GH Short Recap Thursday, May 2, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Brook Lynn has a hard time auditioning to be the new pitch woman for Deception because she gets too nervous. Lois Quartermaine is trying to show Brook Lynn how to do a presentation for Home & Heart so Brook Lynn will relax and not be nervous and she does such a great job that Lucy offers her the job.

Tracy puts Sasha to the test because she doesn’t think she has enough experience to be the Quartermaine’s cook. Tracy is impressed when Sasha makes a savory pie that reminds her of when she and Luke lived in Paris.

Tracy tells Gregory that she feels like she has wasted all the advantages she has been given in life. Gregory tells Tracy that a life is never wasted as long as you are grateful for and love the people that are in your life. Tracy tells Sasha lunch was wonderful and she has the job.

Willow tells Michael she took Drew’s job offer because she wants to spend time with the kids and she feels that promoting bone marrow donation, although volunteer work, is very worthwhile work.

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