Chanel responds that she’s fine and this is going to sound awful, but she can’t take seeing her mom today. Johnny encourages that it doesn’t sound awful and she’s just being honest. Chanel feels guilty and talks about Paulina protecting her all through her childhood, so she knows how much she loves her but now that she’s pregnant and her decision to leave isolation put them at risk. Johnny says he gets it. Chanel says she really can’t sit across from Paulina and make small talk while she’s mad and she can’t make it better. Johnny says she doesn’t have to explain herself. Johnny notes that he loves his mom but sometimes feels they are better off on separate continents. Johnny adds that he did not tell Sami about their pregnancy because she’d be on the next flight back to Salem. Chanel says that’s good because she’s not ready for the return of Sami Brady. Chanel then tells Johnny to wish her luck because she’s going to call Paulina to tell her she’s not coming.

Paulina and Julie talk about their grandchildren. Julie asks if Paulina has plans with Chanel for Mother’s Day. Paulina confirms going to lunch at the Bistro, then gets a call from Chanel. Chanel tells Paulina that she’s sorry but she’s not going to make it and claims she’s feeling queasy so she’s just going to stay in bed. Paulina says she understands and tells her to take care of herself. Chanel says she’ll talk to her later and hangs up.

Sloan returns home with Jude to find Eric has made her breakfast. Eric says he would’ve served her in bed if she didn’t leave so early. Sloan says Jude’s an early riser. Eric and Sloan talk about having the main course. They kiss as Eric assures he’s a patient man.

Tate tells Theresa that he gets what she’s saying and they look over the menu to order. EJ, Nicole and Holly then arrive which upsets Theresa, who questions if that’s why Tate wanted to bring her here so bad. Tate claims he had no idea they would be there. Nicole tells Holly that she wasn’t born yesterday and accuses her of wanting to come to the Bistro so she could see Tate. Holly says she didn’t know he would be there and points out that EJ made the reservation.

Chad tells Thomas that he’s really proud of him and encourages Abigail always being in his heart. Thomas says he likes coming to visit Abigail here and that Charlotte can come with them next year. Chad knows they didn’t get to be a family as long as they wanted, but he’s really grateful for the time they had. Chad tells Thomas that he loves him. Thomas tells Chad that he loves him too.

Paulina tells Julie that she suddenly has no Mother’s Day plans as Chanel is under the weather and not up for going out today. Paulina assures it’s not radiation poison which Julie calls a relief. Paulina adds that the doctor gave Chanel a full physical and said she’s fine. Paulina guesses it’s just a spring cold. Julie is sure when Chanel feels better, they will have a belated celebration.

Sloan asks Eric about his new job. Eric says it’s going great and they are surrounded by a great team for the most part, except for Leo. Eric suggests telling Chad that Leo accepts payoffs but Sloan clarifies that it wasn’t and that she was just helping a friend. Eric argues that friends don’t do things like that. Sloan tries to be understanding that Leo just lost the love of his life, who Eric points out is a felon doing hard time. Sloan says she still doesn’t want Leo to lose his job now too. Sloan pleads with Eric to just drop it as a Mother’s Day gift to her. Eric agrees only for her but notes he will still keep an eye on Leo. Sloan thinks Leo’s troublemaking days are finally behind him.

Theresa comments to Tate that she thought there would be more people at the Bistro so she hopes they don’t close as quick as they reopen. Tate questions her wanting the Bistro to stay open when Stefan was running drugs through it. Theresa argues that she has no love for Stefan or Clyde but there are good people working there and there isn’t a good restaurant on every corner. Theresa asks Tate about his job. Tate says it’s good and asks Theresa what she’s going to do now for work. Theresa says she’ll figure something out and he will be the first to know. Nicole, EJ, and Holly go over the menu at their table. EJ toasts to Nicole. Holly tells Nicole that she knows it’s been a rough year for her and she’s sorry for her part in that, but she’s extremely grateful for her as she wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Chanel tells Johnny that it’s a strange Mother’s Day for her for obvious reasons, but she’s glad that EJ made them an appointment with a specialist and that not many people know she’s pregnant. Johnny states that lots of couples wait to tell people so it’s not unusual. Chanel feels guilty since they talked about how a new life is always a blessing no matter what, but now children with birth defects could mean lifelong care and she read that could put a lot of stress on a marriage and they just started their marriage again. Chanel hopes they can both be strong enough to handle whatever isn’t perfect about their baby because she doesn’t want anything to change between them. Johnny promises that nothing will change between them and hugs her as she cries.

