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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina explained to Abe that she felt bad for Chanel’s situation. She felt terrible for risking Chanel’s baby’s life by leaving the hospital. Sloan told EJ that Jude is Nicole and Eric’s baby. EJ thought she was lying. She let him know that she had no reason to lie. Sloan warned him that if they wanted to save their marriages, they had to keep the secret. Abe tried to make Paulina feel better about saving Chanel. Paulina felt guilty for what she did. She wanted him to tell her that he told her so, but he refused to do it. Paulina wanted to call Chanel and apologize for what she did. She called Chanel. Chanel didn’t answer her call. She wondered if she was a horrible person to do it. Johnny understood why she did it. They couldn’t wrap their heads around the pregnancy. Chanel and Johnny were excited until they realized the risk of the pregnancy. Johnny wanted a child with her, but the fact the child could have problems gave them something to think about. EJ was appalled at Sloan’s deception. He reminded her that there was a DNA test done. Sloan said she switched the test results. He didn’t believe her. EJ suggested they get another DNA test. She agreed and wanted to swab the baby’s mouth to get his DNA. Sloan told him they had to work together to keep the truth from Eric and Nicole. She said their marriages would be over. Everett showed Stephanie the article he was going to write about Paulina. She told him that she liked Paulina. He liked her too, but he didn’t want the story getting scooped by another paper. Paulina didn’t like how Chanel refused her call. Abe thought she was asleep, but Paulina didn’t believe that. Chanel wondered if Johnny wanted to terminate the pregnancy. Johnny wanted to have children with her. He reminded her about the risks of having the baby. EJ went back to the DiMera mansion and poured himself a drink. Nicole arrived and wondered if everything was okay.

Chanel was willing to have the baby even with the complications. Eric arrived at home, and Sloan asked him about his conversation with Leo. He told her that Leo was too drunk to talk to him. Eric felt sorry for him. EJ lied to Nicole about being okay. Nicole said she had to tell him something. She told him that she’s working with Eric. Abe called Stephanie about the article in the paper. She thought Paulina should have called her about the story. He wondered if the scandal would hurt Paulina’s career. She hoped it wouldn’t hurt her. Nicole was willing to quit her job at the paper. EJ felt it was fine that she worked with him as long as she’s okay with it. Nicole said it didn’t bother her. She assumed she would have a new photographer with her next assignment. Nicole assured him that her relationship with Eric was in the past. Everett wondered if Stephanie would be able to work with Paulina and the paper. Stephanie believed she could do both. Everett wanted to do something fun with her. He wanted her to decide how they spend time together. Abe showed Paulina the article in the newspaper. Chanel listened to Paulina’s voicemail. She didn’t want to deal with the drama so she didn’t return her call. Everett’s personality changed once he saw his signature on the screen. After Stephanie left, he flirted with another woman. Johnny reassured her that they will deal with everything. He thought they had a lot to be happy about. Chanel corrected him and said they had a reason to worry.

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