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Xander and Sarah bring Victoria to the Kiriakis Mansion where Maggie and Konstantin are in the living room. Maggie mentions waiting for Justin’s call and then she gets it. Maggie thanks him and says they’ll talk soon as she hangs up. Maggie then announces that Victor’s will has finally cleared probate, so his estate will be distributed according to it’s terms. Konstantin calls that excellent news. Maggie calls it a relief to have it finally resolved and she’s sure Alex has already heard as well and that he must be over the moon as they speak.

Alex and Theresa have breakfast together at home. Alex then gets a call from Justin with the news about Victor’s will. Alex says he knew it would be a lot and that he will wait to hear from him. Alex thanks Justin and hangs up. Alex then informs Theresa that Victor’s estate is worth more than he even imagined, as is his inheritance. Theresa calls that such great news and says she’s so happy for him as they hug. Theresa declares that they are going to be set for life, then corrects herself that he will be set for life.

Brady goes to the DiMera Mansion and asks Kristen if Rachel is ready to go. Kristen says she’s upstairs changing. Kristen calls up to Rachel to hurry up before she’s late. Kristen tells Brady that if he doesn’t want to wait, she can have Harold or a driver take her. Brady assures that he wants to take Rachel to school, so Kristen invites him to join her for coffee. Kristen mentions that Rachel had a blast at the aquarium with him yesterday. Brady confirms it was fun and says he’d love to be able to spend more time with Rachel if he could. Kristen is sure Rachel wishes that too and calls it certainly a possibility.

Steve goes to John and Marlena’s. Marlena reveals that she asked Steve to come by because they have a plan and she thinks it’s time to let Steve in on it. John calls that not necessary and says they have it under control. Marlena argues that Konstantin is a dangerous man and she wants John to have backup. Marlena knows there is tension between John and Steve, but says that’s what Konstantin wants. Marlena asks if they’re going to let Konstantin drive a wedge between them after 40 years of friendship. Steve tells John that he doesn’t blame him for hating him for what he did as he hates it too, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make up for it. Steve asks John to tell him what’s going on between he and Konstantin.

Brady tells Kristen not to tell him that it’s possible for him to spend time with his daughter. Brady guesses that’s only if he forgets about the Hell she put him through and that she used their daughter to get back him for her insanity. Kristen says she’s sorry he can’t let go of his resentment towards her. Brady decides he doesn’t want Rachel to come in and see them fighting again. Kristen agrees to let go of the subject of them. Kristen brings up Rachel saying she got her a gift from the aquarium. Brady presents her with it which is a keychain. Brady confirms he paid for it but says Rachel wants to pay him back with her allowance. Kristen tells Brady that she won’t be hitting him up for child support after this month since she knows he was left out of Victor’s will. Brady responds that he will continue to make those payments because he can and he will continue to accept the visitation scraps she’s willing to give him, because he knows sooner or later, she will screw up like she always does and he will regain full custody of his daughter.

Theresa tells Alex that she’s so happy for him. Theresa knows they are due at Titan but thinks they need to celebrate. Alex agrees and decides they are taking the day off. Theresa jokes that Alex never needs to work again as heir to the fortune. Alex says the question is what is he going to do with the fortune other than buy a mansion, a yacht, a private plane, and tickets to outer space. Theresa suggests he could donate to charitable causes. Alex says of course he’ll do that and he has a few other ideas as well.

Maggie is sure Alex is very pleased with his inheritance, but as for her, she would forsake it all to have Victor back. Xander says that’s because Maggie isn’t a greedy person. Maggie talks about being fortunate with money, so she intends to share the wealth as she’s sure Victor expected. Sarah asks what she means. Maggie responds that it’s a decision she made long ago that if Victor died before her, she would donate the bulk of her inheritance to all worthy causes.

John reveals to Steve that Konstantin turned him back in to The Pawn. Steve is shocked and asks when and how. John reminds Steve of when Megan Hathaway used a card to brainwash them. Steve asks how he knows that. John says it came to him in a memory and it turns out that Konstantin has the same card. Steve questions how he got it. John says he has no idea how he got it or how he knew how to use it, but it happened when he lured him to the park pretending to be a new client. Steve can’t believe it and questions why John didn’t tell him any of this before. John explains that he didn’t remember any of it until it happened again the other day. John then flashes back to Konstantin using the card to take control of him at the Black Patch office. John informs Steve that right when Konstantin turned him back in to the Pawn, Marlena unexpectedly showed up, so all he could do was quickly pull him out of it and that’s when they figured out something was going on. Marlena talks about John not remembering his conversation with Konstantin, so she knew he had lost time. John points out that Marlena knew something was happening but also that there was a way for him to fight back.

Alex agrees with Theresa that this is cause for a celebration and suggests caviar and champagne, but then remembers Theresa can’t have champagne. Theresa decides on sparkling cider so Alex agrees to get that as well. Alex says he’ll be back soon and exits. Theresa comments to herself that they say the best things in life are free but she happens to be shallow enough to like a few things that aren’t. Theresa declares that she and Alex are going to a lot more than drink bubbly to celebrate.

