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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Harris wondered why he couldn’t crack the code in the black book. Eric told Sloan he was going to work. When Sloan seemed upset, she brought up Nicole. Eric told her it was work. When Eric left, Sloan called Melinda and told her to come over. EJ yelled at someone to get the test results. Nicole walked in and asked if everything was okay. He lied to her about what he was talking about. EJ changed the subject and brought up the story on Paulina. Nicole thought he was trying to run for mayor. EJ said he was the mayor before so he wouldn’t turn it down. She thought he shouldn’t take the job. Ava went to Harris’ room to find out about the book. Harris told her what he was doing to figure out the book. Melinda went to see Sloan. Sloan told her that Leo tried to extort EJ and told him about the baby switch. Melinda was shocked. Johnny wanted to ask EJ a favor. Ava tried to keep Harris calm about the black book. He wanted to focus on bringing Clyde down.

While Ava and Harris were talking, Clyde called her. She lied about finding the book. While they were talking, she told him he had to wait until she found. She wanted to know what happened after she found the book. Johnny told EJ that Chanel was pregnant. EJ was excited about being a grandfather. When Johnny said possibly, EJ wanted to know what was going on. Nicole and Eric met at the town square. Eric told her he was making the same mistakes with Sloan that he made with her. Melinda wanted to know what Leo told EJ. Sloan said he told everything. Melinda asked if EJ knew she was involved, but Sloan said he didn’t know. Sloan told her that EJ threatened to have her arrested. She said EJ backed off when she told him the truth about Jude. Harris asked Ava what Clyde told her. After she told him what Clyde said, Harris wanted to get the edge over Clyde. Sloan told Melinda that EJ didn’t do anything when she told him the truth. She said she pointed out to him that their relationships would be over if he told Nicole the truth about the baby. Eric apologized to Nicole about the way he treated her. Nicole told him it was better to move on from mistakes. EJ was upset that Paulina risked the baby’s life. Johnny said he understood what Paulina did. He said he was sick about the situation because he would have found her on his own. Johnny said he would have found Chanel, but now the baby could have birth defects or might not make it. He said he didn’t know what to do. EJ asked if Chanel was going through with the pregnancy. Ava was upset that Clyde won again. Harris said Clyde wasn’t going to win. Johnny told EJ that Chanel was leaning towards keeping the baby. EJ wanted to know what he wanted. Johnny said he wanted him to get him and Chanel around all the expert doctors so they could know what’s going on. He said Kayla told them about the chances of the baby, but it could be too late. EJ said he would get them all the help they need. He suggested that Johnny and Chanel not have the baby right now. EJ said they could have babies later on. When EJ told Johnny that the baby was a DiMera, he was upset. He wondered if EJ was implying that the baby had to be okay in order to be accepted. EJ said he wasn’t trying to upset him. He said he wanted Johnny to think about his choices. Sloan told Melinda that she was tired of putting out fires. She said the truth has been on the verge of coming out. Melinda said she was still with Eric. Sloan wondered for how long. She said she didn’t think she was enough for the family. Sloan wondered if her actions were worth it.

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