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Victoria: What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Nick: I just– you know, I’m making sure you’re okay.

Victoria: You better say that I look fine, because I finally slept all the way through the night last night.

Nick: Great, vic. You needed sleep.

Victoria: Yeah. You know, I just keep reminding myself that jordan is dead and there’s nothing that she can do to hurt us again. But she’s popped out of the shadows so many times and just done so many hurtful things that, um, you know, it’s hard to break the habit of being on high alert. How’s summer?

Nick: Um, you know, like a coiled spring. I don’t think she thinks this is really over either.

Victoria: I’m sorry to hear that, nick. You know, I hope she understands that claire didn’t have anything to do with harrison’s kidnapping.

Nick: Oh, I’m sure she does. But in all fairness, she had her doubts about claire. You know, we all did. That includes me.

Victoria: Well, sad to say, I had a moment where I doubted her as well.

Nick: Really? You never showed that.

Victoria: Ah, it was more me questioning myself, wondering if maybe there’s something that I missed. Maybe jordan was able to get to her somehow. But then I talked to cole and he brought me back to the truth. You know, he just– he just talked to me and, you know, he reasoned with me. He was my rock through all of this. For sure. And he kept me well-fed.

[ Both chuckling ]

Nick: Okay.

Victoria: What?

Nick: Uh, you know, it’s just, every time you talk about cole, you get this look in your eye.

Victoria: Shut up.

Nick: You shut up. Seriously. It’s like a dopey look of affection.

Victoria: Oh, come on. You are truly annoying sometimes.

Nick: How long until the two of you pick out furniture and move in together?

Victoria: Okay, now you’re done.

Nick: Not until you admit it.

Victoria: Admit what?

Nick: Vic, I can do this all day long.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Okay, maybe we had a slight, very slight romantic reconnection. But that’s it, nothing else.

Nick: Was that so hard?

Victoria: He’s just been there for me, nick, in so many different ways. When I didn’t think that anyone or anything would be able to get me through it, you know?

Nick: You don’t have to sell me on cole. I know he’s a good guy. The way he’s dealt with our family and newfound fatherhood, couldn’t be easy. And if something romantic does happen between the two of you and it’s what you really want, then I’m happy for you.

Victoria: Thank you.

Victor: Excuse me.

Nick: Hey, dad.

Victor: Have either of you seen your mother this morning?

Victoria: No. Why?

Victor: She didn’t come home last night.

Nikki: How is he? He has to be okay.

Paramedic: We gave him a shot to counteract the opioids, but he’s gonna need to follow up with his doctor.

Nikki: Yes, of course.

Paramedic: Ma’am, have you taken anything?

Nikki: No. No, I– I haven’t had any pills. But I– I have been drinking.

Kyle: Yes, his name is jack abbott and I just wanna know if he was in last night. Can you ask the matre d’? He knows who he is. Oh. I understand. Well, if he stops in, can you tell him his family’s looking for him? Thanks.

[ Knock on door ] Claire. Hi.

Claire: Hi. Is this a bad time?

Kyle: No. No, come in. Are you okay to be out and about?

Claire: I’m okay. Still a little shaky, but okay.

Kyle: Yeah, I only heard bits and pieces about what happened to you, but I’m so glad you made it home safe. Harrison will be too.

Claire: That’s actually why I came by. I wanted to make sure he was okay. Or as okay as can be expected after what jordan put him through.

Kyle: Yeah, he’s holding up better than I could’ve hoped.

Claire: You don’t have to say that for my benefit.

Kyle: No, I know. I mean, yeah, it was horrible and traumatic and it makes me sick that it happened, but harrison’s a tough little kid. He’s getting a lot of love and reassurance, and we’re gonna make sure he has everything he needs to get through this.

Claire: Loving parents make all the difference. Anyway, that’s why I stopped by, so, um, give him a big hug from me, will you?

>>Kyle: Well, that’s a short visit. [ Chuckles ]

Claire: I figured it’s probably best if harrison doesn’t see me. The last thing I want is to remind him of what happened with jordan.