Sarah hugs Maggie and says she’s so proud of her, but not surprised she’d be so generous. Maggie talks about being fortunate to not need more money, so Justin is going to up her donation to charitable programs. Konstantin comments on Maggie being very generous. Maggie still feels terrible that Victor split all of his assets between her and Alex while everyone else was left out of his revised will for whatever reason. Maggie wants to respect his wishes but she also thinks it’s right to share her part with the other heirs like Bo, Philip, Brady, Xander, and Justin. Konstantin then shouts that she can’t do that.

Steve is thankful that John and Marlena figured things out but question how they are going to fight back and how they can be sure that Konstantin turned John in to The Pawn a second time. John asks Marlena to take this one. Marlena then explains that on the night that Konstantin put John in a trance, John seemed distracted, anxious, and in a fog at home. Marlena flashes back to hypnotizing John that night which allowed her to take John back in to the room with Konstantin from before she came in. John adds that all he could do was hear Konstantin’s voice as he started talking about Maggie. Steve asks what he said and what he wanted him to do. John reveals that Konstantin told him that his mission was to steal the signed prenup from the Kiriakis safe. John knew that Konstantin would try to take control of him again but the question was when that was going to happen. Marlena then reveals that they prepared.

Konstantin tries to explain while Xander questions if he thinks Maggie should give her entire inheritance to him. Konstantin tells him not to be ridiculous, shouting that he signed a prenup so he won’t get a dime. Konstantin says he just thinks Maggie shouldn’t give away her inheritance without giving it some thought. Maggie insists that she has thought about it for years. Xander questions who Konstantin is to weigh in on Maggie’s decision since he’s not related to her and is only marrying him so he doesn’t have to leave Salem. Sarah tries to stop Xander but he says he’s speaking his mind as he questions Konstantin having the nerve to doubt Maggie’s heart’s desire when they know it’s a noble thing to do. Xander asks who Konstantin is to criticize her decision. Maggie then tells Konstantin to explain and defend himself.

Theresa prepares for Alex to return and wonders what’s taking him so long. She then texts Alex to ask where he is.

Alex goes to the DiMera Mansion and greets Kristen with a big kiss in front of Brady. Brady tells Kristen to tell Rachel that he will be waiting for her in the car. Alex tells Kristen that she’s looking sexy as they continue kissing while Brady walks out the door.

Steve questions Marlena and John saying they prepared. Marlena explains that they began preparing John to resist the power of the card. John adds that they weren’t sure it was possible at first. Marlena talks about the great advances in deprogramming techniques which have been very effective with Harris. Marlena notes that she contacted Bayview and hoped the same techniques could work for John. John reveals that they tried those techniques on him right here. They flash back to Marlena having John repeat the mantra “A positive presence defeats a negative past”. Marlena informs Steve that last night, Maggie called them over to tell them about her engagement to Konstantin. John adds that then Maggie got called away and Marlena left, so he and Konstantin were left alone and Konstantin predictably pulled out the card to order him to steal the prenup. Steve asks John if he got it. John confirms that he did and then Konstantin then set the prenup on fire and burned it in a trash can. Steve asks if the technique didn’t work then but Marlena says it’s to the contrary.

Konstantin thanks Maggie for allowing him to defend himself. Xander remarks that this should be good. Konstantin talks about loving how big Maggie’s heart is and apologizes for overstepping. He says he respects Maggie’s plan to donate her fortune in the most honorable of ways. Maggie thanks him for clarifying his reaction. Victoria wakes up crying. Konstantin then decides it’s time for his walk so he will be leaving as well. Konstantin tells Maggie how proud he is of her. Maggie thanks him as he then exits. Maggie decides to take Victoria out to the garden. Xander mocks Konstantin being proud and asks Sarah how Maggie can’t see through Konstantin. Sarah admits it was obvious to her too that Konstantin hated Maggie’s idea of giving away her money. Xander complains about Konstantin’s apology and calls him a dangerous con man. Sarah insists that Konstantin won’t get a dime from Maggie, reminding him that there is a prenup. Xander doesn’t think that will stop him. Sarah assures that Konstantin signed a legal document that states he won’t get a thing from Maggi and asks how that won’t stop him. Xander responds that he just has a very bad feeling about this.

Theresa continues waiting for Alex, but instead Brady shows up at the door. Brady apologizes for not calling but says he wanted to talk to her and he was driving by, so he hoped she would be home and alone. Theresa mentions that she won’t be alone for long because Alex is due back any minute. Brady tells her not to hold her breath on that as he comes in. Brady comments that it looks like she’s celebrating something. Theresa brings up Alex’s inheritance coming through which Brady says is good for him. Theresa knows it’s not so good for Brady and calls it really unfair that Victor left everything to Maggie and Alex. Brady says he tries not to think about it but that’s not what he came to talk about. Brady informs Theresa that he just came from the DiMera Mansion, where Alex showed up to hang out with Kristen which Theresa questions. Brady explains that Alex just walked right in like he owned the place and put a big sloppy kiss on Kristen right in front of him. Theresa remembers Alex not coming home the other night and declares they are obviously sleeping together. Theresa questions that not upsetting Brady. Brady insists that he’s over Kristen and only gives her the time of day because they share a daughter, otherwise he couldn’t care less. Brady asks if Theresa is upset about Alex and Kristen being an item. Theresa admits that she is, noting that she broke up with him so she’s to blame, but it might’ve been the biggest mistake of her life or at least one of the biggest.

