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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie told Sarah, Xander, and Konstantin that Victor’s will cleared probate. Alex told Theresa that Victor’s will cleared probate. Brady went to the DiMera mansion to pick up Rachel. Steve showed up at John and Marlena’s place. John wondered why Steve was there. Marlena said she invited him there so he could be in on their plan. John said it wasn’t necessary because they had everything under control. Marlena said Konstantin was dangerous and didn’t want him working alone. Steve said he was willing to do whatever it took to make up for what he did. He wanted to know what was going on between John and Konstantin. Kristen told Brady that there was a way to spend more time with Rachel, but he didn’t believe her. While they were talking, she told him she wouldn’t be asking him for child support since he was cut out of Victor’s will. Brady said he would continue the payments until he got custody. Alex talked to Theresa about what he was going to do with his money. He left to see Kristen. While he was at the DiMera mansion, he kissed Kristen. Brady left them alone. Maggie told Xander, Sarah, and Konstantin that she was going to share her wealth. She said she was going to donate her wealthy to worthy causes. Konstantin looked upset at the idea. John told Steve that Konstantin turned him back into the pawn. Steve wanted to know how. John said Konstantin had the card Megan had to turn him into the pawn. He told Steve how Konstantin turned him into the pawn. John told Steve Marlena figured out he was under a spell and realized there was a way for him to fight back. Maggie told Xander, Sarah, and Konstantin that she was going to share her wealth with Victor’s family. Konstantin told her she couldn’t do that.

Steve wanted to know how John and Marlena knew Konstantin turned him into the pawn. Marlena told Steve what made them realize John was the pawn. After Marlena told Steve what happened, John said they came up with a plan. Konstantin told Maggie, Xander, and Sarah that he didn’t want her to give her money away. Xander ripped into Konstantin for yelling at Maggie. Maggie wanted him to explain himself. Marlena and John told Steve that they were planning to fight Konstantin. She said they were hoping the techniques she used for Harris would work for John. John said they tried the techniques on him. They told him about Maggie telling them about marrying Konstantin. John said Konstantin wanted him to get the prenup. He said he gave it to Konstantin, and he burned it. Steve said the plan didn’t work. Marlena said it did. Konstantin told Maggie that he was proud of her for giving her money away. Maggie thanked him for explaining himself. Konstantin and Maggie left the room. Xander and Sarah talked about Konstantin’s reaction to Maggie donating her money. Brady went to see Theresa and told her Alex was with Kristen. Theresa asked if it bothered Brady. Brady said he was over her. He asked if it bothered Theresa. Theresa said she broke up with Alex, but it was one of the biggest mistakes she made. Brady asked if she was upset about breaking up with Alex. Theresa said she was in love with him. Konstantin showed up while they were talking. Steve wondered how John thought the technique worked when Konstantin burned the prenup. John said Konstantin burned a fake prenup. He said he broke into the safe earlier and took the prenup. John replaced it with a fake. Sarah told Maggie that she wanted to talk to her about Konstantin. She wanted to know what happened after the wedding. Maggie said she didn’t know what she meant. Xander said he and Maggie were concerned about how Konstantin was going to support himself. Konstantin told Theresa that he needed her help to get a wedding present. Brady wanted to know who he was getting the gift for. Konstantin told him he and Maggie were getting married. Brady left the apartment so they could talk. Konstantin told Theresa that Maggie was giving away her fortune to charity and Victor’s family. He said her giving Alex’s half of the money was important. She said she didn’t think she could do it. He said there would be consequences if he didn’t. Konstantin left the apartment. Marlena, John, and Steve talked about Konstantin stealing Victor’s inheritance. Marlena thought they should tell Maggie the truth.

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