Kyle: You know, actually, I think it would be good for harrison to see you. I mean, he kept asking about you, wanting us to find you, to save you.

Claire: That’s so sweet.

Kyle: I mean, he’s sleeping right now, but he should be up pretty soon. Claire, this wasn’t your fault.

Claire: People keep saying that.

Kyle: Because it’s true. You were just as much of a victim of jordan’s madness as harrison was. Everybody knows that now.

Claire: It still doesn’t make me feel any less guilty.

Kyle: Why would you feel guilty? You had nothing to do with it.

Claire: I did have something to do with it, kyle. I had everything to do with it. Why was jordan here? Why did she go after an innocent little boy?

Kyle: Why would she do anything? Because she’s pure evil and wanted to do as much damage as possible.

Claire: That’s true. But I was her trojan horse into genoa city. She never could’ve snuck into town if it weren’t for me. Started this insane war against everyone. I’m the reason that she could terrorize your family and my family, and I will never forgive myself for that.

Paramedic: Make sure he doesn’t take anything else. Next time he might not be so lucky.

Nikki: I’ll make sure. Jack? Jack. Wake– wake up. Wake up for me.

Jack: What happened?

Nikki: You passed out from all the pills and alcohol.

Jack: Pills?

Nikki: Well, they gave you something to counteract it, but it was touch and go for a while. I am so glad you’re okay. Damn it, jack. What the hell were you thinking? I’ll be honest.

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Victor: No sign of her anywhere.

Nick: I don’t even wanna say this, but is there a chance jordan survived that fall and somehow got to mom?

Victoria: Don’t say that, nick. Don’t even think it.

Nick: They never found a body, vic. That woman’s got, like, a thousand lives.

Victor: Son, jordan is dead, okay? And there’s no way she has a hold of your mother.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know what to do. I think your mother’s still suffering from what jordan has done to her.

Victoria: She’s been drinking again.

Victor: Yes, I’m afraid she has.

Victoria: Damn it. I knew it.

Nick: Did you try all the restaurants and bars?

Victoria: Hospitals?

Victor: Everywhere I can think of.

Victoria: Daddy, if there’s anything that we can do to help, just let us know.

Victor: Hold on for one second here. Oh. Thank god.

Victoria: What is it?

Victor: My security team thinks they found out where she is, okay?

Nick: Well, that’s great.

Victor: I’ve got to go.

Victoria: Oh.

Kyle: I’m sorry. I’m not gonna let you beat yourself up over this.

Claire: Kyle…

Kyle: No, how many people tried to stop your aunt and couldn’t?

Claire: Yes, but that night…

Kyle: She is a monster. And you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Claire: But if I had been on alert, if I reacted more quickly, I could’ve done something.

Kyle: No, no. Don’t go down that hole. There’s nothing good down there. I almost went down it myself. Where was i when harrison was taken? Jordan got into the house. She got you and harrison out of the house, and I didn’t hear. So maybe I’m the one who should feel responsible.

Claire: That is ridiculous.

Kyle: I know. Because there’s only one person to blame. I hate to say it, but justice finally found jordan. How do you feel about that?

Claire: About what?

Kyle: Jordan’s death.

Claire: At first, I couldn’t believe it. Then I was relieved. Then I was scared.

Kyle: Scared?

Claire: That it wasn’t true. That somehow she had managed to escape death yet again, so that she could punish me, punish everyone. That’s why she took us both, you know. So that people would believe that I was in on her plan. I turned my back on her, so she wanted everyone to turn their backs on me. You believed it at first, didn’t you?

Kyle: I won’t lie. It was hard not to. I mean, the way it looked, the timing of it all.

Claire: I would’ve believed it too. That’s how sick she was. This was another way to keep me from my real family, from a normal life. That’s what tortured me. What I thought about every second that I was in that storage unit. That I… wouldn’t make it out to tell everyone I wasn’t involved. That I would die there and no one would ever know.