Kristen tells Alex that was some performance. Alex tells her that wasn’t acting and says he told Theresa that he was going to buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate being the new heir to a rather large fortune when it dawned on him that the best champagne is in the DiMera wine cellar. Alex offers to buy one but Kristen says she will get it for him. Alex declares that he’d much rather celebrate like this with her as they continue kissing.

Sarah admits that Konstantin’s reaction to Maggie wanting to give away her inheritance was a bit off. Xander argues that it was more than off, it was outrageous. Sarah points out that it wasn’t to Maggie. Sarah wants to get off the subject of money and talk about how lucky they are to have each other and their daughter. Xander apologizes if he made her think he’s not extremely grateful to Maggie for being so caring and generous with them over the years because he is. Xander adds that he’s more grateful to share his life with Sarah because she’s the love of his life as they kiss.

Brady asks if Theresa is in love with Alex and that’s why she’s sorry she broke up with him. Theresa responds that she’s not sure she’s in love with Alex or if she even knows what that means. Brady says it usually means when you have a romantic attachment to somebody and they are incredibly important to you where it feels like you can’t live without them. Theresa then declares that she is in love with Alex, sort of. Brady asks if that’s especially because he’s the heir to this big fortune now and then apologizes for being cynical. They get interrupted by Konstantin showing up at the door. Konstantin barges in but stops when he sees Brady inside.

Alex and Kristen lay in bed together after having sex. Alex says he knows this started by trying to make Brady and Theresa jealous, but says he’s thoroughly enjoying the ride. Kristen says she is as well but reminds him that it can’t go any further. Alex says that’s because she only has eyes for Brady. Kristen points out that Brady is the father of her child and the love of her life. Kristen asks if Alex only has eyes for Theresa. Alex says he cares for her but that doesn’t stop him from succumbing to Kristen’ s many charms as they continue kissing in bed.

Steve questions how John can say the technique worked if he stole the prenup and let Konstantin burn it. John then reveals that he has the original prenup while Konstantin burned a fake version that he gave him. John adds that Konstantin didn’t know that he broke in to the safe earlier that evening, stole the original prenup, and replaced it with a fake which Konstantin burned. Marlena calls it brilliant which Steve agrees with.

Maggie returns to the living room with Victoria. Sarah tells her they have to get going, but she want to talk to her about Konstantin first. Sarah tells Maggie that she and Xander were wondering what happens after the wedding. Sarah knows it’s a marriage in name only so he can stay in the country, but asks then what. Maggie isn’t sure what she means. Xander thinks she’s trying to say they are concerned on Maggie’s behalf as to how Konstantin is going to support himself. Xander asks if he’s going to get a job or if he’s just going to continue to live off of Maggie forever.

Konstantin tells Brady it’s nice to see him. Theresa asks what he’s doing here. Konstantin claims that he needs her help in getting a wedding present. Brady questions who is getting married. Konstantin guesses he’s the last to know that he and Maggie are engaged which shocks Brady. Konstantin declares they will be tying the knot and tells Theresa they can talk later as he doesn’t want to interrupt. Theresa says she’ll text him later but Brady says he was on his way out anyway. Theresa thanks Brady for coming by and says she’ll talk to him soon. Brady then exits. Theresa questions Konstantin just showing up with no warning. Konstantin reveals that Maggie just announced she’s giving most of her inheritance to charitable causes and most of Victor’s heirs, including Brady. Konstantin argues that Theresa giving him Alex’s cut is now more urgent because he needs his half of their plan. Theresa responds that she’s not sure that’s going to happen. Konstantin warns that she better make it happen and find a way to keep Alex in her bed or else, there will be consequences. Konstantin then storms out.

Alex and Kristen continue kissing in bed as Kristen calls this better than going to the gym. Alex jokes about that being high praise. Alex grabs his phone and thinks he should probably head home since he told Theresa he was just running out for champagne and caviar. Alex sees Theresa’s text messages wondering where he is. Kristen guesses he has to go then. Alex says he probably should, but he could tell Theresa that it’s taken him a very long time to drive in traffic to find the finest champagne. Kristen agrees as she and Alex continue kissing.

Steve calls this something to celebrate that they conned the con. John responds that he doesn’t feel like celebrating. John wanted to believe that Konstantin had forgiven him, but now he knows he wanted his revenge on him and also that they were right all along about his intentions in coming to Salem as he wanted to take everything from Victor. They go over how now they have to tell Maggie about how Konstantin lied about his feelings for her and everything else. Marlena worries it will devastate Maggie since she adores him. Steve remarks that Konstantin won’t know what hit him.

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