Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 6, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Nick is glad to see Victor has returned from checking Nikki into rehab.  Victor is very quiet and looking depressed. Nick thinks Victor should be looking on the bright side, that Nikki is getting help and that Jordan is dead.  Victor blames himself and Jack for Nikki going into rehab. Nick presses him for details about how Jack is involved, so Victor explains that Jack almost died by drinking and taking pills, to shock Nikki into sobriety.  She had to call the paramedics.  Later, Victor visits Jordan down in his homemade jail in the basement. She begs him to let her go, and then she tries to reason with him, but he is undeterred. He gives her a bottle of liquor and tells her to drink herself to death, like she tried to do to Nikki.

Diane is happy to see that Jack returned home, since she couldn’t get hold of him all night. He explains to her what happened the previous night with Nikki – that she was drinking herself to death, so he drank and took pills, to shock her so much that she would go to rehab. She had to call the paramedics to save him. Diane is upset and angry that he would risk his life for Nikki. She calls him selfish for OD’ing.  She’s worried that he wasn’t thinking when he did this and could easily fall back into addiction. He apologizes and admits that maybe she’s right. He tells her that he loves her, and they hug. He hopes she can forgive him.

Kyle comes in during the explanation, but they cover and tell him that Jack is working from home today. Jack says he’ll check in on Harrison, who is upstairs, while Kyle leaves for work. Kyle can tell something is wrong, but he leaves.

Phyllis sees Summer at the Athletic Club. Summer is still worrying about Harrison. She tells her mom that she spent the night at the Abbotts just to watch him. Phyllis compliments her and tells her how brave she is. They meet Sharon there to get a recommendation for a good child therapist for Harrison. Sharon gives her a person’s name and number to call. Later, Nick runs into Phyllis there. They discuss Summer and Jordan, which leads them to talk about the past when crazy Patty poisoned Summer with peanuts, putting the child into a coma.

Kyle runs into Sharon and thanks her for helping them with Harrison (with the therapist).  Later, Summer and Kyle have an argument when she demands that Claire not be allowed anywhere near Harrison. He objects because Claire is a Newman and thus family. Summer feels panic again every time she sees Claire and doesn’t want to go through that again.


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