Y&R Short Recap Friday, May 3, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Nikki calls the paramedicsā€¦they arrive to give Jack something to counteract the effects of the painkillersā€¦Jack finally awakens. Jack thinks Nikki for saving his life.

Victor is frantically looking for Nikki and his security team tells him they found Nikki at the Athletic Club. Victor finds Nikki with Jack and he isn’t happy. Jack explains to Victor that Nikki saved his life last night because he slipped and took pain killers.

Once Nikki and Victor are home, Nikki explains that Jack tried everything to stop her from drinking and when nothing worked he shocked some into her by joining her. Victor thinks Jack had a stupid idea and she could have died last night. Victor goes to Jack’s house and tells him never to come near Nikki again. Nikki tells Victor, Victoria, and Nick that she has decided to go to rehab to get sober again.

Claire goes to see Kyle and Harrison. Harrison is happy to see that Claire is okay and gives her a hug. Summer tells Kyle she thinks Harrison needs to see a therapist to deal with the ordeal he has suffered. Kyle tells Claire she and Harrison are both victims of Jordan and she isn’t to blame for what happened to her and Harrison.

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