Eric puts Jude to sleep and surprises Sloan with a Mother’s Day present which is a topaz necklace for Jude’s birthstone. Sloan tells Eric that she loves it. Eric says it represents joy and good fortune which Sloan says Jude brought in to their lives. Sloan says it’s perfect and thanks him for the best day. Eric tells her there’s a lot more to come as they kiss.

Theresa encourages Tate to be excited about prom. Tate asks how her prom was but Theresa reveals she didn’t go because she thought she was too cool for school and was dating somebody older. Theresa asks Tate if he wants to go shopping for a tuxedo because her schedule is wide open. Tate questions that being what she wants to do on Mother’s Day. Theresa tells him to find out what color Sophia’s dress is so he can get a matching bowtie. Theresa asks Tate to tell her about Sophia. Tate says she’s just a girl in a couple of his classes but he doesn’t really know her that well. Theresa questions him asking her to prom then. Tate says it just kind of happened. Theresa asks if Tate’s going to pick her up. Tate says she’s thinking too hard about this so Theresa agrees to stop asking questions but remarks that she’s really glad Tate isn’t going to prom with Holly and she’s so glad that he has moved on. Tate remarks that it’s not like he had a choice. EJ, Holly, and Nicole talk about Nicole’s first story as a reporter. Nicole calls it almost as exciting as being district attorney and the CEO of a major corporation at the same time which EJ calls a balancing act. Nicole brings up the idea of getting away for a weekend to Chicago or New York. Holly says not until after prom but Nicole tells Holly that is not happening as she’s not going to prom.

Chad and Thomas go to the Brady Pub. Julie joins them as Chad wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day and says he’s thrilled she could join them. Thomas tells Julie about visiting Abigail. Julie talks about visiting Alice. Thomas says he can’t wait to move back home. Chad and Julie agree. Julie says Maggie is a wonderful hostess but there’s no place like home. Thomas then surprises Julie with a Mother’s Day gift which he says he and Charlotte made for her to hang in the new house. Julie calls it perfect and thanks him as Chad smiles.

Johnny tells Chanel that having kids in general is going to change the dynamic in any relationship. Chanel worries about their situation. Paulina then shows up, catching them off guard, as she enters with a bag and wishes a Happy Mother’s Day. Chanel questions what she’s doing there and mentions not hearing the doorbell. Paulina says that Harold let her in and reveals she brought soup, crackers, and tea for Chanel. Paulina announces she’s going to make it all herself and asks if she can go through the kitchen. Johnny calls that entirely unnecessary but Paulina insists on taking care of Chanel. Johnny says Chanel is very tired and needs to rest, so he thinks it would just be better if they hung out another time and apologizes. Paulina promises she won’t stay very long and asks if she can just visit for a few minutes but Chanel declares that she rather she not.

Tate asks Theresa if there’s anything new with her and Alex. Theresa says not really so Tate asks if it’s over then. Theresa says she doesn’t know and asks to talk about something else. Holly questions Nicole saying she’s not going to prom. Nicole brings up that last time Holly went to a night time event, she almost died so she would be too worried about her. Nicole reminds Holly that she’s already grounded anyways. Holly informs her that she already has a date named Aaron Greene. Nicole questions who that is. Holly remarks that maybe she’d know if she was more involved in her life. EJ calls that uncalled for but Holly cuts him off and says she wasn’t talking to him. Nicole warns her to watch it and argues that she is involved in her life, accusing her of trying to butter her up with a Mother’s Day speech so she could go to prom. Holly calls it so unfair. EJ suggests they save this until they get home. Holly questions if she’s just going to be grounded forever and asks why Nicole can’t just let her live her life.

Julie calls Thomas the best person she knows and says she’s proud to be his aunt. Thomas says he’s proud of her too. Thomas asks Chad if he can join Roman in the kitchen which Chad allows. Julie comments to Chad that Thomas really looks like him but personality wise, there’s a lot of Abigail in him. Chad says Charlotte is starting to look more like Abigail every day. Julie knows it’s a really difficult day for him. Chad says he misses Abigail every day as it never goes away. Julie talks about missing her son David and the mothering feelings never go away. Julie says she’s very lucky to have grandchildren to love and nurture including Chad’s children and Chad. Chad says they are so lucky to have her and hugs her as he wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Paulina questions Chanel not wanting her. Chanel wants her to stop trying to fix everything and declares that what’s happening to her right now can’t be fixed. Paulina argues they don’t know that. Chanel says that what they do know is that Paulina made the snap decision to leave isolation and expose her to radiation, so now they are dealing with the consequences of that. Paulina complains that she feels terrible about that and her guilt is killing her. Chanel argues that Paulina isn’t going to turn what’s happening to her in to her own personal tragedy. Paulina says she would never but Chanel says she is and that’s why she didn’t want her here. Chanel tells Paulina that she and Johnny need space, so she hopes she can respect that. Paulina says she understands and she’ll show herself out. Paulina puts back the food she brought and exits the mansion as Johnny hugs Chanel.