Kyle: Yeah. You and harrison made it home safe. That’s the only thing that matters.

Claire: And I’m grateful. I just wish I could’ve protected him from her.

Harrison: Claire, you’re okay! My lucky bunny charm worked!

Nikki: Do you remember anything about last night?

Jack: Ah… I remember you trying to drink yourself to death.

Nikki: Yeah.

Jack: You certainly seem more sober now.

Nikki: Well, your collapse knocked some sense into me. I’m going to rehab. I– I’m powerless over alcohol. And god knows my life has become unmanageable.

Jack: You remember step one.

Nikki: Always the most important one.

Jack: I’m glad. It’s wonderful. I’m proud of you.

Nikki: I’m so sorry about the horrible things I said to you last night. I– I just wanted you to leave so I could keep drinking. But you wouldn’t let me.

Jack: I couldn’T.

Nikki: But you put yourself at such risk. Why would you do that?

Jack: I don’t know. Instinct? I had to get you to open your eyes. I was convinced you were gonna try to drink yourself to death. And I was gonna try anything, anything to stop you.

Nikki: Thank you.

[ Door slams ]

Victor: What’s going on here? It ain’t my dad’s razor, dad.

Claire: Hello, summer.

Summer: Claire. It’s, uh, good to see that you’re back.

Claire: Thank you.

Summer: I heard that it was quite the ordeal.

Claire: It was, but everything is all right in the end.

Summer: Yeah, let’s– let’s hope so.

Harrison: Claire never got to read to me because of the witch. Can you read now?

Claire: I would really like to. But I think your mom wants to do it. She missed you so much. She just wants to spend as much time as she can with you right now, but… I can read to you some other time if you like.

Harrison: That works.

Summer: Ready to go upstairs, sweetie?

Harrison: I’m happy claire’s back. You too, mommy?

Summer: Yeah, me too. Let’s go.

Kyle: What did I tell you? Harrison’s thrilled to see you. You’ve taken a weight off his shoulders.

Claire: How does that little guy have such a big heart? It’s really a testament to you and summer.

Kyle: Yeah, he’s definitely your biggest fan.

Claire: It’s really amazing to see him with the two of you. What it’s like to grow up with parents who adore him.

Kyle: We do. He makes everything worth it. Especially when something goes wrong. ‘Cause something always does.

Claire: Is there something else?

Kyle: Ah, probably not. I’m just a little on edge.

Claire: Well, I understand that very well. Even when you are finally safe, it’s hard to really accept it.

Kyle: So, what’s next? Moving forward.

Claire: You mean now that the witch is finally, really dead? I might start by sleeping for a week.

Kyle: And after that? I mean, you’re free, claire. You have a big, new life in front of you. Have you given any thought about what you wanna do with it?

Victoria: Poor mom.

Nick: And poor dad.

Victoria: This is killing him.

Nick: Look, mom’s beaten alcohol before and she’ll do it again once she locks in and decides that’s what she really wants.

Victoria: And with jordan finally dead, she has nothing else to focus on except for her recovery.

Nick: Yeah. I’m sorry about that.

Victoria: Sorry about what?

Nick: For even suggesting that jordan might still be alive.

Victoria: Yeah. Where did that even come from? Look, I know jordan’s escaped from prison and many other places, but… I mean, she’s not immortal, nick. She can’t escape death.

Nick: I know that, but they never found any proof.

Victoria: There’s no way anyone could’ve survived a fall like that. So, until we find the body and we drive a stake through her miserable heart, that’s just gonna have to do.

Nick: Yet the damage she did still lives on.

Victoria: We wouldn’t be chasing mom from one bar to another if jordan hadn’t shoved alcohol down her throat, knowing full well what the outcome would be.

Nick: Yet mom still saved her life after jordan took that poison.

Victoria: Maybe that’s what really drove her over the edge, knowing that she could’ve ended all of this if she had just let jordan die.

