GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 8, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Dante tells Sam he decided not to resign from the PCPD and Dante wonders if Sam wants to break up with him if he remains a cop. Sam tells Dante she is happy with him and they are not going to break up over his job.

Jason confides in Anna that the FBI forced him to work undercover for them because they have an audio recording of Carly meeting with the five crime families telling them she is the head of Sonny’s organization. Jason explains to Anna that this was when Sonny was in Nixon Falls so Carly had to go to the meeting so the families wouldn’t start a mob war trying to take over Sonny’s territory. Jason tells Anna he was supposed to go to the meeting but he couldn’t go to because he had been shot. John Cates threatened to put Carly in jail unless he went to work undercover for the FBI.

Chase asks Finn to persuade Gregory not to go to the rehearsal dinner at Coney Island and save his strength to go to the wedding.

Laura becomes more convinced that Heather killed all those people because of her metallosis and asks Kevin for advice about getting Heather out of jail.

Carly visits Brendan in jail to see what information she can get from him that will help Jason.

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