Holly complains to Nicole about not letting her go to prom, calling it the biggest night of the year that everyone’s going to. Nicole tells Holly that she can go next year but Holly continues to argue with her. Nicole worries that Holly is making a scene. Holly stands up and shouts at Nicole that she really hates her and storms out of the Bistro. EJ tells Nicole to let her go but Nicole says she can’t. Theresa watches Holly go and calls her a drama queen. Tate says she doesn’t always have to comment but Theresa argues that Holly is being obnoxious and rude. Theresa remarks that Tate is so lucky to be rid of her.

Eric and Sloan walk through the town square with Jude. Sloan talks about what a nice morning it’s been. They then see Nicole following Holly out of the Bistro as Holly yells at Nicole to leave her alone. Holly calls Nicole a hypocrite for screwing up her whole life but now she’s living it up in a mansion while she screws up once and gets punished for eternity. Holly declares Nicole to be the worst mom on the planet as they then turn around and see Eric and Sloan.

Chanel cries to Johnny that she just broke her mom’s heart on Mother’s Day so she’s a horrible daughter. Johnny encourages that she stood up for herself and was honest so she did the right thing. Chanel worries about the look on Paulina’s face. Johnny says it’s not like she told her she never wants to see her again, just that she needs space and she does. Chanel hopes that Paulina doesn’t get too worked up about it. Chanel tells herself that Paulina knows she loves her and she’s just going through a lot right now. Chanel adds that since they are being honest, she appreciates Johnny being there and saying all the right things but he hasn’t really told her how he feels about it. Johnny says he thought he did but he’ll tell her again. Johnny tells Chanel that it’s her body and he supports whatever she decides. Johnny adds that they created this baby out of their love for each other and that means a lot to him. Chanel hopes that if everything isn’t okay, that they will be alright because their love will get them through it. Johnny believes that with all his heart as they kiss.

Paulina goes to the park and sits on a bench, praying for God to look over Chanel and her baby. Paulina cries that they did nothing wrong and this is all her fault. Paulina begs for God to let Chanel’s baby be healthy and strong.

Chad calls Julie the glue that keeps the family together and declares that because of her, the Horton legacy will live on. Julie tells him how much that means and cries that having Chad and his kids living in the house has given her and Doug some of the sweetest days of their lives. Chad says they are blessed to have them. Chad talks about Charlotte being really young when Abigail died, so having Julie there meant a lot. Julie promises that they will keep the memory of Abigail alive for the kids as they hug.

Eric approaches Holly and asks what’s going on. Holly responds that Nicole is being a total hypocrite and has a bug up her ass because she made one mistake, arguing that Nicole was never perfect. Nicole says that she never said she was and that this isn’t about her. Eric asks for a few minutes with Holly to give them a chance to cool off. Nicole says she’ll wait right there as Eric takes Holly aside and questions what’s going on. Holly informs him that Nicole won’t let her go to prom and asks Eric to talk to her and tell her she’s making a big deal out of nothing. Eric argues that Holly almost died which isn’t nothing. Holly complains that screwing up once shouldn’t mean she gets locked up for the rest of her life. Eric argues that Nicole is just trying to keep her safe and brings up when his sister Sami was her age but Holly remarks that things are different now and it’s not how it was in the stone ages. Sloan goes over to Nicole, who complains that her daughter shouted in public that she hates her. Sloan asks what happened. Nicole explains that she told her she can’t go to prom because of what happened on New Year’s. Nicole asks if Sloan would do everything she could to prevent it if she knew she could lose her child. Jude wakes up crying, so Sloan asks Nicole to help with him while she gets his bottle ready. EJ comes out from the Bistro and gets a call from Dr. Rolf, who confirms to him that there is no doubt that Jude is Eric and Nicole’s baby. EJ hangs up and declares that he’s more sorry than he knows.

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