Nick: Do you remember when mom told us that alcoholics never need an excuse to drink?

Victoria: [Sighs ] I just hope we can find an excuse to get her to stop.

Nikki: What are you doing here?

Victor: What do you think I’m doing here? I’ve been looking for you! All night! They told me you’d be here. The paramedics were here.

Nikki: I’m so sorry, victor. I– I don’t know what to say.

Victor: I bet you are. So, you and abbott had a little party?

Nikki: No, nothing like that.

Jack: Victor, things got out of control. I’m sorry. None of this is nikki’s fault. The ambulance was for me. Your wife saved my life. Sometimes, the lows of bipolar depression

Jack: Victor, you have every right to be furious.

Victor: You have no idea how I’m feeling right now.

Nikki: This all started with me. He was just trying to help.

Jack: No, no, don’t make excuses for me. I slipped. This is not nikki’s fault. No, I should’ve been protecting her. I should’ve been her sponsor. I got messed up. I own this.

Nikki: That’s not how it happened.

Victor: I don’t give a damn how it happened. How are you feeling?

Nikki: I’m finally ready to go to rehab.

Victor: About time.

Nikki: I know I must disgust you right now. I’m so sorry.

Victor: Never mind any of that. Just get cleaned up. I’ll take you home.

Nikki: I– you two, leave each other alone.

Victor: Don’t worry about it. Kindly get cleaned up.

Nikki: I’ll be right back.

Victor: So, you’re supposed to protect my wife, right?

Jack: I know. I– I saw her drinking again, realized how I had not been there for her again. I couldn’t take it. The pills were supposed to be the answer. They were supposed to make those feelings go away.

Victor: I don’t give a damn about feelings. What you did was unconscionable.

Jack: You’re right. For me to break after all– all this time, it’s an embarrassment for me even more that you know it. But nikki has turned a corner here. You heard her. She’s ready to make the next huge step. And once she’s back from recovery, once she’s clean, I will make it up to her somehow, but she saved my life.

Victor: I would not have saved your life.

Claire: Whenever I would dream about a future, jordan was always there to remind me who I was and where I stood. That my life wasn’t my own. It was just about her and her mission.

Kyle: Well, I promise you, when it finally hits home and you realize your life is entirely yours, it will feel like christmas and new year’s and your best birthday all rolled into one.

Claire: I hope so.

Kyle: I know it. And you deserve it.

Claire: Second chances are hard to get. Genoa city has been far kinder to me than I ever could’ve hoped and I’m not going to waste it.

Kyle: Good.

Summer: Kyle, harrison wants you to come upstairs and check out the house he made for his lucky bunny.

Kyle: Another architect in the family.

Claire: Well, I’d better hurry. I’ve already taken up enough of your time.

Kyle: All right.

Claire: And if it’s okay, I would like to see harrison again.

Kyle: Yeah, of course. He would love that.

Claire: If he talks about jordan or what happened, I would be more than happy to talk him through it. I can relate. I can remind him that I’m okay and he’s okay too.

Kyle: Yeah, I hadn’t thought about it like that, but yeah, I mean, that makes sense.

Claire: Anyway, um, bye. Thanks again for letting me see him.

Kyle: So, let’s see that lucky bunny house he built.

Summer: Just a second. I– I wanna talk to you, alone.

Kyle: Okay.

Summer: Look, I know that harrison seems like he’s totally okay, but he’s not. Not after everything that he’s been through. And we’re not doing him any favors by not dealing with it right now.

Victor: Are you ready?

Nikki: I think so.

Victor: When we get home, I’ll make arrangements for a rehab facility. Got a problem with that?

Nikki: I’m not comfortable leaving jack here alone.

Jack: No, no, no, no. You go. I– I’ll be fine. Um, I won’t leave until I’m feeling stronger. Promise.

Nikki: Before I go, I need you to give me the rest of the pills. (Male announcer) an important message for americans age 50 to 85.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue…

Victoria: Claire? Claire?

Kyle: Did something happen upstairs?

Summer: Well… he made a house for his bunny, right? But then he started talking about how he needs to add doors and locks to keep all the bad people out. Then he was asking me about claire. And if I really think that she is okay. And when is she coming back?

Kyle: He was worried about her.

Summer: I think it’s more than that, kyle.

Kyle: Then what?

Summer: It’s like– it’s like he needs to make sure that she’s safe. To convince himself that he’s safe.

Kyle: Okay, it just happened, summer. It’s gonna take some time.

Summer: Yes, I know. But I’m worried that he’s talking about claire and not himself. It’s like he doesn’t know what to do with all these feelings that he has. I think he needs to see someone.

Kyle: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I agree.

Summer: Good. As soon as possible.

Kyle: I’ve already made some calls. And we need to find him a new nanny too.

Summer: Uh, no, I’m– I’m gonna watch him for now.

Kyle: What about your work?

Summer: I’ll figure it out. What we need to do right now is to make sure our son feels safe again. Whatever it takes. Nothing else in my life is more important than that.

Victoria: No, cole. I got home and claire wasn’t here. She didn’t mention that she was going anywhere, so I thought she might be with you. I checked with security already and they said that she’s not up at the ranch either. I’m trying to stay calm. It’s just that something that nicholas said earlier just– it has me freaked out. Well, what if jordan survived somehow? No, I know it sounds crazy, but I– oh, thank god. Okay. She’s fine. She just walked in. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I dumped all of this on you. I’ll call you later. Okay. Where were you?

Claire: I– I wanted to check on harrison. See that he was okay.

Victoria: Never scare me like that again.

Victor: Should never have allowed jack abbott to be your sponsor.

Nikki: I keep telling you it wasn’t his fault.

Victor: Of course, it’s his fault. He matched you drink for drink.

Nikki: Because he didn’t know what else to do.

Victor: Oh, really? He admitted himself that he was responsible.

Nikki: That’s because he didn’t wanna humiliate me in front of you.

Victor: Oh, what a big heart. His gallantry knows no bounds.

Nikki: All right. Do you wanna know the truth or do you wanna keep blaming jack because you can’t bear the thought that your wife is a hopeless drunk? I was already wasted by the time jack got there.

Victor: What? And he didn’t call me?

Nikki: No, because he knew it would kill me to have you see me that way.

Victor: Oh, really? So he just stood by and watched you?

Nikki: No, he didn’T. He tried to distract me with everything he could think of. I had lost hope. I was just ready to drink myself into oblivion. Jack was desperate to save me, so he decided to… try to shock me out of my binge by joining me.

Victor: What? What a stupid idea. And then what? I could’ve lost you.

Mike had a heart

attack a year ago.

Victoria: So what was it like being back there?

Claire: Strange. I tried not to think about jordan having been in the house waiting to grab us both. Hey, do you think harrison might forget? That it might seem like a bad dream and fade away?

Victoria: For his sake, I do hope so. I wish the same thing for you too, claire. But jordan is gone. We don’t have to worry about her anymore. So, um, was kyle okay with you coming over?

Claire: Yeah, he couldn’t have been nicer, more supportive. He doesn’t blame me at all for what happened.

Victoria: And nor should he. In fact, if anyone tries to hold you responsible for what happened, I want you to tell me. You’re a victim in this. And if someone can’t see that–

Claire: What, you’re gonna set them straight?

Victoria: Well, don’t laugh. I do know how to make a point. So, was summer there?

Claire: She doesn’t wanna be away from harrison right now. She loves him so much.

Victoria: Did she say anything to you?

Claire: She was civil.

Victoria: Oh, really? That’s all?

Claire: Well, it must be hard for her to see me at the house, anywhere near harrison. She didn’t exactly trust me before any of this happened and that’s never going to change now.

Victoria: Oh, well, you know what? A mother’s first instinct is to protect their child. And once the threat is gone, then eventually, they let their guard down. Just, you know, give your cousin a little time.

[ Phone pings ] What a relief.

Claire: What?

Victoria: Ah, nothing. Your grandmother’s finally home.

Claire: Home from where?

Victoria: Ah… it’s a long story, and I will– I’ll fill you in later, okay? But right now, I have to get up to the main house.

Nikki: I’m sorry I put you through this again. But it made me realize that rehab is my only option. I wanna get sober again. For you, and– and the kids, and most importantly me.

Victor: I’m relieved to hear you say that, okay?

Nikki: But it did take jack’s actions to wake me up.

Victor: Do me a favor. Do not mention that man and his idiotic plan that almost got you killed, okay?

Nikki: I don’t wanna argue with you.

Victor: I don’t want to hear his name again, period.

Nikki: Well, um, I’m gonna go upstairs and pack a bag.

Victor: You’re doing the right thing.

Nikki: I know I am.

Victor: I’m sure you’ll come out of this stronger and healthier than ever. I love you, okay?

Nikki: I love you.

Kyle: Dad, thank god, you’re home. Where have you been? Are you okay? Nothing comes close to this place in the morning.

Nikki: Oh. Hi.

Victoria: Mom, are you okay?

Nick: We saw dad earlier. He’s pretty worried.

Nikki: Yeah, I know, and I’ve apologized to him for that. It was a terrible night. The worst one yet. But an important one. I’ve decided to check myself into rehab.

Victoria: I’m relieved, but we didn’t realize that–

Nick: We just didn’t know it had gotten that bad.

Nikki: Yeah, well, I’ve gotten pretty adept at hiding my problem. But there won’t be any more hiding. It’s time for me to face this head-on.

Nick: Well, I hope you know you have our support, 100%.

Victoria: This is a good thing, mom. And anything that you need.

Nikki: Ah, actually, there– there is one thing.

Nick: Name it.

Nikki: Please be particularly kind with your father. This has really shaken him. So, promise me that you will look after him and make sure he stays steady and calm. I love you.

Victoria: I love you.

Nikki: I love you too, darling.

Jack: Of course, I’m okay. Why would I not be?

Kyle: ‘Cause you look like hell. And you’ve been out all night. You know, mom’s been worried sick. I’ve been making calls, leaving messages.

Jack: Yeah. A friend needed help. Everything’s fine now. Except I need a few hours of sleep.

Kyle: That’s it? That’s all.

Jack: How’s harrison?

Kyle: Summer is worried about him. Wants him to see a child therapist to make sure he’s processing his feelings and not pushing them down.

Jack: I think that’s the right thing, good. I’m glad the two of you are doing everything you can.

Kyle: And claire came by.

Jack: Oh, how did that go?

Kyle: He was happy to see her. Relieved that she’s okay. Those two were buddies before, but their bond is even stronger now.

Jack: Such a shame they had to go through what they did.

Kyle: Yeah, it’s a shame a lot of us doubted claire in the first place. She knows what people thought, what they may still believe. It’s been rough on her, on top of what she went through.

Jack: I get it. I am sympathetic.

Kyle: People had a lot of knee-jerk reactions.

Jack: It’s unfortunate. But you know, when someone you love is in danger, you just react. Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re wrong. In the moment, all you have is your instincts. You get through the crisis and you deal with the repercussions later.

Kyle: Dad, are you sure you’re okay?

[ Knocking on door ]

Jack: Hold on.

Victor: I’m giving you this warning once, and once only. Don’t you ever come near my wife again.

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Nate: I thought we were friends, audra. And that’s what friends do. They tell each other the truth.

Audra: Are you sure that’s all it is, nate?

Lily: What is this meeting about?

Mamie: Oh, well, I– I would prefer to wait until everyone’s arrived. I promise. It’s going to be worth it.

Victor: How’s your relationship with victoria? Has something changed?

Diane: You have thrown away years of sobriety for nikki newman!

Jack: My sobriety is not at risk.

Diane: How do I know you don’t have pills on you right now?

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